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  1. Husker related dog names

    I had a husky named Husker.
  2. ESPN: How Scott Frost is transforming Nebraska

    Oh I don't know, Pelini had us there too, Jack Hoffman, Taylor Martinez for Heisman, top 10 ranking (before tanking), 1 second, 3 conference championship games for positives. Sideline tantrums and blowouts for negatives.
  3. 2018 NFL Draft

    A lot of people making a lot of noise about this year's draft outcome, sniping Pelini's recruiting in process. I see where that's coming from. However, and this isn't an apology for Bo's recruiting, it wasn't up to snuff. But, I really think this falls more on Riley's player development and failed experiments more than Pelini's recruiting. Kalu was a star in the making under Pelini, his development leveled off under Riley, and Diaco moved our best corner to safety last year- hurt his stock? You bet. Gates played as a true freshman, and got worse under Riley, what's more he was totally failed by the strength & conditioning program Chris Jones goes from an all-conference team to barely playing, for reasons? - Hurt his stock? You bet. Knevel- see Gates. Had these guys continued to develop under Pelini, I'd wager they'd have all heard their names called. Heck, if Riley hadn't brought in Diaco, I'd wager that Kalu and Jones would have still had their names called. Makes you really feel bad for these athletes that had their talent and potential wasted under Riley/ by Eichorst.
  4. Dixon

    Looks like Dixon will likely be able to play. Great news for the linebacking corps. https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Article/BREAKING-Shea-Patterson-to-be-granted-immediate-eligibility-by-NCAA-117718437
  5. New Tunnel Walk Ideas 2018

    So, this is kind of out of left field, but man, this song could probably be remixed into a pretty kick*** tunnel walk song. Especially the intro, maybe cut the first verse/ refrain.
  6. Which Nebraska QB would you choose for Frost's offense?

    If Turner Gill was such a great passer, he would have got the 2, and a natty. :/ sarcasm
  7. Spring Game Rosters

    I know why hey set out teams like this, but just once, I'd like to see RED team be the 1 & 4 offense, 2 & 3 defense and the WHITE team be the 2& 3 offense and the 1 & 4 defense. This would give us some 1's vs 1's battles and make a more fun game for the fans. I think it would also serve to help unite the team top to bottom as each team would have 1's, 2's, 3's and 4's on it.
  8. ***2019 Recruiting***

    God no!
  9. Poll - Cornhuskers vs. Huskers

    Aight, all you posters need to go over to Cornhuskerboard.com then. Go Huskers!
  10. Head Basketball Coach Search

    We're not Iowa, where one good season every 6 years equals a lifetime contract and a ridiculous paycheck. Not even in basketball.
  11. QB Position Switches

    Boy, this seems like a fun game. Let's see just how far from the original topic this thread can get. I'll add my attempt, NFL players have a right to protest the national anthem. Wait, that's still about football. How about lunatics shouldn't be able to buy guns. Wait. That's still tied to school shootings, has to do with schools, education is too close to football. Um... Aliens exist? Now will some mod please clean this thread up and get it back to the topic at hand?
  12. QB Adrian Martinez [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    So do we call him A-mart? A-Magic? Martinez 2.0? Definately got flashbacks watching his film. He definately has the speed and running style down. Though he's got to work on falling backwards as he throws.
  13. Playoffs robbed BIG West

    Like I said, when does a team like Wisconsin or Auburn start forfeiting conference championship games to ensure a spot in the Playoffs. Right now, there is nothing to gain and everything to lose.
  14. Playoffs robbed BIG West

    Yeah, I'm kind of pooling multiple entities into a "them," - Nebraska has certainly not held it's own recently, but my perception has been Nebraska has always had to earn every inch of what we got on the field, in spite of outside forces rooting against, officiating against, or in the case of the Big 12, conspiring against NU, I admit this at the risk of sounding like I'm currently wearing a tinfoil hat haha. Nebraska, has rarely, if ever, gotten the "benefit of the doubt," as far as I recollect. That always seems to go to the media darlings. Still can't believe how teams that play against Nebraska nearly never get called for holding when we play them. - But that's another issue, and my bias is likely showing haha.