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  1. Frost & the Auburn Bowl Game

    Last season's Auburn team posted the third-best overall stats in FBS (by my method of tracking z-scores using just regular season conference games). You're damn right that was a meaningful win even if some prefer to apply the cliched "didn't want to be there" statement to the Tigers. I'm sure there's something to be said about strength of schedule, too, but we're talking about an American Athletic Conference team so...
  2. Chicago Tribune Article on Santino Panico

    The name is difficult to forget even if the legacy wasn't great. The water cooler talk on special teams may recognize that we have been blessed with kickers but not, in a relative sense anyway, kick "returners." Another low point from the Callahan era was having the "Suite Life of Zack and Cody" song mean something on sports radio.
  3. Beckton Was Frost's First Big Recruit

    I liked #flaska but it shows a zero after I clicked it? It has been that kind of week...
  4. Confrence Re-Alignement Ideas?

    I am more than OK with people who can't communicate, respectfully or otherwise, ignoring me on this forum. The error I pointed out wasn't grammatical either. p.s. - You could have just disagreed with the article in one post but, even after I humored you with a clarification, you had to: 1) go on complaining about it in a way that made it seem as if you only read enough to find something with which to disagree; 2) make some weird judgment as to my intent ("to defend the idea that ND wouldn't join the B1G, which it seems is what you were trying to do"); and 3) imply that I was making an argument I wasn't (which I already touched on above). Turnabout is fair play.
  5. Confrence Re-Alignement Ideas?

    That's how it looks to be sure. I wonder about a lot of things college football and the independent issue is what makes it messy to me, along with the matter of half the division being outside the P5. It would be great if we could have a simple playoff including all the conference champions, even with the G5 ones. I'd love it if we could retain some of the meaning of the regular season by seeding all the participants and allowing home games. I'd love to see a system that allows Nebraska to host a Florida team in November, for example. I've shared before how disgusting I think it is that ND allows U$C to come play no later than October.
  6. Confrence Re-Alignement Ideas?

    Life's too short to be looking for reasons to jump another Husker fan on a message board. I never wrote that ND would refuse to join the B1G solely because of history. I pointed out their affiliation with the ACC and alluded to bad blood over what was much more than a "slight" (given that some powerful members of the Western Conference effectively tried to kill the ND football program). I shared a link to an article in which a domer gave his perspective because that's what the OP seemed to be asking for. The article may not have been the most current but it made several points, the majority of which are still valid today, and included a link to a blog entry on the aforementioned history. If that blog was interesting to anyone, here's another page that speaks to the Irish series with NU: irishlegends.com. By the way, I think you were probably wanting to use "tenets" in place of "tenants" above. If we could live in arguments, nobody would be homeless.
  7. Confrence Re-Alignement Ideas?

    What you quoted had nothing to do with why I shared it, though, to be fair. The OP was asking about ND. ND was blackballed by the Western Conference teams. Nebraska was denied admission to its ranks at one time also. I think that's interesting. The University of Chicago's role was the most interesting part of our conference's history I've learned about, though. They were once as big as any of the teams in it but dropped football because they feared the corruption associated with the sport.
  8. Confrence Re-Alignement Ideas?

    ND is already with the ACC for basketball and partly for football, so they clearly have a leg up. There's also a negative history between ND and the Big Ten / (Great?) Western conference. I think the bigger deal is whether we continue the charade of having half the teams in the division ineligible for postseason play. Something has got to give. p.s. - This addresses more than the one ND issue I was alluding to: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/687407-ten-reasons-why-notre-dame-will-never-join-the-big-ten
  9. Who's Worse: Riley VS Callahan

    I think offseason conversation is hard to come by so am not going to pile on over your choice of topic. I'm half-inclined to crunch some numbers but there are some problems with that. First, it's a lot of work. Second, the programs were in different shape when the coaches started their periods as HC in Nebraska. Third, the game has changed a lot in ten years and there's the little matter of a conference switch to boot (though it's fair to point out that Billy C. did get us to a CCG). If I was to just look at the rankings of the performance their final teams put together, though, here's how they stack up nationally (after all, including bowl, games)... OFFENSE passing yards per game - 7 / 119 for Bill and 27 / 130 for Mike rushing yards per game - 66 / 119 for Bill and 120 / 130 for Mike points per game - 28 / 119 for Bill and 84 / 130 for Mike total yards per game - 9 / 119 for Bill and 87 / 130 for Mike DEFENSE passing yards per game - 84 / 119 for Bill and 60 / 130 for Mike rushing yards per game - 116 / 119 for Bill and 115 / 130 for Mike points per game - 114 / 119 for Bill and 116 / 130 for Mike total yards per game - 112 / 119 for Bill and 101 / 130 for Mike Per this quick and dirty comparison of the coaches' final seasons, it's readily apparent that both defenses fielded were pretty sorry, in terms of their performance, with the Riley bunch getting a slight edge. There's really no comparison offensively, outside the running game (and even then it's a clear winner, relatively speaking, for BC). To sum this up, Bill might fairly quip that coaching at Nebraska was "too technical" for Mike Riley.
  10. Sunshine Pumping!

    I know I can't see what Hooked posted, for example. I guess that doesn't have to do with my problem with images. I could fire up Chrome here and give it a shot. p.s. - The images I was trying to use must not be in that format.
  11. Sunshine Pumping!

    Thanks, RB. I'll give it a go. I tried three before finally getting to one the board would accept:
  12. Sunshine Pumping!

    Yeah, that's totally fair. I was just looking for some of each and, since I can never seem to find a GIF this website accepts, I blathered to the extent I'm able.
  13. Sunshine Pumping!

    Yeah, I don't remember the name of the TE we had starting back then but he was from Texas and had been playing well that day...thought he'd have been the target for that third down we needed (is about all I can recall otherwise aside from the snow that day). It certainly wasn't anything like Tommy Armstrong's last Iowa game in Lincoln. THAT was a cold one!
  14. Sunshine Pumping!

    That's a lot of posts without any Husker stories. I'll try to contribute some per the OP's request. I went to both games against Notre Dame in the early 2000's and noticed some Husker haters from Omaha at each one. I saw us lose to Texas when we had a chance to win (think it was a Nunn fumble when we were just getting into FG range for a shot at a win under Callahan). There were Texas fans that were getting some abuse on the walk out but those of us who cared more about our reputation for hospitality shouted the abusers down. Dan Livingston went to my church when I was a kid. I believe he was on the Bob Devaney Prediction Show. Dan's son, Scott, was a PK for NU as well. Anyway, we used to meet a Husker or two every season when I was growing up as a result. Rimington, Skow, Fryar, Rozier, and Redwine were the biggest names I can recall now. I'd guess Turner also visited but can't recall now. I remember thinking it was cool that Irving and Mike grew up playing together some...because one lived next to the other's grandmother or something. As a graduate student, I remember the Crouch-Newcombe controversy was a pretty ugly affair. Those out of earshot of the student section were fortunate during the game I think was against Southen Miss. At least the kids won that game, though. My lowest point in Memorial Stadium was probably halftime of the 2005 Missouri game (which was probably the first non-Spring Husker game I took one of my kids to). You keep hoping because you're there but I'm not sure I'd have finished watching that one had I been home. I'm friends with a guy who played as an OL for the Huskers back in the fifties. He likes to say he sacrificed his body for his HS and college teammate, Bobby Reynolds. As great a legacy as Mr. Touchdown has, it sounds like he didn't have the benefit of good health long...and freshmen never played back then. The funniest stuff he'd tell me about, though, had to do with their training and game prep. He said they were instructed not to lift weights nor even swim maybe because the coaches didn't want them to bulk up. They'd have big steak dinners a couple hour before kickoff. I remember being at 72nd and Dodge for TO's first championship and tried to get a friend to agree to go there if NU could reach 5 wins after Northern Illinois more recently... He wouldn't do it but, in the end, it wouldn't have mattered anyway.