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  1. TheSker

    there's no reason to lose to purdue...

    They are a talented experienced football team. In contrast, we have been "led" by Mike Riley for 3 years.
  2. TheSker

    there's no reason to lose to purdue...

    Troy is a better team than we are currently. Better?
  3. Frost himself has said how important the change in administration was in the decision making process.
  4. The stories from the 90s are from a team at the pinnacle of success. Frost wants a team that "polices" itself, but as fans we probably need to take a few breaths in 2018.
  5. TheSker

    Offensive Line

    Good questions. Interesting questions. .....and quite a dilemma.
  6. TheSker

    Offensive Line

    I think the players are well aware of that.
  7. TheSker

    Offensive Line

    College football and the NFL are two different animals.
  8. TheSker

    Buy Low, Sell High

    What it actually shows is UCF had existing talent on the roster. Frost is NOT going to throw his players under the bus.....no matter what. And Frost can't simply "give players the boot". He turned the roster over about as much as one can in the off season.
  9. Many coaches use the same or similar schemes. The results come from personnel and execution.
  10. TheSker

    Buy Low, Sell High

    The players, especially the new ones.....Martinez specifically....will need to make these mistakes in live games. They need the experience of it to correlate to what they are being coached. I guarantee you this staff is coaching them well.
  11. The way for Frost to build trust with his team does not include tearing them down publically.
  12. TheSker

    Offensive Line

    Being replaced can happen.....but I doubt it will. Part of changing the culture is getting the players to "police" themselves. I'm looking forward to a time when there's a players only meeting. Some might worry that Frost has "lost the team" if that happens.....but the opposite will be true.
  13. TheSker

    Buy Low, Sell High

    Totally agree. While many in Husker nation are acting like the sky is falling, Frost is continuing to do things in the best interest of the program and the players that will prove to be building blocks.
  14. TheSker

    What Did We Learn? Michigan

    That's a really odd thing to be concerned about.....
  15. TheSker

    What Did We Learn? Michigan

    It's accurate.