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  1. **** Official Hockey Thread **** (NHL & College)

    That stick save was something else. It's a shame about the first goal coming from a power play that wasn't earned (delay of game given for a puck that clearly hit the boards on its way into the seats - there was even a linesman who ducked and probably heard the contact) but dem's da breaks.
  2. Help with an access-related board problem

    Thanks, all, for additional responses. For whatever reason, I tried to access again today and it worked. I'll hope this continues to be the case and not question good fortune. How often does trying nothing different work?
  3. **** Official Hockey Thread **** (NHL & College)

    It was the same for me. Those shots at a guy on his knees are always scary. It made me think of this one from a long time ago: Hartnell versus Alberts
  4. **** Official Hockey Thread **** (NHL & College)

    Marshy's a great player who has earned a bad rep, of course, but he wasn't the villain of the game last night: Sportsnet.CA I don't see how that's a bad elbow to the face. He might not even have made contact. p.s. - I have been unable to access this site for weeks or I might have joined in on the bracket challenge. Good luck, you hosers!
  5. Help with an access-related board problem

    Thanks for responding. Maybe I can figure something out.
  6. Help with an access-related board problem

    Thanks, Enhance. That’s certainly possible, too. I’m just hoping that isn’t the case because I know I won’t get anywhere with them.
  7. I wasn’t sure where to put this... I can no longer access this site at work. The security message I’m given indicates it’s because the site is categorized as a games or gaming page. I can visit other message boards so I don’t understand. Did something change here recently? Thanks in advance for any response.
  8. Frost & the Auburn Bowl Game

    That's true. What I was getting at was whether Auburn's great stats were helped at all by their schedule. Considering they played Clemson out of conference, I guess that helps balance out the fact they played Georgia Southern, Louisiana-Monroe, and Mercer. With that explained, though, I think the stats I was looking at were only ones from conference games. I do that to try and minimize the effect of SOS. How well is a team doing against their peers? p.s. - All in all, it still just means that Auburn posted better stats than others did in going through their conference schedule. Other teams didn't make so much hay doing the same but does that mean the $EC is the best conference, because they had some teams that dominated and didn't slip up with their OOC slate? That's what college football gets wrong, in my opinion. Only more games between teams from difference conferences will improve things where the national title is concerned.
  9. Frost & the Auburn Bowl Game

    Last season's Auburn team posted the third-best overall stats in FBS (by my method of tracking z-scores using just regular season conference games). You're damn right that was a meaningful win even if some prefer to apply the cliched "didn't want to be there" statement to the Tigers. I'm sure there's something to be said about strength of schedule, too, but we're talking about an American Athletic Conference team so...
  10. Chicago Tribune Article on Santino Panico

    The name is difficult to forget even if the legacy wasn't great. The water cooler talk on special teams may recognize that we have been blessed with kickers but not, in a relative sense anyway, kick "returners." Another low point from the Callahan era was having the "Suite Life of Zack and Cody" song mean something on sports radio.
  11. Beckton Was Frost's First Big Recruit

    I liked #flaska but it shows a zero after I clicked it? It has been that kind of week...
  12. Confrence Re-Alignement Ideas?

    I am more than OK with people who can't communicate, respectfully or otherwise, ignoring me on this forum. The error I pointed out wasn't grammatical either. p.s. - You could have just disagreed with the article in one post but, even after I humored you with a clarification, you had to: 1) go on complaining about it in a way that made it seem as if you only read enough to find something with which to disagree; 2) make some weird judgment as to my intent ("to defend the idea that ND wouldn't join the B1G, which it seems is what you were trying to do"); and 3) imply that I was making an argument I wasn't (which I already touched on above). Turnabout is fair play.
  13. Confrence Re-Alignement Ideas?

    That's how it looks to be sure. I wonder about a lot of things college football and the independent issue is what makes it messy to me, along with the matter of half the division being outside the P5. It would be great if we could have a simple playoff including all the conference champions, even with the G5 ones. I'd love it if we could retain some of the meaning of the regular season by seeding all the participants and allowing home games. I'd love to see a system that allows Nebraska to host a Florida team in November, for example. I've shared before how disgusting I think it is that ND allows U$C to come play no later than October.
  14. Confrence Re-Alignement Ideas?

    Life's too short to be looking for reasons to jump another Husker fan on a message board. I never wrote that ND would refuse to join the B1G solely because of history. I pointed out their affiliation with the ACC and alluded to bad blood over what was much more than a "slight" (given that some powerful members of the Western Conference effectively tried to kill the ND football program). I shared a link to an article in which a domer gave his perspective because that's what the OP seemed to be asking for. The article may not have been the most current but it made several points, the majority of which are still valid today, and included a link to a blog entry on the aforementioned history. If that blog was interesting to anyone, here's another page that speaks to the Irish series with NU: irishlegends.com. By the way, I think you were probably wanting to use "tenets" in place of "tenants" above. If we could live in arguments, nobody would be homeless.