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  1. Credit where credits due

    I want to know why this game played out dang near the same as last week. Opposing offense had their way with us the whole first half, then we held them scoresless in the second. Was true this week, nearly true last week barring the garbage td that let them back into the game...
  2. ***Official Oregon Game Discussion Thread***

    So we can't run in the 4th? Bryant out so we dont trust wilbon?
  3. Help with logistics for the game

    Hey all, in need of some help. The wife and I are going to the game today, my first in more than a decade, her first ever. She is currently breast feeding our 10 week old, and will likely have to pump during the game. Are there locations at the stadium to do that? What about the clear bag policy, the pumps don't come in clear bags? Any advice would be super helpful. Thanks all!
  4. Missed Opportunity

    I've been thinking about this since the new uniforms came out. It seems to me that the BIG missed out on an enormous opportunity to have Nebraska and Michigan play this year, the 20th anniversary of the 1997 National Championship teams. I would imagine that if the BIG has scheduled that game instead of Ohio State, and played into the narrative, it would have immediately been must see TV and drawn a great deal of attention to the league. I know, I know, today's teams are nothing like the '97 teams, and the game would prove nothing. But could you imagine seeing Nebraska vs. Michigan in those throwback jerseys? Would have been incredibly awesome. Anyway, missed opportunity in my view.
  5. Jordan Westerkamp NFL Journey

    While I wish he could make a roster somewhere, I'm not really surprised by this. How many times did we see him leave a game due to being dinged up?Less than the number of times we saw him completely sell his body out to make a catch. For every ten massive hits, usually resulting in a first down in a critical juncture of a game, he maybe left the game once or twice.This is a pretty weird complaint to make. He's not fragile. He's a team-first guy who will risk injury to accomplish team goals. Yep. Don't know how many times he got hung out to dry against Michigan State two years ago. Took three or four hits that I thought probably knocked him out of the game. Kept coming back. Yup How that hit wasn't targeting is beyond me- the dude launched himself into helmet to helmet contact. Just shows what a crappy penalty that is.
  6. Huskers in the 2017 NFL Draft

    Holy cow, maybe I should become an NFL scout haha... Let's hope Westy ends up there too. Rex Burkhead to sign with Patriots. http://nebraska.247sports.com/Bolt/Burkhead-signs-with-New-England-51773689
  7. Huskers in the 2017 NFL Draft

    What I don't understand with you guys, is pre-season we were treated to multiple articles like this, http://www.ketv.com/article/jordan-westerkamp-named-highest-graded-returning-wr-in-nation/7660563 And now because he got banged up enough to miss three games this season, suddenly he is injury prone and not worthy of being drafted? Incredible... The guy is hands down a stud, he'll be draftes lower than he should and have a heck of a career. Patriots would make hay with him all day ala Wes Welker. My hope is he ends up there and Rex Burkhead joins him off free agency. I'm not a Pats. Fan either, I just think its the best outcome for them both.
  8. ***Official Maryland Game Discussion Thread***

    We'd have a better 4th quarter w/ 2nd string offense that acted like it still wanted to play. Ps... the lack of holding calls on Maryland is completely ridiculus last play freedom was actually getting hug humped from behind as the qb fired the pass off.
  9. Any chance we see Darlington?

    I think the real question is, does Darlington stay at QB in the offseason? With POB, Lee, and Gebbia, Darlington seems to be our only true dual threat guy. Given that Riley and co have begun offering DT qb's, if they've decided that they want to keep this style of offense, Darlington might be the best guy.
  10. ***Official Ohio State Game Discussion Thread***

    Every time we get close to a sack we wiff....
  11. 27

    So... in the first 5 games, we heard all about the nice recognitions the other teams did in memory of Sam Foltz. Of course it wasnt expected, and I dont judge a team for not doing so. I didnt hear anything though about Purdue or Indiana recognizing Sam. We scored 27 to win both games. Coincidence?
  12. tOSU now looks beatable..

    This shows just how hard it is to go 7-0. We should be proud of where we are at... That being said, I'd have much rather played a "comfortable with where we are" Ohio St team in 2 weeks than an angry one...
  13. Playing against former staff

    So today we played against Ross Els. At Ohio St. we play against Tim Beck. Are there any other former staff we've faced/ will face this year? Do you think that affects the players?
  14. Indiana Game Vision

    Half time score off by 1 point. Hopefully, second half is as close.
  15. Indiana Game Vision

    Not bad so far.