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  1. 2018 World Cup

    Yeah, that winter thing is a crock. France is a (colonial) power. They were the favorites to win the last Euro and it took the Germans to put them out in the previous World Cup. I'm glad the game wasn't a 1-0 yesterday but it still stunk to have the first two goals come off of the head referee's decisions (the first of which was clearly the wrong one - even the announcers noted that Griezmann was on the ground before any contact was made). Croatia played the better football and France was fortunate before earning some goals from the run of play on the counter...
  2. 2018 World Cup

    I wasn't a fan of the Croatian squad before the final but I was pulling for them yesterday and will Sunday. I think the English got more calls in their game and their one goal came from one of them. The checkers had to earn their goals from the run of play. That first goal was pretty sick. The dude's left leg was up about as high as the defender's shoulder and he used the outside of it - not sure how he could have added anything to that ball's momentum and still beat a damn good keeper in Pickford.
  3. 2018 World Cup

    It's super frustrating for casuals and other folks. France was doing some flopping and getting the calls pretty consistently. I thought Eden Hazard was fouled late in that game but no kick was given. It's like Nebraska playing basketball against Duke or something. You have to be one of the blue bloods to get the calls. I've shared above, I think, that the Danes played good soccer this World Cup but weren't getting any calls despite not flopping. I wish they'd have used the VAR to punish the divers instead of just checking on whether penalty kicks should be given or whatever...
  4. 2018 World Cup

    The Belgians' luck ran out. Anyone who saw that headed cross that went in for their first goal against Japan knows what I'm talking about. I think Croatia has the goods to beat England but I always wonder how healthy teams are. It's not like this is the Stanley Cup finals but it matters. I think Uruguay could've taken France down with Cavani, for example. If England win today, I guess I have to root for the French (though I'm always going to be a fan of Pickford's regardless - I want him to do well and just have his team lose so I guess I'd hope for an own goal or something). Think of stoppage time as the portion of the 90 minutes we all spent watching people roll around. I love that we don't have to worry about commercials breaking up play in soccer. p.s. - I find it incongruous that the author of this cartoon is a fan of Le Coq: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1999235813723139&set=a.1386099735036753.1073741827.100009102194551&type=3&theater
  5. 2018 World Cup

    I hate Beilgium for Everton, always choking despite having a wealth of talent, and now Japan but still hate the French more for being a team of divers. Anyone who watched the first half of their game against Peru should understand. I can deal with a team having one or two prolific diving attackers but when your defenders are getting into it like Umtiti was in that game... Out of all the games I've watched this WC, the team I've wanted to win has come up with a whopping two wins. They weren't all underdogs, though. I wanted some of these aging stars in the mix late but it wasn't to be.
  6. Well this isn’t going to end well...

    ND did play Mia-OH last season and it was pretty sad. They generally do better than most, though, and it's not like they didn't earn their independence (which seems appropriate to point out this week somehow what with the Irish having a lot to do with this nation in the late 18th century). On April 2, 1784, Luke Gardiner, afterward Lord Mountjoy, told the English Parliament, “America was lost by Irish emigrants … I am assured from the best authority, the major part of the American Army was composed of Irish and that the Irish language was as commonly spoken in the American ranks as English, I am also informed it was their valor that determined the contest …“
  7. Well this isn’t going to end well...

    I always thought he was annoying as "the panda tangent" on Rivals. I don't mind his articles in general, though. He seems to know something about football, at least, unlike Sipple.
  8. Best NU QB to NEVER run the Option

    I have to abstain from voting due to ignorance but wanted to share my appreciation for the thread with more than a plus. I like reading about these guys I didn't see. Thanks for sharing! p.s. - I think I do remember Jeff Quinn playing basketball at Millard South in some kind of exhibition game. Maybe they played the Indians or some teachers? I remember my dad telling me he thought JQ might be able to dunk anyway.
  9. I mainly play WoW still because it's cooperative and the only mature gamer friend I have will only play it. I got access to the beta for the next xpac but haven't finished leveling. I think Legion was really good but, as always, balance between classes is non-existent. It's funny how I mostly am just trying to get new legendary items now a la Diablo 3 (which doesn't really encourage cooperative play in my experience). Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, Nier: Automata, Horizon Zero Dawn, and FFXII: The Zodiac Age are all titles I halfway intend to play but my PS4 mainly gets used when I have to work out inside on the elliptical/exercise bike.
  10. I don't play my PS4 much of late either but I'll add some. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen was cheap at this point and seems fun. It's sort of like Monster Hunter. Nier: Automata gets a lot of great pub but I haven't devoted a lot of time to it and the save system seems odd. It's another action RPG. I like the Event Horizon one you mentioned but I haven't gotten terribly far into that either. As for shooters, I think the Plants versus Zombies series is one that does a lot right. So many games don't allow for a lot of cooperation and multiple roles, I mean. Overwatch, Rainbow Six, Battlefield, and Call of Duty just get most the attention. I sometimes want to get back into Borderlands games but not enough to actually do it. My boys always get me to try something and then aren't playing it by the time I level up. Destiny 2 was the last time that happened. I suppose the issue there is not enough content so they'll probably play again once an expansion comes out. I don't really like how the PVP works out considering I'm not playing the titan class this time around.
  11. I'm not one who would argue Frank didn't have to go but to say that the assistants in question had no culpability isn't fair either. I don't think we really have a difference of opinion, I mean.
  12. To anyone who's confused about why Solich was fired, I don't think you have to look beyond recruiting. I'm not going to say it was bad under him. What I'm getting at is that the perception was he wasn't long for the job. I'm sure people have already covered how Frank had some folks on his staff who were practically retired in place, too. That's still partly on him. My favorite Solich memory, that I've shared here before, was of a billboard I saw in Omaha around the time he took over from TO. It was a picture of Frank with a caption along the lines of: "Shirt size: M Expectations: XL"
  13. Worst loss of the Pelini Era

    I guess we're done voting but I'd have gone with Bo's first loss to UCLA because I remember thinking we had a coach entering his 5th year at the time going up against that Mora in his first season and they were clearly more disciplined, organized, etc. That was the writing on the wall game for me, in other words, as far as Bo was concerned. As far as the worst loss in terms of embarassment, though, I just think there were too many for one to really stand out. Iowa State probably makes the most sense. Part of me thinks the win against McNeese State was really a loss. If not for Ameer's heroics, we're as big a joke as Michigan. How many batteries does it take to beat scUM? I suppose that maybe that didn't work by then if we were going with FCS instead of AA but you get the point...
  14. best QB to ever run the option at NU

    I remember Jamelle Holieway better but there's no question you have a point.
  15. best QB to ever run the option at NU

    I'm sure the goods will continue to be shared but I wanted to write and thank people for both the educational and humorous feedback. I suppose I could have had TM and TA on the list, too, but I just thought the offense was too different (not that the Tagge one wasn't, I guess, but I have only watched the Game of the Century once a long time ago).