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  1. More so that a division foe is starting our 5th stringer over all their guys, just explains the 3-9 level expectations.
  2. Kinda speaks volumes about their situation. At least there is finally a reason to slightly care about this meeting.
  3. The wrong hire very well could have cemented it.
  4. There are only so many 4-8 seasons a fan base can take. Even the greatest fans in the world.
  5. I regularly buy Rolling Rock for two reasons. 1) I like the way it tastes in bottles and 2) Most people hate it and don't ask me for beer when I have Rolling Rock
  6. The Running Back Room

    The fact we had three of the best RB's back to back to back plus a couple all time great receivers and we are still on a two decade plus long conference title drought makes me want to punch a kitten.
  7. 2018 Alternate Uniforms Thread

    Hey, we had that neat giant N instead of numbers on all red jumpsuit unis back in like 2012.....those were neat....
  8. ESPN Anti-B1G - Pro SEC?

    Yeah I remember that side by side, cracked me up. It's blatant to a new level of being blatant.
  9. The Running Back Room

    So.....can you provide some actual data to backup the claim?
  10. Wisconsin will lose to Penn State, and they will drop another game somewhere to finish 10-2 on the year.
  11. The Running Back Room

    You're reading between the lines of coach speak, that may be the literal definition of "assumption". Literally nowhere in any of the information has anything said verbatim "Ozigbo is practicing with the ones". The only thing that says so with absolute certainty, is you.