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  1. QB Position Switches

    Internet forum posters, rewriting history and passing it off as fact ever since Al Gore invented the internet.
  2. They targeted these kids 2-3+ years ago, I would say most were probably committed at least before the season started. They pretty much had their whole class signed on the early signing day. Did they add just 1 after the early signing period (Wildgoose, a 4 star)? And, part of the DNA of that program is signing lower rated TEs, QBs, RBs and turning them into OTs and LBs that play like 4 - 5 star recruits. You are seeing the effects of the 13-1 season in the 2019 recruiting class as they are having 4 stars commit early and often.
  3. Oh, you caught on to my grand master plan. I have to protect my delicate psyche. Them Feels you know...........sometimes they can hurt.
  4. Tyjon Lindsey

    I looked it up. I don't think exponentially works in that context either. I think it should have been written something like: The offensive production increases multiplicatively as more threats are put on the field.
  5. Tyjon Lindsey

    I don't think he/she used that correctly. I think he/she meant exponentially.
  6. Unfortunately, as of today, that is the state of the Nebraska football program. And I'll clarify this a little bit. I think this coaching staff is capable of getting this team up to the level of at least 4 of those programs in Year 1, but I absolutely don't EXPECT them to accomplish that in Year 1. If they do, that is just icing on the cake.
  7. OK, so they also beat 6-6 San Jose State. Either way, there weren't a lot of (any) quality wins in 2008. And though we played and lost to 4 top 20 teams. The rest of the schedule was pretty lackluster. If NU could have pulled out a win against Virginia Tech and/or Texas Tech, it would have made the results seem a little more impressive (especially since Missouri and Oklahoma just hammered NU).
  8. I guess you didn't read what I wrote earlier. As far as ceilings, I think NU is going to win every game every year. As far as progress based on your wins: Wins of the same level: Akron - Same level as Arky state, needs to be win this year Colorado - Same level as Rutgers, needs to be win this year. Illinois - dumpster fire, needs to be a win Purdue - a little undecided if a win here shows progress or not. They will be in second year of new coach so they will be better, but the game is at home, so I will just say it needs to be a win. Wins that demonstrate progress: Northwestern - They lose some key players (RB Justin Jackson and S Igbwuieke (Sp?)) but return QB Thorson, they went 9-3 last year, and beat us last year, so I would say a win here demonstrates progress over last year. Troy - Better than NIU, Fourth year of the head coach's regime and they return a ton of depth from a team that beat LSU last year. I think they have to replace QB and RB though, but this win would be better than any win we had last year. So from the wins you threw out there, I can see 6-6 as progress. I also think we should beat Minnesota as their QB is gone and it doesn't seem like they did anything that they can build off of from the 2017 season. I think it will almost be like they are in year 1 again. However, I can also see the mistakes and inconsistencies, that show up during the 1st year of a new coaching staff, show up in the Colorado, Purdue, Northwestern and/or Troy games causing NU to lose one or more of those. Getting that 8th win will be tough, especially if we drop one of the above games, because NU was no where near the level of @Michigan, @Wisconsin, @Ohio St, Michigan St. or @Iowa.
  9. I believe that the team was capable of beating NIU, but I also think they were capable of losing to Arkansas State and Purdue. So, I would say from a capability standpoint this team is starting from an NIU, Arky State, Purdue baseline level. Aren't you believing what you want to fit your narrative also?
  10. That 2008 team won a grand total of 2 games over teams that made it to bowl games. Western Michigan that got boat raced by Rice in their bowl game and Kansas that went 4-4 in the Big 12, beating the same crap teams NU feasted on. The 2018 schedule is comprised of 9 teams that made it to bowl games in 2017. Now, I know that a 2017 bowl team may not be a 2018 bowl team, but for hypothetical sake let's say they all are 2018 bowl teams. Then in comparison to 2008, beating the 3 non bowl teams plus 2 bowl teams gets you to 5 wins.
  11. Link to these stories. If you mean the BS people banter about on these fan forums, you actually believe the stuff you read on here from unknown people? I believe that just as much as I believe you when you opine that last year's team was not a 4-8 team.
  12. If a team goes 0-12 but had the toughest schedule in college football, does that make them a good team? Like I said above, we "kind of" solidly beat Rutgers and Illinois. And that was before "NU gave up in mid October" like you like to keep repeating. (I don't agree with that either or they would have folded at Purdue when they were down at the half). From FACTS, not your conjecture, you can only honestly say that this team is coming in only a little bit above the level of Rutgers and Illinois and below the level of a lot of other teams. Other things you are not acknowledging is that every one on the roster is going to be a freshman in regard to the scheme they are running (offense and defense) and from a fundamentals stand point (blocking and tackling) I would argue that most are coming in below a freshman level. I think the main issue, that keeps getting argued back and forth in this thread, is you boldly proclaiming that you expect at least 8 wins and anything less is a disappointment. That proclamation does not adequately recognize the starting point of this team and the monumental coaching effort and ability it will take to reach those 8 wins. Now, I think most every Husker fan believes that this coaching staff has that ability and will put in the effort that is required to accomplish that immense challenge, but if all the balls don't bounce our way, I think we're realistic enough to know that 6-6 is not a disappointment based on the status of the team on 1/1/18 and the schedule that they face.
  13. When you almost lose to Arkansas State and Purdue, and lose to Northern Illinois, does that really matter? Our only "solid" wins were Rutgers and Illinois, so we are starting from just a little bit above their level. Revisionist history? Did you watch the games?