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      *NEW* Husker Football Commits - DE Casey Rogers, RB Miles Jones, WR Dominick Watt   01/16/2018

      Huskers get a commitments from   Avon, Connecticut Defensive End Casey Rogers Fort Lauderdale, Florida Running Back/Wide Receiver Miles Jones Hollywood, Florida Wide Receiver Dominick Watt   See the 2018 Class   Who's Next?
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      The 2018 HuskerBoard Starting Lineup   01/17/2018

      The 2018 HuskerBoard Starting Lineup is now live! Click HERE to read the rules, and look in the Contest Crib for nomination and voting threads throughout the next several weeks.   This is a great opportunity to say "thanks!" to your fellow HuskerBoard members for keeping you informed or entertained throughout the past year. Nominate your favorite HuskerBoard member today!


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  1. Nick Gates Declares For NFL Draft

    I think a few guys might think if they have to battle for a position from scratch again, the possibility of doing it for a paycheck sounds better.
  2. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    In my opinion, this is a narrative created for average coaches.
  3. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    Early on, but Chinander deserves some kudos for preparation.
  4. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    UCF defense actually rather impressive early on......effort and swarming the ball.
  5. Offseason Workouts

    Many liked to blame Pelini for the "culture" he left behind. So I'm ok with not faulting the S&C staff if the fault is placed above them.
  6. Tanner Lee Declares for NFL Draft

    Lee chose to come play for Riley, so that decision is on him too. Even if he makes a practice squad it's good. Look at a situation like the Houston Texans......
  7. Erik Chinander

    Do you seriously believe Scott Frost doesn't fully understand the importance of each of the three phases of the game of football?
  8. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Frost also knows that in a winning culture, player leadership will emerge. Jason Peter was/is a loose cannon. But his type is also the kind that puts team first and helps keep teammates in line off the field. Nate Gerry was the perfect example of the failings of the Riley era (which was thankfully short) in regard to establishing culture. Frost will make culture a top priority from day 1, whether they are players he recruited or not.
  9. Huskers Offense Always in 'Attack Mode'

    If you'll look above, it was asked how many QBs Frost sent to the league as a HEAD coach. I made the comment that Frost/Verduzco are as good as it gets in developing quarterbacks. Simon was paying attention to detail. Thus the use of "Simon".....
  10. Huskers Offense Always in 'Attack Mode'

    It would be hard to find a pair of quarterback coaches with a better track record than Frost/Verduzco. We are in extremely good hands.
  11. Correct. The firing of Pelini wasn't exactly a unanimously backed thing.
  12. You speak for the boosters? Because Perlman seemed to have a hard time getting support to fire Pelini.
  13. Extremely impressed with the new staff on the recruiting trail

    Ohhh. Emmm. Geee.
  14. I'm gonna venture to guess the quarterback position is going to be a real strength under Frost and Verduzco.