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  1. Assistants Announced

    It's not you it's him.
  2. QB Adrian Martinez [Tennessee Commit]

    Hmmm...looks like this guy could start day 1.
  3. DE Micah Parsons

    He'll probably end up at Penn State who's head coach did the same thing at Vanderbilt. In fact, most P5 coaches have previously been a successful HC somewhere else and left.
  4. He may have had doubts, but I am doubting that he was thinking of calling Moos backing out Saturday Morning. And who would he tell this to? Frost just doesnt seem like the kind to make a rash decision. This had been in the works for weeks, and it was calculated.
  5. Quarterback

    I agree. I think POB starts this year and someone like Martinez likely redshirted.
  6. I highly doubt that's the case.
  7. ***2018 Recruiting***

  8. Hello Scott Frost

    f#*k I feel like we won the CFB Championship.
  9. Probably talking about the weather. Florida - Retirement.
  10. DE Micah Parsons

  11. LOL @ the "Bielema ate my other sign" sign in the background.
  12. The strongly considered it part is crap if you ask me. He made his decision and he will keep his word. Seems like the kind of person where his word matters.
  13. Yup I was saying this the other day. Click bait..
  14. Any idea what came of that. Peterson would be a home run, IMO.