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      One of the things that was lost in the board upgrade is the way we used to give users the "Donor" tag that showed up below their user info doesn't work the same way anymore.  I have a new tag set up that will go to anyone who donates going forward.   I should get a notification when you donate but it is only tied to your email, not your username.  So if I don't get your tag on right away either PM me or send an email to Admin@HuskerBoard.com.


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  1. Riley "Never Considered" Making A Change At QB

    As much as I'd like to believe this is nothing more than coach speak, it really wouldn't surprise me if Riley never considered pulling him.
  2. ***Official Rutgers Game Discussion Thread***

    But I thought the reason Oz wasn't playing was bc he just wasn't "that good"
  3. Call Your Shot - Rutgers

    I'll take it a step further and say DPE houses a PR
  4. Who should we hire

    What on God's green earth has DJ Durkin done to make people think he's gonna be some hot commodity? I'm sorry but he has not done s#!t. He beat an over ranked Texas, oh boy, great job. News flash, Maryland was 6-7 last year. They basically got blown out by every team with a pulse and even lost to BC in their bowl game, who beats basically no one. Here's how he did last season: Howard - W 52-13 FIU - W 41-14 UCF - W 30-24 Purdue - W 50-7 Penn State - L 38-14 Minnesota - L 31-10 Michigan State - W 28-17 Indiana - L 42-36 Michigan - L 59-3 Ohio State - L 62-3 Nebraska - L 28-7 Rutgers - W 31-13 Boston College - L 36-30 But please, tell me more about what an awesome job he's done...

    I would agree, he does like to stir the pot but everything he said makes a lot of sense

    You can dislike the guy and call him a hypocrite all you want but he seems pretty spot on in his assessment and I imagine he would be fairly in the know about how the program is run
  7. A Roman walks into a bar, holds up two fingers, and says "Five beers, please."

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    2. El Diaco

      El Diaco

      Hey!!! I'm identifying as a dirty hippie this week.:angry:

    3. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      So all Romans are dirty now, huh?

    4. El Diaco

      El Diaco

      I'll have you know, El Diaco is Spanish. It means I like tacos or something like that.

  8. How I feel about fantasy football this year
  9. Who should we hire

    I would definitely take Gundy. I was watching their game this weekend and all I could think about was man, I wish our offense looked like this. They look like the real deal this year with Rudolph. Plus, you know he always has his player's backs.
  10. I'm growing old watching Lee hold on to the ball