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  1. Purdue is a night game....

    Yeah man I get that. Terrible that's where we are these days. I'd like to tell ya not to worry about it, but leaving the damn house is a risk anymore.
  2. End of an Era.

    It'll get better, I promise.
  3. End of an Era.

    You already proved you're not a fan of Riley, loud and clear man. He probably doesn't coach again after this season. Not sure why you're obsessing.
  4. End of an Era.

    Holy crap man...
  5. End of an Era.

    Best one in the last 6 hours maybe
  6. End of an Era.

    ^This is a solid post (One above it) This one down here's not too shabby either though...
  7. Purdue is a night game....

    Yeah, this is a no brainer in my opinion. Foo is among my must see's. Why watch us struggle to put Purdue away convincingly?
  8. End of an Era.

    It was a "hey I'm bored, let's poo all over the coach since it's a bye week" thread. It's a good one.
  9. Purdue is a night game....

    You have Foo tickets?
  10. End of an Era.

    See, this....this right here is why nobody takes you serious.
  11. End of an Era.

    Not trying to be funny. These types of posts annoy me because it's a crappy look on our fan base.
  12. End of an Era.

    More campaigning that we need to get rid of Riley even though it's already a foregone conclusion. More "I told you so from day one" patting self on back blathering. I seriously can't wait for this season to be over so the experts can discuss something else.
  13. Purdue is a night game....

    It's possible to be a not great team and still beat a worse team. But apparently unlesss someone says "Mike Riley is the worst coach ever", you read it lile it's written in hieroglyphics.
  14. Purdue is a night game....

    I barely understand what your response is trying to say. It's not faith so much in Riley. It's knowing we aren't as s#!tty as our record indicates. Hopefully with the bye we play like a motivated team and get a decent win.