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  1. Would you rather have Bookie and Riley or Frost and everything he will bring to the program? I choose the latter and believe most of Husker Nation does as well.
  2. Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    If its truly that close, I would let both have split 1st and 3rd and 2nd and 4th quarters with the full first string offense against Akron and the first half against Colorado and then make a decision as playing a P5 team should highlight more of the intangibles.
  3. Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    I mentioned this yesterday too, and this would be the benefit of letting both guys get significant playing time the first couple games to see if one is able to turn it up a notch in live competition. If we think back to the Spring game Martinez showed the quality of turning it up a notch in front of all the fans.
  4. Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    Well I think if we continue to get top-rated QBs this scenario will always occur. In the past we have had such a bare cupboard that the QBs behind the starter would not have many other Power 5 options to go to. If we fast forward a couple years and Smothers won the starting spot over McCaffrey after Martinez/Gebbia graduated, the guy that was not selected may choose to go elsewhere, or he may decide being a Husker is most important even if he doesn't want to play. Look at USC at the turn of the century where Matt Cassel (who made it to the NFL) never started a game and was always behind Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart. I think Frost's vision is to have a full cupboard of top quality QBs that lead the team at any time and that have the skills to go to the next level.
  5. Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    As a passer he had more yards in 2009 than Martinez had in 2010 and 2011 and he also had a higher QB rating in 2009 than Martinez did in 2011. I said it was not a perfect comparison but the 2009 won the division title and pretty much had the conference championship game won until the second was added back to the clock, something no Husker team has been able to say for the past 2 decades.
  6. Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    Another comparison though probably not as good as the one you provided is the 2010 season when Taylor Martinez (game-changing athletic speed) was seeking to take over for returning starter Zac Lee. Lee was a better passer and more consistent but lacked the foot speed and explosive play-making ability that Martinez had. Now I am not saying A. Martinez is just like T.Martinez nor am I saying Lee is better than Gebbia, but I do see some comparisons. The big difference with the 2018 season is I think we have more overall combined talent at WR and RB than there was in 2010, so consistently getting the ball to those playmakers is key.
  7. Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    And that he flew across the country on no sleep and with a bad cold to secure his commitment. But it depends if he wants more of a game-manager that may be a safer pick (Gebbia) vs a potential game-changer that is not yet as consistent (Martinez). I think letting both play the first couple games will help Frost shape his opinion for the rest of the season. Also, with how tough the BIG schedule is this year, mental toughness in the QB...especially on the road...will be more important than ever.
  8. Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    To me the primary benefit of letting both get meaningful play early in the season is that you see their intangibles and how they truly stack up in a pressure situation. If they are that close now, one may end up being more of a "gamer" than the other, and it's hard to even tell that in a scrimmage when you are playing against your defense.
  9. Frost’s QB Room

    I think consistency and not making mistakes are good traits to have in a QB, but something tells me that Frost is also seeking that explosive dual threat quality in his QB which is why he went after Martinez and has also gone after McCaffrey and Smothers. Perhaps Martinez will not be ready day one, but I cannot see Frost sticking with Gebbia for multiple years unless Gebbia is a way better runner than we have seen in the past. It will be interesting to see how this season unfolds.
  10. Frost’s QB Room

    Verduzco commented on the QB's tonight, but still did not share the info we were hoping to get. https://www.omaha.com/huskers/blogs/husker-coach-mario-verduzco-says-qb-battle-still-highly-competitive/article_b3e4a5cf-b723-5f9e-9765-a8e09d7aa8df.html
  11. 2018 Season Predictions

    I just voted and am bumping this thread. I am fully drinking some kool-aid right now and have us going 9-3.
  12. Post-Practice Presser - August 14

    I believe tomorrow the offensive coaches speak after practice so maybe we will learn more then. The simple question for the coach would be "which QB got the most reps since the scrimmage."
  13. Frost’s QB Room

    Yes that is what I commented on a day or two ago as well. From an athletic perspective and the ability to make big plays with his legs, Martinez is well ahead of the other two. It appears from a passing perspective all 3 guys are good passers, but it comes down to judgment and quick instincts that separate 3 QBs who have never really played at the collegiate level.
  14. Frost’s QB Room

    This reminds me of 8 years ago prior to the start of the 2010 season when we kept hearing some of the upper classmen talk about the freaky speed from Taylor Martinez. I still remember there was a lot of speculation of who would be the starter, and a day or two before opening game someone saw the dry run of the starting player announcements on the big screen and that is when T-Magic's picture was up there. I don't think Frost will make this a game-time decision but I do think he will go with the freak athlete Martinez. And just in case we want a reminder of the speed, here is one of my favorite games from T-Magic as a freshman.
  15. Predict Final 2019 Team Ranking

    I know we are still over 5 months away from National Signing Day and still have an entire season to look forward to, but given Nebraska's recruiting momentum of late, I wanted to start the thread for predicting NU's final 2019 Team Ranking. My prediction is lucky #13 when you average all the major recruiting services, and I know that may sound high, but I think the team is going to surprise some people this year and recruits will quickly realize Nebraska is a program on the rise. What say you?