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  1. The Omarosa Chronicles

    Ohh lord. If you are manipulating the data you are falsifying it. This is that same old tired republican playbook crap "You can make statistics say anything!" No, you can't do that without it being verifiable that you are lying by falsifying data. This is why their style of argument works so well on the stupid and the lazy that only trust the republican propaganda arms, they'll never go verify it on their own. Next you'll tell us that whatever data scientist gathered the data did so because they were paid to get only the data that represented the Obama administration well and they have a vested interest in keeping their grant funding or some equally ridiculous load of horse s#!t that shows the general lack of understanding of data and science by the majority of the republican sheep who treat it like its some sort of medieval sorcery. The economy hasn't exploded in one direction or another, its remained basically fluctuating at the rate where it's been through most of the previous few years before Trump, until the summer where things seem to have leveled off and that's with the massive corporate welfare of the tax cuts. In the latter part of this year and into next we'll get to see what happens with the shooting himself in the foot with tariffs. The article you posted wasn't an article, it was excerpts from an un-credited editorial from investors business daily. Where you'll find other gems such as "Russian Collusion: It was Hillary all along" or "When it comes to the environment, These are the good ole days" and their claim to fame is having to print a retraction in an editorial arguing against single payer health care that said that Stephen Hawking "wouldn't have a chance in the U.K., where the [British] National Health Service (NHS) would say the life of this brilliant man, because of his physical handicaps, is essentially worthless." So why aren't we all acknowledging your article? Because it's not from the mainstream source you're trying to represent it as, its an opinion piece from a right wing blog site and its conclusions are questionable at best and not backed up by anything beyond the opinion of whoever wrote it.
  2. The Republican Utopia

    Shifting from one logical fallacy to another (from "argument from ignorance" - where you try to shift the burden of proof to "relevancy fallacy" + an ad-hominem attack- where you cite with schumer's statements and voting record as indefensible ) doesn't prove your point, on the contrary, it proves how weak the arguments you make are because you aren't capable of backing up things with sources that have any sort of factual basis or evidence.
  3. The Republican Utopia

    And it wasn't needed then. We already had a federal agency doing that job.
  4. The Way to Early 2020 Presidential Election

    The way I view it, there needs to be a public campaign for publicly funded elections and a ban on outside political donations and PACs. If that actually happened, then more of those things would probably happen, but until you take the moneyed special interests out of the equation they will always hold sway enough to make a few well placed "donations" and torpedo any of those things or fund candidates to go torpedo them after they would be implemented by cutting funding. It's that old saying, follow the money, until politicians are dependent on their actual electorate for the funding they need to stay elected, they sure as hell aren't working for us.
  5. The Republican Utopia

    Trump was being truthful, he just didn't add the second part out loud, but it was "Into me and my associate's bank accounts."
  6. Healthcare Reform

    It's amazing how they are trying to FUD their own report. How can you out FUD the system they've built where people are afraid to see the doctor because nobody knows what the hell it'll end up costing them even with insurance, which we already pay out the nose for and the price keeps going up while coverage keeps going down.
  7. The Republican Utopia

    They aren't shutting down anything. They are removing it's access to their platforms for TOS violations. Infowars is free to go on. It's followers are free to keep buying masculinity enhancing supplements from the pinnacle of male health himself, Alex Jones. They'll just have to do it on their own website.
  8. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Trump is a narcissist, character means something else to him. Just like "fake news" is all news that doesn't try to make it look like the sun shines out his ass, people with good character are people that can do something for him and are 'loyal' to him, doesn't matter if they are actually criminals.
  9. Urban Meyer Vs. Tom Osborne Lame Debate

    They aren't all that similar. The thing with all incidents in an organization is if you try to bury them they are far worse and add a conspiracy on top of the crime which makes a scandal. It takes leadership to actually confront things instead of trying to bury those skeletons in a closet and Meyer failed that, multiple times. That being said, LP wouldn't get a second chance in this day and age nor would any other player guilty of domestic violence or sexual assault and it wouldn't be left up to a coaches discretion, no matter how legendary. It shouldn't have been in this case either and took massive failures by their Athletic Department as a whole, their Title IX staff, Coaching staff, etc to end up how it did. If Urban ends up being fired, its not his scumbag WR coach that did him in, it's him, and his decision to protect him because of who his family was.
  10. Trump's America

    Having very far right idiot republicans take up the mantel of Anon and follow someone posting under the moniker 'Q' and not understanding that basically Anon has existed solely to troll stupid people and Q is from the 90s star trek shows and was basically an omnipotent troublemaker that messed with people for his own whims, is idk what, weird to say the least. Sad that their gullibility knows no depths even when it should be transparent that they are being taken for a ride to give some people a big laugh at how stupid they are.
  11. Who? this evil evil man that corrupts children?
  12. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Hey look at that, moving the goalposts again.
  13. Healthcare Reform

    It would also have the secondary benefit of making high frequency trading less profitable. Where firms buy access to be close to the exchanges so they can perform milliseconds of arbitrage to skim off the top of trades going through the system.
  14. Healthcare Reform

    Shouldn't be that hard to figure out, round about. So that article says approximately 3.2 trillion a year for medicare for everyone. That would eliminate premiums, deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance (you know when you meet the deductible and still have to cover a percentage up to an out of pocket maximum). But lets forget about co-pays and co-insurance. In 2016, the average single person payed 321 a month or 3,852 a year and had a deductible of 4,358, so if you actually used your insurance you were out 8,210 out of pocket. We had a 91.2 % health care coverage in the US in 2016 and a population of 322,179,605, so 293,827,799.76 insured people for at least some of the year. So if those people used their medical coverage, they'd have payed out approximately 2.412 trillion dollars, before taking into account things like co-pays and co-insurance. If they never saw a doctor they still shelled out 1.24 trillon, just in premiums. In 2017 we spent 3.4 trillion total on healthcare according to: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2017/06/how-we-spend-3400000000000/530355/ So I guess bottom line for me is you get what you pay for. Right now we pay a lot of money for companies to rip us off and give us s#!t coverage that we're still liable for high deductibles that most people cant afford anyways. I know I'd rather not go to a doctor because I know it'll cost an arm and a leg out of pocket, even on an employer plan. We're basically at a point where our money would be better spent to break us out of this system, where we aren't liable for portions of medical bills or fearful of the financial ruin having to pay a deductible might cause let alone maybe having to hit an out of pocket maximum for something major, where we aren't tied to a crappy job because we'll lose our health care through our employer, and a million other reasons. But it won't happen because most of America's "f#&% you, I don't want MY MONEY to pay for you!" attitude towards things. It's a shame. Edit: obviously these are really rough estimates.
  15. Income Inequality

    Many of the richest people do work, they either got lucky with starting a company that exploded in value, or they spent a lifetime running them and building their wealth. It's a distinction for me between the I guess well off vs the actual rich. Yeah 5 million could support a comfortable life if you had it invested but that's not what I think of as rich I guess. I see that as more in the 10+ million net-worth range and the super rich as closing in on 100million and beyond. The latter are the people that are pushing tax policies that benefit them and have families that will be forever generationally wealthy if managed smartly. 5 million is a nice comfortable maybe semi-early retirement with a decent, albeit not forever lasting chunk of money to give left over.