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  1. Healthcare Reform

    Single payer and not for profit are two different financial models. Regarding single payer (or government run), Margaret Thatcher said it best regarding other people's money.....
  2. Healthcare Reform

    There is not for profit healthcare available to those who qualify financially. One if the better aspects of a market demand or capitalistic system is drawing top level talent. In other words, quality of healthcare can suffer. Answers are not always as easy as "we should just........"
  3. Healthcare Reform

    I agree with tort system reform, though it's more easy said than done. Solvency, which is related to an insurance company's rating, is a good thing. Do you know what all goes in to obtaining the patent on a drug? Do you know how long a patent is good for? I realize it's easy to point a finger at "evil" corporate America, but we are a capitalistic market, right?
  4. Weird Time for Christians

    The demographic referenced was white christians.
  5. Huskers vs. B1G West

    I agree without question that Pelini couldn't get over the hump. All I'm really saying is among Riley, Pelini and Callahan, Pelini did the best job of the three. The commonality in the past twenty years of Husker football regarding decisions, was Perlman.
  6. Huskers vs. B1G West

    The hire doesn't need glossing. It was a good hire that went south when three adult men (Pelini, Osborne and Perlman) couldn't or wouldn't get on the same page regarding Nebraska football. But you tell me which was the "odd man out" on that?.... Frost would not be here now without Osborne giving him the green light regarding the administration. Frost is saying that publicly to the media. Frost also seems to think Pelini did a good job at Nebraska.
  7. Huskers vs. B1G West

    Pelini was merely one piece of Perlman's tenure.
  8. Huskers vs. B1G West

    You might have missed the part in his retirement speech about football.
  9. Huskers vs. B1G West

    Agreed. Though Perlman had the more prominent direct role during those twenty years. Osborne still had significant influence with donors and the regents, but Perlman went renegade instead of cooperating with Osborne.
  10. Weird Time for Christians

    I think Trump's favorable view within that broad population has much more to do with economic ideology than religious ideology.
  11. Huskers vs. B1G West

    Some Husker faithful were bothered by Pelini's 'tude.....others weren't. The helicopter view of decisions regarding Husker football the past 20 years is squarely on Perlman's shoulders.
  12. Huskers vs. B1G West

    Yeah, you're probably right. The Nebraska football program was obviously in good shape under Perlman's leadership.
  13. Huskers vs. B1G West

    So let those interested in discussing it do so.......
  14. Huskers vs. B1G West

    This thread is about the past several years. Those years include Riley and Pelini....so their names might get mentioned a few times.
  15. I think there's an awareness of your point here, so few even bother.