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  1. The Walking Dead

    Yeah, Idk what they are doing. I'm not like shocked, I'm just beyond confused. Either they have some super interesting rewrite, or the show is tapping out. Without Carl, so many storylines are basically null and void. I don't get this move. The whole Whisperer War is a Carl based story. This is just weird. Gimple tip toed around his death, I swear if it turns out they found a cure or Grimes are immune or some s#!t...
  2. Honest Expectations (Frost and Co)

    Year one, 8 wins max. It's a gauntlet of Big Ten powers. Maybe we have a better unit than we think and knock off a couple. But he's taking over a team that mostly gave up, a team that had very little guidance we are finding out and most importantly a team that got used to losing games it shouldn't. Year two, win the division.
  3. Maybe it's your wording that has confused so many, you're coming off angry IMO.
  4. Just hoping to finish 3rd in the consolation bracket at this point #FantasyGoals
  5. Yup everyone can follow it how they want. But if that approach is getting bent out of shape over a HS player making the biggest decision of their life, then maybe reevaluate.
  6. How not to follow recruiting:
  7. So if he recommits you'll forgive him and consider him a Husker again?
  8. Well no wonder you're taking this so personally. Commits aren't team members until they sign.
  9. Commits aren't Huskers either...
  10. What has 2 thumbs and is going to

    Went to Late Thursday showing of Ep.7 day before it came out 2 years ago, planning on doing it again this Thursday if York has the showing. Pretty damn stoked.
  11. WR Joshua Moore

    Well....thanks for jinxing us.