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  1. BoKnowsD

    Colorado Game in under 40 minutes

    I can't re-watch yet
  2. BoKnowsD

    Will Jackson leaves the team

    best of luck kid
  3. BoKnowsD

    Scott Frost Home Burglarized

    This hits home. I had my car parked outside a friends house in Nelson's Creek in Omaha. I made the mistake of leaving my truck unlocked and numerous items were stolen, granted no where near the value of Coach Frost's but the feeling/thought someone invading your property. It just doesn't feel right. I hope they find these suckers that did this
  4. so.... where can I find this shirt?
  5. Does anyone have any additional information on the suspension? http://www.ketv.com/article/nebraska-safety-nate-gerry-suspended-for-bowl-game/8528897
  6. BoKnowsD

    Coach Mike Riley

  7. BoKnowsD

    F.T.L.O.C. is it Friday Game Time yet...??????

    Only about an hour till the first game kicks, then the Huskers! I LOVE playing the day after Turkey day, though I wish it was against higher caliber team
  8. BoKnowsD

    Who are we rooting for this weekend?

    Minnesota then give me Michigan in the Big10 Title game. Please and Thank you
  9. solid win, minimal mental errors and 1 or less turnovers
  10. BoKnowsD

    Advice for Visiting Duck Fan?

    I think it is all closed up now. Sadly Any suggestions as to where we can park without paying anything ridiculous?
  11. BoKnowsD

    Advice for Visiting Duck Fan?

    Does anyone know if the Indian Reservation still allows people to park/tailgate? I remember the incident after the Miami game in '14....
  12. I'm interested as well...
  13. BoKnowsD

    Worst Case

    JK 14-0
  14. BoKnowsD

    Temp check: 7-5

    Boy have times changed. Riley wasn't brought in to "rebuild" he was brought her to win, win championships. If he can't mustard the 9 wins, we move on