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  1. WR Jameson Williams

    The Brown recruitment really stings. I think tOSU is starting him out as a DB. I think he could have shown out as WR in the new Nebraska offense.
  2. RB Maurice Washington [Nebraska-Signed LOI]

    There is a difference over signing by 3 spots on your available scholarship limit and taking a shot on an academic risk while having two other recruits at the position (JUCO Bell and Miles Jones) and undersigning by 3+ spots and having your only recruit for the position (CB Blades) be an academic risk. Watts wasn't as bad of a situation because they had D. Thomas and Daniels in the class, so they weren't putting all of their DT eggs in one academic risk basket.
  3. Verduzco Breaks Down Spring Game

    You can block or read any defender. Switching up the read man makes your offense less predictable. On that play, we have a man to block every player on the screen except that safety. So, you read him and run the play where he isn't.
  4. Verduzco Breaks Down Spring Game

    Because Dixon is between him and the safety and is badly beating his man. That is why Verduzco says "I see what he saw", but Dixon wasn't any part of his read.
  5. Verduzco Breaks Down Spring Game

    No to number 1. It is a read of the safety, not the OLB. They were not optioning any of the front 7 on that play. The read is that if the safety stays outside of the tackle, hand it off because we have numbers to the inside/right as there is a hat on a hat and an OLineman is releasing to block the middle LB. If the safety crashes in on the inside run, then the QB pulls it. Dixon caught Stoll off guard with a quick inside move. Dixon was playing super aggressive with the snap count and had two offsides penalties because of it.
  6. It is a quandary. So, should this action of an 18/19 year old define him for the rest of his life? I am not being facetious with this either. But, if you strip someone of their opportunities this early in their life, what is left?
  7. I have a feeling that the leash is short (as it should be) for anyone a part of the program. Team above all else. I think Coach Frost was at the front row to witness second chances, although it didn't work out for LP, but that is probably that there wasn't a TO in LP's life after he moved on from college.
  8. Verduzco Breaks Down Spring Game

    For comparison
  9. Verduzco Breaks Down Spring Game

    Look at the whole motion through the throw. Not similar at all. Weight distribution moving to front foot.
  10. Frost on Sports Nightly

    Straight shooter, that is for sure. Definitely like the critiques of players who may have seemed impressive and positive remarks for players that struggled a little. Don't let players' heads get too big and don't let others get too negative/down that it affects them permanently.
  11. RB Rahmir Johnson [Nebraska Commit]

    I think Maurice might be the perfect Duck-R because that guy can run some routes. He is going to put a lot of stress on defenses running and receiving. And can we get new terminology? Maybe Husk-R , instead of referring to some other team's mascot. Wilbon did average 5.4 yards per carry, so I think the jury is still out on him. Bradley was a little disappointing in that he didn't capitalize on his opportunities, but there could be a multitude of circumstances when you only see 1 practice. Austin Rose again capitalized on his limited opportunities in a spring game. I wonder what the deal is with him that he never moved up the depth chart.
  12. New Tunnel Walk Ideas 2018

    Dilly Dilly
  13. Verduzco Breaks Down Spring Game

    Love the little bit of insight into the coaching. Gives the fans a little something something and good for recruits to see the expertise on staff.
  14. Spring Practice Notes

    Success?????? 5 tackles in 6 games??????? I also believe he was playing DB at Ole Miss.