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  1. Immigration Ban

    Pretty much like the end of the movie “The Natural,” with Trump rounding the bases as America cheers.
  2. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    I uave no doubt Trump has said intolerant and arguably racist things. But several things you posted aren’t even in the ballpark of being racist. It’s also unclear whether he actually said some of them.
  3. Absolutely correct. And that’s the choice the state is putting to their religious folks. What’s truly sad is that many like me supported gay marriage, largely based on the argument that it was none of our business, we should “live and let life,” etc. We were told it would never affect us, so why should we care? It didn’t take very long for the same forces who had begged and pleaded for and demanded tolerance to show just how intolerant they truly are. Their right to be married morphed quickly into their right to trample other people’s rights by forcing them to participate in gay marriages.
  4. YOU don’t get to decide what infringes on someone else’s religious liberty. They believe that gay marriage as wrong. As such, they choose not to participate in those marriages. Forcing them to do so, in violation of their religious beliefs, is the very definition of intolerance. It’s amazing how hypocritical your thinking is. You demand tolerance for yourself but so cavalierly disregard it for others.
  5. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    For each of those quotes? Many of them seem to predate Twitter’s existence.
  6. Immigration Ban

    Not yet, but we’re getting there. Another 7 or so years of Trump should do it.
  7. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Some of those statements do seem racist. Others are simply statements you disagree with or which are unpopular. And it’s not clear whether he actually said some of those things.
  8. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Apparently your definition of “inflammatory” is anything that you disagree with, or which runs counter to the ridiculous level of groupthink on this board. You and your ilk post 100 negative threads about Trump, calling him a racist, Nazi, evil, stupid, clueless idiot. I post a couple of threads praising him, and you practically wet yourself in outrage over how I’m posting bait threads and inflammatory topics. Grow up snowflake.
  9. This baker would absolutely serve a gay person or a gay couple. He’d bake them a cake for a birthday, baptism, or virtually any other event. He offered to sell them a ready made cake. He offered to refer them to a bakery that would make them exactly what they wanted. He simply won’t bake them a wedding cake because his religion teaches that gay marriage is wrong. So they sued and tried to drive him out of business. And most sickening of all...they targeted this specific baker, knowing his beliefs, and trying to force him out of business. Tolerance is a two-way street. If you expect it from others, you have to offer it to them as well.
  10. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    I was joking. I thought that was obvious. When did liberals become so humorless?
  11. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    The jury is still out on where Obama was born.
  12. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Saying “racist” lots of times doesn’t make something or someone racist. What has Trump done that you see as racist?
  13. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Oh, FFS. If everything is racist, nothing is racist. The word is so overused it has lost any meaning. MAGA isn’t racist. It’s largely about removing regulation, reducing taxation, getting the government nanny state the hell out of our way, and leaving people alone. All politicians seek to divide people. That’s the nature of politics. Democrats constantly claim that Republicans hate the poor, the elderly, minorities, LGBT folks, children, etc. During every campaign, they threaten members of those groups with starvation, homelessness, poverty, i;lness, lynchings, and death if they allow Republicans to hold office. It’s despicable no matter who does it. But let’s not pretend it’s one-sided.
  14. PM me and I’ll share some of the things I’ve heard about Harris. I can’t post them here without getting people in trouble.
  15. The whole point of a discussion board is to share opinions. If you disagree, feel free to say so. Each of the prospective Democratic candidates is hopelessly flawed.