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  1. China

    Nope its not and I'm betting they'll hit back on the agricultural exports the most just to really stick it to trumps voter base.
  2. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    What this whitehouse can't fathom, because they are a group of idiots jockeying for position to kiss the ass of president idiot is that: the relationship with Putin is acrimonious either way, because he views the US and NATO as enemies and is actively running operations to weaken us all. By doing things like congratulating him for his "re-election" you look like an ass kissing moronic puppet to the rest of our allies and it looks like you are endorsing Russian style "democracy." Including assassinating foreign exiles on British soil, meddling in the US and other NATO allies election, and disqualifying opponents from running in elections (who knows why when Putin's stuffing the ballot boxes anyways). Trumps view is bull, its the same crap republicans (rightly) crapped on Obama for with his "Russia reset". The reason leaders like Putin and Netanyahu hated Obama is because eventually he at least had the common sense to see when they were trying to pull the wool over his eyes (IMO). Trump doesn't have an ounce of that common sense and that's why these guys love him, they can show up with their "Strong Man" act and smile and tell Trump how great he is and Trump fawns all over them like a teenage kid with a crush.
  3. Cambridge Analytica/Social Media

    I personally don't view them as separate. That data is what allows them to make money from advertising. Facebook would never have a private mode, people and their data is Facebook's product. Using their platform doesn't mean you are their customer. Their customers are the people and businesses that pay them for access to you and your personal data. Frankly their tracking and data gathering extends far beyond their own website and out to any site that includes Facebook javascript and buttons so they track you well beyond what you do on Facebook itself, and that's their entire business. Allowing you to turn that off, or any part of that doesn't make sense for them.
  4. Cambridge Analytica/Social Media

    What did Snowden say about it? Found it: Facebook is a surveillance company rebranded as social media. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/edward-snowden-facebook-is-a-surveillance-company-rebranded-as-social-media That applies to all the data harvesting tech companies you know of and tons of them that probably most people don't know even exist. The fact that people give them so much detail about their private lives is nuts, because they just turn around and sell it. Of course it's going to be abused and it just depends on the customer's agenda as to how they will use it.
  5. Conservativism - the path forward

    That did happen. In several cases if I recall. It amazes me how deep the evil runs in the Cheney family. In a sane world they should be reviled by everyone on both sides of the aisle.
  6. Conservativism - the path forward

    It wont change. trump-ism is the party's go forward path because its become the party of the intellectually lazy, those living in constant fear and outrage (ie far right media consumers), the bigoted and the christians all lead by the spineless. The chances of any one of those groups collectively going "we didn't sign up for this" is about zero. It was the path before trump ever came into the picture. It's been the path since fox news and talk radio realized they'd make tons of money stirring up outrage of those people and the republicans started having to swing right to the tea party idiots to keep their seats. They did that themselves by their gerrymandering. So I have doubts that it has anything to do with candidate messaging or using common sense, or that they will ever recover from trump (nor should they). It maybe will end when districts are drawn so they don't have to out-far-right each other but they still have their nutty propaganda machine and other right wing billionaire sociopaths that they have to kowtow to. By now though the damage is already done, maybe not right now this year, but as soon as the boomers decline.
  7. The Republican Utopia

    It's not surprising, talk radio has been like this for two decades at this point. They are the propaganda arm of the R party. They firmly believe that no matter what evils their members commit they are justified, because winning at all costs in elections keeps those god hating, tax loving, queer liberals from ruining their country. I mean at this point the republican party has all but directly said to the country, we will do anything to win elections and hold onto power and it's all justified, there will be no accountability because there is no line that shouldn't be crossed if it means keeping those liberals out of office. We see it every week from Washington on down.
  8. Gun Control

    I mean there are probably plenty of people that do want to ban all guns, but here's the problem with the NRA and the right. There's been many opportunities to have common sense closing of loopholes after past tragedies and instead they dug their heels in and went to state legislators to get more permissive laws passed still. That digging in means that when there's enough political will to do something in the opposite direction its going to snap back the other way to the extreme. I have very little sympathy for the far right on this, even as a gun owner, they've made that the inevitable outcome by blocking any attempt for very small limits to who can get guns and more background checks for all these years as mass shooters keep upping the body-count.
  9. Gun Control

    I think the problem you'll run into is you just will have republicans do what they tend to do with anything their overlords don't agree with, remove funding from whoever does the regulation. I don't see any real problem with having licensing similar to Australia and having them be progressively more expensive and restrictive for things like semi automatic rifles, assault or otherwise along with requirements for having a gun safe before purchase. Maybe add the title 2 firearms resale restrictions on semi-automatic rifles as well. Making ownership transfers require tax stamps and ATF approval/records for people that are licensed. I honestly don't have a problem with gun ownership for really any gun. I have a problem with it being a god given right for every maladjusted idiot, uncaught criminal, and headcase in the country. I liked gun rights as a kid, thought I wanted to be a member of the NRA one day, but it transitioned from being a sportsman's organization to stiring up a bunch of nutcases because that's where money is.
  10. Gun Control

    I mean this is the guy that got a room full of congressmen and cabinet members to go around the table and embarrassingly kiss his ass in front of the cameras. This is what photo-ops for this president are... They are made to not pop his bubble and to stroke his massive ego and impersonate the propaganda of a third world dictatorship. He envy's men like Putin and other "strong" dictators that surround themselves with yes-men and can get rid of anyone who opposes them, he's said as much prior to the election.
  11. S&P reached a record high in January

    If these are the things that supposedly make Trump a good president you must have been ecstatic with Obama in office and going from a tanking economy to 8 strait years of growth and prosperity.
  12. The Republican Utopia

    Well up until they are actually born, then screw those little freeloaders.
  13. Immigration Ban

    It's not just that it was a thing people were talking about needing in the tech industry years before Obama ever went into politics, which it was as Moriaine rightly points out. In that ridiculous article it basically say it is a good thing, except the free market will take care of it and its just another Obama regulation. Then gives an example of "telemedicine" which frankly would never apply, because they aren't going to do that over your s#!tty comcast cablemodem. Any business that needs internet connectivity like that will 1) have a leased business quality line with a SLA where they can work out with their provider(s) - (because they'd need redundancy in the case of telemedicine like surgery) - what traffic to prioritize. They'd also have business grade networking equipment to do that themselves as the traffic enters and exits their network. So basically it lies about two things, first it assumes there's a free market where actually exists an oligopoly, and second it states that businesses like your hospital need to be able to pay for fast lanes but pretends that they are using the same consumer internet that we all do. They need fast lines but aren't buying comcast/cox consumer internet. They need them to be business quality lines that aren't oversold because they need a vastly superior level of service and an SLA that comes with business quality internet lines and for telemedicine I'd assume also redundancy. They also need business class equipment where they can set their own policy on traffic, and if they want their ISP to change the priority on certain traffic they can either do it themselves or specify that in their contract. So its lying, because it knows that 1) many republican's blindly hate Obama, so if you throw his name at something they obviously see red and believe anything you say he was for is some attack against them personally and merica in general. 2) most people that will so blindly hate someone are pretty stupid and will believe anything you can throw in there to scare them.
  14. End of Net Neutrality

    Corporations entire reason for existence is to create wealth for their shareholders without them being liable for the actions. They have no conscience, they are not benevolent. They are pure self serving greed in a legal entity. There's nothing wrong with that, that's what they were designed to be, but that's why they need rules and regulations to set limits.
  15. End of Net Neutrality

    See this is where it pays to actually understand technology at all, or to try and be actually informed on an issue. NN is exactly how the internet work(ed) fine for the past 20+ years! it is the premise that any data packet you send or receive over the network should be treated equally by your ISP to every other data packet sent or received regardless of source or destination, that's it, that's all. It's got nothing to do with faster connections for you or anyone else. Nobody is complaining that comcast, verizon, and cox et al. are going to be building special bigger data links to some businesses. Because that isn't what they were doing or why they are fighting against this. They see you as a commodity that they own because you have s#!t for choices in actual ISPs. They want to charge the companies who's content you want to access for the data they send to you, and any company that doesn't pay up they will simply slow down the traffic coming from in software on their network equipment. This isn't going to result in more innovation in networks or faster internet speeds. In fact its the exact opposite, doing this allows them to not invest in their network as much, because they can throttle the data you the paying customer tries to access down to a speed they decide you should access it at, unless that company also pays them for un-throttled access to you. "Hey netflix, we've got 50 million customers, probably 10million are your subscribers, sure would be a shame if they all were buffering half the night and chose our competing service instead." They can also throttle things they don't like based on protocol. Things like torrents, other file sharing applications or VPNs, or simply cut off the ability to use outside services like some isps have tried with VOIP phone services. I'll let you in on a little secret, in order to do that they are looking at all the data you are sending and receiving on the network, that's got a fancy term too, deep packet inspection. You know your favorite party just made it okay for them to sell that data too. So on top of throttling your connection to sites that don't pay up they also get to spy on you and sell the data detailing what you and anyone in your household access and when. In short, don't let your republican masters spout the same old tired bulls#!t and pull the wool over your eyes yet again. Just remember to think for yourself, when they start spouting "regulation bad, free market solves everything, taxes are bad, entitlements the devil." What they are actually saying is this regulation is bad for the giant telecoms and cable cabal increasing their profits without doing any actual upgrading or innovating, but those guys pay for our election and we don't want that to end.