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  1. 5 Unique Frost Shirts ... any ideas of your own?

    Just guessing here, but probably to keep the board free.
  2. Trump's Tax Plan

    It probably would work, since that's kind of how he got elected; life-long democrat, disguised himself as a republican (i think a poor disguise); won the nomination/presidency. A lot of people had to be fooled for it to work, but, here we are.
  3. Trump's Tax Plan

    I'm sure he will. He an Sen. Lee sponsored and amendment basically making the Corporate tax 1% smaller and using that money to help with the Child Tax Credit. It failed to pass 29-71. Good article about it on National Review. I'm sure if he were President and wanted this in the tax cut plan, it would be in there. Hence my stating that I wish he would have won the nomination/presidency.
  4. Just saw that Tavis Smiley is out at PBS due to sexual misconduct.
  5. Trump's Tax Plan

    I sure wish Rubio would have won the nomination and presidency.
  6. The Republican Utopia

    Nope, my mention of the clip was specific to Bill Maher.
  7. The Republican Utopia

    Did you notice the clip in the feed of Bill Maher, years ago, defending Mary Kay Latrouneau. she was the teacher in, I believe, Washington, who had sexual relations with her 14 year old student......Kind of creepy.
  8. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    Why is she an awful person? I truly know nothing about her.
  9. The Republican Utopia

    Although I would never underestimate the power of being incumbency.
  10. The Republican Utopia

    I wonder if there are Democrats in Alabama who will vote for Moore, knowing that they could tie a "Sen. Moore (R)", to every Republican Senator/Congressman during next years midterms; and if there are Republicans in Alabama who will vote for Jones because they don't want there the be a Sen. Moore (R) for the very same reason.
  11. It's a video of a Tennessee student getting slammed to ground by campus police at Tennessee B-Ball game after chanting "Fire Currie".......according to the tweet.
  12. I got it from Volnation thread. I don't think it linked it correctly, was just trying to delete it
  13. not a good look at Tennessee
  14. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I was on Volnation and there was already a "fire Doeren" thread. I went to an NC State board to see what they thought of Doeren, and there was a "Fire Doeren" thread. Wonder if he's the first one to have an active "fire" thread on two different teams message boards.