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  1. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Maybe its not so latent, this racism. This "movement" is fueled by psychological warfare used to dupe the narcissistic, gullible and stupid. You'll get all this lunacy debunked again and just slink off to recharge your outrage meter on whatever ultra right-wing propaganda outlet it is that fuels your delusion for a few months and return to spout the same nonsense over and over.
  2. Immigration Ban

    It makes me wonder if republicans support the villains in super hero movies... except in the real world they don't have cool super powers or any actual genius to speak of, just an astounding lack of empathy for their fellow humans and narcissistic tendencies.
  3. Trump Foreign Policy

    Trump is screwing Great Britain, France, Canada and the EU with sanctions and trying to get Russia back in the G#. Putin must really have him by the balls.
  4. Trump-endorsed news sources

    I mean considering he defined "fake" news for us as news he doesn't like or doesn't grovel to his greatness, I'm going to go ahead and say no.
  5. both sort of I guess. I voted for Clinton, because she was an actual adult human with the experience to lead the country well enough, I don't buy into all the made up conspiracies, but I would have preferred Sanders. Trump is what he's been since the 80s, a national disgrace who is hurting the US's position in the world and has no Ideal's just wants power. He fits into the party he's "leading" very well. I also voted against him. Edit: but yeah living in Nebraska so that vote didn't count anyways.
  6. Trump hired Israeli intel firm to gather info on Americans

    If you pick up that tells scammers call systems there is a person to actually reach on the other end and you'll see an increase not a decrease in calls. These aren't people following the laws on telemarketing to begin with. Another one is "Should I Answer?" it sort of crowd sources these things, enough reports on a number will get it to auto-reject, and you can add things to a personal block-list if its not something the app has enough reports on.
  7. Trump Foreign Policy

    They already know, it's 75 year old technology at this point. You can find blueprints for early nuclear bombs online. The bomb's the relatively easy part (take a critical mass of uranium, fire another bunch of uranium at it really fast). The enrichment is the slower process, but even that isn't a secret at least at a high level on how it's done. Like many other things the devil is in the details. Leadership in Iran isn't stupid, they'll likely keep the deal in place with Europe, which in turn isolates the US and Israel as untrustworthy and irrational around the world and weakens us in any future foreign deals.
  8. Trump Foreign Policy

    This is how you cede leadership in the world to France and Germany. But at least Bibi's probably ecstatic..
  9. I'm willing to bet it would be, some of it was started before the election. The Russian operation to influence the election would have been investigated just as much. You'd also have an angry mob of GOP leadership that would want to make sure Trump never had any sway in their party again after losing to Clinton and would be happy to kick him when he's down to keep him there. So I'm of the opinion that while maybe no special council would have been appointed, we'd still be hearing about things like the affairs as well.
  10. Kanye West is woke

    It's like distilled Tiger's blood strait from Charlie Sheen himself... So mostly a cocktail of as of yet undiscovered STDs , Cocaine, and methamphetamine. Also stupid flocks together, not surprising in the least.
  11. Govt & Election Reform Mega Thread

    The only real way to get money out of politics at this point is to publicly fund all elections and basically outlaw outside groups running political ads. That still doesn't fix the trump style media coverage though, where through spouting complete bulls#!t 100% of the time you can saturate the airwaves for effectively free ads. The system we have now of campaign contributions by large business and billionaires where it's not a bribe *wink wink, nudge nudge* is ridiculous. The other nice side effect of that is it would probably mean a better class of candidate, since now to get elected and stay elected they're basically a high profile telemarketer. Problem is neither D or R would go for it because their overlords love money. I'd be fine with everything on BRB's list as well.
  12. The Republican Utopia

    When it's only fascists to the right of you then 90% may seem like an accurate number. People with only communists to the left of them will have the opposite perception that almost all news is conservative biased. It's a bell curve though, most people are in the middle. Most moderate conservatives in the media are basically not conservative enough for their party anymore and are thus labeled "liberal." That's not a problem with the media, that's a problem with the republican swing to hard line far right ideology. Most sensible people wont follow as far as Fox news, et al. want to swing the party. That doesn't mean they became liberal. That means the republican propaganda machine and ultimately the republican voters who follow it are moving the goalposts.
  13. Gun Control

    Vilifying a 17 year old high school kid and victim of a mass shooting isn't exactly a good look for a party that basically couldn't be doing worse with young voters. It's going to be amusing watching elections in the future.
  14. Paul Ryan not running for reelection

    Age MAY have something to do with it because the dems have a huge backing of younger voters. However, they have an even larger backing of young women voters, so I'd be surprised if it wasn't Pelosi. Ultimately it won't really matter much who it is, it'd be impossible to have less of a spine than Ryan, so its going to be a net gain for the country.