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  1. RB Maurice Washington [Nebraska-Signed LOI]

    Yeah, watching these solidifies thoughts about how good he is. So glad he made it. He did have a periscope that said sorry Husker fans, I’m only staying 3 years.... so let’s enjoy them if he’s that good.
  2. WR Zavier Betts

    PS where does your gut have him going? I’m gonna bet some money on this while your gut is on a heater.
  3. WR Zavier Betts

    Ohh Mr. Put me on ignore! My point is you’re trying to make fans uneasy based on your “gut” feeling which is ridiculous in the least.
  4. Frost’s QB Room

    Can’t let Michigan know how good martinez is! Let’s not show him until the Purdue game!!!!
  5. WR Zavier Betts

    So you need something concrete to believe he is N, but need absolutely no information about him being interested in someone else to believe he isn’t N? Gosh, I wonder what your dating life is like. Yikes.
  6. WR Zavier Betts

    Oh give me a break. This is a pointless and information-less gut feeling. You haven’t seen crap anywhere and have no info. Youre saying this because it’s a helluva lot easier to predict a player to go to 115/116 universities than it is to say 1/116 (Nebraska). Just don’t get this pointless “prediction” and want to make sure no one is buying into this crock of crap. Come on.
  7. WR Zavier Betts

    LMFAO WTF?!?!?
  8. All Frost Does is Win Games

    Meaning, since we missed a bowl and almost missed another the last 3 years.... right? Assuming he didn’t mean in general, as it’s easier than ever with more bowl games.
  9. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    “IT’LL BE DONE WHEN ITS DONE!” Oh, it’ll be done on sunday.
  10. "Injuries"

    Yes, I remember most of his comments on it... but then he tossed out tre bryant’s ankle injury the other day when he wasn’t even asked about it.
  11. "Injuries"

    This should be interesting to see. Either we are having similar success to UCF last year in the “staying healthy” department, or Frosts’ policy about not talking about injuries is keeping them all from us. He did mention Bryant sprained his ankle recently. I wonder if there are a lot of guys dinged up like that or if it’s literallt just him, Reimers and Barnett + Alexander(season ending)? Do you think on Mondays of game week he will update on injuries of players who are out for the game?
  12. Biggest Concerns?

    If we have room in the trophy case?
  13. BTN Bus Tour

    Anyone else pre gaming?
  14. Fall Camp

    My goodness. Watching our “classic” against Minnesota from the BO days on BTN and even then we just seemed so much more talented. gregory, Collins, valentine, Anderson, Gerry ... all NFL dudes on D. plus Abdullah on O.
  15. Fall Camp