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  1. DE Jaevon Becton

    Any relation to Coach Beckton?
  2. QB Adrian Martinez [Nebraska Commit]

    Honey I’m f'ing home
  3. JUCO OT Noah Banks [Arkansas Commit]

    STPaul needs a long vacation.
  4. QB Adrian Martinez [Nebraska Commit]

    Dude go read all the posts from today.
  5. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Yeah, it'll be interested to see how we use these guys.
  6. DT Bryson Williams [Wisconsin Commit]

    Seriously? Goodness gracious, you are all sorts of twisted up right now.
  7. DT Bryson Williams [Wisconsin Commit]

    Get the most talented kids from in-state and figure it out later.
  8. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Rafdal and Allen would fit the "redzone nightmare" characteristic that many people are calling McGriff. Yes, none of them have done anything because they are underclassmen and we have had JR, SR, SR featured at the position for the past 3 years. Stoll looked to do a pretty solid job last year. You may be correct that they don't fit Frost's needs, but you don't know that for sure. Your post says as much anyways. The position isn't lacking depth, that's for damn sure.
  9. Who's Next?

  10. ***2018 Recruiting***

    TE isn't a weak spot on the roster, FYI.
  11. RB Joshua Fleeks [Baylor Commit]

    The coaching staff basically travelled together for the day. I saw they visited another player as well (with the whole staff). I suppose you can do that if you are Baylor and going HS to HS in Texas.
  12. QB Adrian Martinez [Nebraska Commit]

    Just read decision "within the next 2 days" Frost and Mario supposed to be in-home this week.
  13. ATH Talanoa Hufanga

    Can’t. Only connection to him is gone as far as I’ve seen.
  14. Merry +1Mas 2017

    Happy 10th y’all!