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  1. LB Nick Henrich

    So Schaefer pretty confident today...
  2. Get with The Program

    Yeah, I will remind that I was very torn at the time of the decision. As a Huskers fan though I forced myself to buy in to the next coach. Bo did do a lot of things right, you hit the nail on the head with the poor things. He just kept stepping on his own in front of national crowds.
  3. LB Nick Henrich

  4. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    Great thought. Davis was struggling.
  5. ***2019 Recruiting***

    Agree but their is nothing wrong with getting highly ranked dudes either.
  6. ***2019 Recruiting***

    Currently in 33rd for team ranking on 247. If we land Henrich, Robinson, Hickman, Mullen, Ike, Anderson it basically locks us into 50th based on the 2018 class final rankings which isn’t bad at all considering its with 14 commits only. It’ll all come down to what Frost can do with the remaining open slots. Anyone known the number in this class now?
  7. Florida offer

    No matter what you guys say, I won't believe Frost was picking anywhere but UCF over Nebraska. He had already laid the groundwork at UCF and his family was comfortable. He wasn't going anywhere but Nebraska or staying at UCF. Had he stayed, I easily could've seen them eventually getting a bid to a major conference. Which perhaps would've been his big legacy there, other than the umpteen billion games he was going to keep winning.
  8. I don’t see a clear answer really or maybe I’m complicating it. the rule is... A HS kid cannot play in a bow game... right? A freshmen can play in any 4 games including bow games... right?
  9. ***2019 Recruiting***

    Yeah, that’s possibly also true. I mean, not many dudes are committing immediately after they get offered either.
  10. ***2019 Recruiting***

    I’ll admit I read none of that crap above. My statement is more in general of Frosts recruiting at Nebraska.
  11. ***2019 Recruiting***

    I think it’s fair to assume that all offers made by frost’s staff are committable until that position group is full. So QB offers are no longer committable I assume and it’s possible RB offers are not committable right now.
  12. Vegas sets Huskers Over/Under at 5.5 wins

    I looked them up on scottyice.com check for yourself, brah. Nice to hear from you PS. I've heard @teachercd sucks at betting.

    From the University... Does anyone know when you typically find out about that stuff and how it works? I requested additional away tickets to the Wisconsin game and additional home tickets against Colorado. I'm not holding my breath on the home game, but was hopeful for Wisconsin. TIA

    1. Saunders


      IDK when they contact you, but my brother and I are coming up for the CU game and I'm hoping to get two tickets.

    2. Red Five

      Red Five

      Unless you are a pretty big donor, no chance you are getting tickets in Madison.

    3. ScottyIce


      I am only a $500 donor... darn.