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  1. Goodbye CentruyLink Center

    Not sure they could have picked a worse name. Sounds like a hospital, not a convention center.
  2. How Do You Spell Expectations in Nebraska?

    Akron W Colorado W Troy W Michigan W Purdue W Wisconsin W Northwestern W Minnesota W Ohio State L Illinois W Michigan State W Iowa W That's how I spell expectations. Just kidding but Ohio State might be the only game on our schedule I don't think we can expect a shot at winning. My realistic expectations are to not have more than 5 losses.
  3. Playing on hard. Yea I realized pretty quickly that I needed to explore more to find supplies haha. Those damn clickers can be a pain in the ass haha.
  4. I’ve just started playing in the last few days and keep worrying I’m going to run out of ammo and whatnot but if that’s not the case I might give that a go.
  5. Highly recommend God of War. The Last of Us is not quite what I expected - lots of being stealthy and strategic, which is typically not my type of game (i'm more of a shoot 'em up type of guy) but it's still fun.
  6. Just golfed Happy Hollow country club in Omaha for the first time...think that might be the hardest course I’ve ever played in Omaha.  

    1. teachercd


      It is tight...or can be!

    2. RedSavage


      That and there’s lots of trees and the pin placements are not easy

    3. teachercd


      Play it during the week...when the old timers play...the pins are smack-dab in the middle...!

  7. Finally! Blackshirt Talk

    Definitely. I think he will too. Oh no, one less stupid topic to argue about in the off season if when he does!
  8. Finally! Blackshirt Talk

    If there’s one person who can get this thing right, I think it’s Frost. Granted he wasn’t on defense but he played during the years when the Blackshirts really meant something and I think he understands what it means to earn that jersey.
  9. Who Is The Better Player? Curry or Westbrook

    My point was that they're fairly different types of players but overall I would probably have to say Westbrook. Dude is a stat machine.
  10. Who Is The Better Player? Curry or Westbrook

    Curry from outside, Westbrook inside.
  11. Former 5 star qb transfers from Clemson to Northwestern 2019 Northwestern game should be a good one
  12. I'm offended that the new Madden '19 trailer has Burkhead fumbling in it and for about half the trailer it looks the Browns don't suck.  Clearly historically inaccurate.

    1. husker_fan_from_sweden


      Chicken wing Shaq Griffin caused the fumble, so it doesn't make it quite as bad.

    2. RedSavage
  13. Hear that. I was staying at the Cosmo and left Vegas the day of the shooting. Some of my friends I was there with wanted to stay longer and go to the concert. Thank god we didn't.
  14. Cameron Jefferies

    Right, which is what the article says. The previous comment saying he hates his coaches doesn't make sense and seems unnecessary really.
  15. Cameron Jefferies