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  1. Historically Iowa is at there best in week 12 because, let's face it, there is a strong chance it's their last game.  We may never lose to them again if we play them early enough in the year when they are terrible, see last week.

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    2. Coach Power'T

      Coach Power'T

      They have made a bowl game 23 out of the last 27 years. 

    3. Redux


      And now that we let 5-7 teams in it's really not that impressive.  But I was being snarky since the Iowa troll was hanging around.

    4. Coach Power'T

      Coach Power'T

      and they haven't gotten in at 5-7 since they started letting those teams in. Letting in 5-7 squads wasn't a big thing until the last 2 years (ish).