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  1. Pops in my mind everytime they show him on the sideline, chewing that stupid gum. Probably isn't eve BigRed gum.
  2. Abide

    Hello, Mike Riley

    Oh no, whats he gonna do his 1st year. Win 9 games and get beat by ranked teams? Wow, really worse than Bo. I agree this is a left field, which makes me wonder what we dont know.
  3. Abide

    Bret Bielema?!?!???!??!

    I'm with ya man, him or Shaw. I could still see this thing coming clear out of left field. Way to quiet on legit sources.
  4. I got the feeling he has something up his sleeve, possibly someone no one is talking about. My wish list is short; Tressel or Shaw After that they all worry me. Mullen did it one year with a great college quarterback. McElewain is too unproven Frost- same We have to have a home run hire, can screw this up again.
  5. Abide

    What do you think of Eichort now?

    Easy to play Monday morning quarterback on a process you know nothing about. There may have been some other circumstances which called for the email. Never going to be able to reach everyone without tipping your hand, then they find out from some media clown.