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  1. Which QB Should Be The Starter

    I think it should be Martinez. I don't agree with the idea of starting Gebbia at first and then throwing Martinez into the fire once we get started on our B1G schedule. Let Martinez start from day 1 and play a few 'easier' teams first to get his feet wet.
  2. Well....the offense looked like it could be real exciting. And remember no Spielman or Morgan. Tough to not be excited.
  3. Agreed. Or another team's defensive back for a pick six.
  4. Gotta be Martinez man he is smooth, in command and makes some really nice throws.
  5. I know, I know it's just the spring game, but Martinez looks the best out of the QBs.
  6. Man Im not gonna lie Im liking Martinez.
  7. Interested to see Martinez again. Would like to see him pass some more.
  8. That 3rd and 5 was well read by defense
  9. 2 missed throws by Gebbia
  10. That running ability is big. He's fast!
  11. These are some nice looking plays we're running
  12. This QB competition is gonna be interesting. Bunch looks for real. Playing against 1st teamers too.
  13. Balloons released a little early
  14. Lots of empty seats