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  1. The Republican Utopia

    I’ve never disputed that Bernie and his supporters exist, nor that they are left of the left-wing/liberal media. He’s a socialist. I think that’s self-evident. Bill Clinton is a moderate Democrat. Hillary is further left on the political spectrum, especially after having been forced there by Obama and then by Sanders. Her positions and those of the Democratic Party in 2008 and 2016 were pretty extreme.
  2. The Republican Utopia

    Posting that Bernie Sanders is the real moderate is the most hilarious trolling I’ve seen in some time. Well played.
  3. Immigration Ban

    If illegal immigrants were ineligible for any benefits, it would greatly reduce the economic costs of them being here. It would also diminish the incentive many have for coming here in the first place.
  4. Gun Control

    Hogg reacted to a local tragedy by accusing all manner of politicians as accepting blood money, attacked everyone in sight as dumb, crazy, and evil, and demanded that millions of people have their constitutional rights curtailed or eliminated. Then he whined about how unfair it was to make students use clear backpacks. He has behaved deplorably. Some blowback is to be expected.
  5. This is Hillary Clinton’s pollster describing what he sees as a big problem. Others from across the political specteum agree with him. But the inane responses posted here show the difficulty of having a substantive discussion here. Unless whatever is posted is some drivel bashing Trump for being some combination of stupid, crazy, and evil, no one is interested. #SAD
  6. The Republican Utopia

    It’s been awhile since I saw anything so completely ridiculous posted online. Yeah, Bernie Sanders is the reasonable moderate in the room. Right...
  7. The Republican Utopia

    Clinton is a pretty liberal Democrat. Sanders is a nutjob socialist. Aligning more with Clinton than our own version of Hugo Chavez doesn’t make a network center-left. Your sense of where people fit on the political spectrum is really warped. And the notion that MSNBC is or could be center-right is completely nuts.
  8. Immigration Ban

    It is a real discussion...from a growing number of liberals. Only a relative handful are openly championing open borders. But an increasing number of liberals seem to be moving in that direction. It’s getting harder and harder to get liberals to take a position on who we can keep out. I think it’s a matter of time before Democrats openly champion open borders. What’s ironic is that liberal welfare state nonsense is at least one of the main impediments of open borders. If people would simply come here to work, I doubt many would care. But when they immediately qualify for all manner of handouts, the notion of open borders becomes absurd.
  9. Gun Control

    It was clearly an opinion statement. As I have pointed out several times now, there is no reliable objective way to measure media bias. So we have to look at the available evidence and estimate. Maybe it would help if the people who disagreed with the number I came up with would either a) present evidence I’m wrong or at least b) quit whining so much. It’s frankly embarrassing.
  10. Great column. Time to drain the swamp. Hillary’s Pollster on the Deep State
  11. The Republican Utopia

    The implications are enormous. There are multiple times more stories happening each day than can be covered. So decisions have to be made about what to cover. Those are based on what you think is important, a matter of public concern, will drive ratings, etc. Then you have to decide how to cover those stories. That’s similarly driven by what you perceive to be the public interest, what will drive ratings, etc. The newsrooms of most news shows (other than Fox) are overwhelmingly liberal. The reporters, editors, news staffs, etc. are far more likely to be liberal and to vote for and support Democrats. That has a huge influence on what they see as news and how they choose to cover it and present those stories.
  12. The Republican Utopia

    Those are all predominately or even overwhelmingly liberal. If you think MSNBC is center-left, then we’re going to have trouble finding common ground on this issue.
  13. The Republican Utopia

    They’re actually two separate arguments with sime overlap. First, what percentage of news people are liberals? Second, what is the relative scope of their reach? If I show that David Muir at ABC News is a liberal and you counter by showing that Ms. Maude, who writes an advice column for a local newspaper in some small town in Indiana, is a conservative then the comparison isn’t really apples to apples.
  14. Gun Control

    Yep. Because saying that Hogg is a hypocrite and has thus forfeited his right to complain is obviously a call for him to be censored or otherwise silenced so he is unable to express his opinions.
  15. The Republican Utopia

    I have. I’ve posted multiple links from a variety of sources. Then I explained how I reached that conclusion. Sinclair, even post-merger, will only even be available to 72% of Americans. But how many of them actual watch the news programs they offer? How many Americans get their news from the liberal left on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, BBC, NPR, CNN, etc.? Or from similarly left-wing publications?