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  1. Racism - It's a real thing.

    Wait, starbucks has a code to use the bathroom??
  2. Athletes at the Skill Positions

    As a former soccer player, I agree...and look how much it helped Reggie Baul.
  3. I haven't watched it since TJ left, how is it without him? Has it taken a step back?
  4. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Two things I've heard about why he doesn't want to: 1--It'll set the Donald off if this gets put on his desk to sign, and cause even more division within the GOP and the make the blue wave in November even bigger 2--He wants the Donald to fire Mueller to lead to impeachment, get rid of him and get the GOP to fall back in line and become a more unified party.
  5. The Walking Dead

    Hey @Redux are you assuming Lauren's contract has been figured out or have you read that somewhere? Everything I see is she's still not under contract. I've seen Gimple say he's 'pretty positive' she's returning, still a big gamble as she looks to be an antagonist in season 9. I'm not sure where that storyline will go or how long, but I'm not a fan of Maggie acting that way. With filming a few weeks away, the need to lock her in quick or 'Aunt Viv' her which would be a disaster.
  6. The Walking Dead

    My thoughts, Gimple killed him off because Chandler wanted to go to college. Chandler didn't want to leave the show, he wanted to do both. Gimple didn't want to have to work around that schedule and created the Carl got bit story arc. Plus, if they wanted Rick to save Negan, they needed something to get Rick to change from his dark side. Rick, in some aspects had become worse than Negan, and there needed to be a reason for him to come back. Using the death of Carl and Negan taunting it, was what they came up with, could have been handled better. If they do the Whisperer arc, I wonder if Enid would fill the Carl role.
  7. The Walking Dead

    For me the finale wasn't what I was hoping for, they should have trimmed some fat from the show. Few 'major' characters I would have liked to have seen gone, none of whom was Carl, but I understand why they killed him (with Chandler wanting to go to college, there wasn't a lot of options for Carl, hands were almost forced to kill him, there was no way to really allow him to do both). If they use source material and do the Whisperers arc, that will trim some, but I still have no need for Daryl at this point. It didn't answer my questions about Jadis and the helicopter...I mean Anne and the helicopter. No Sheryl resolution, which I am hoping she comes back. I was also hoping for some sort of tease, after the resolution to the war, about Heath and maybe 'finding' him. There were still things I liked about the finale, I'm happy they kept Negan and are using that source material. I liked the swerve they did with Eugene. Bonus was seeing it on the big screen with the much better sound system than at home. I'll have to rewatch both to see what my 'bonus' footage was, but it was fun sitting with 50+ other fans watching it and interacting during the show.
  8. POB...still in the QB room?

    Me either, and he would not only lose the year he sits out, he would also lose an extra year of eligibility because he's transferring within conference. Sitting out one year would cost him 2. Not sure he'd be willing to do that. Most likely he heads back west.
  9. The Walking Dead

    Simon got off 'easy' I was really hoping for another Glenn scene. Lucille needed another victim. I know this is a week old, but the stupid helicopter scene. Don't tell me the pilot can't see Negan tied up with that deformed walker (roller in this case) and doesn't stay to find Jadis. If anything do that scene at night, where the flare was needed, not in the middle of the day. And where has Maggie been the last couple of episodes? I haven't heard much good about her contract talks and fear they'll either Aunt Viv her or kill her off screen. Next week promises to be the end of the war, and the premier of Season 4 of Fear continuing the Morgan Arc. Me and the misses got tickets and are seeing it at a local theater, along with 30 minutes of bonus footage. Looking forward to this savior war to ending, and the beginning of the whisperers. Though I'm afraid that with introduction of 'Georgie' (is she with the helicopter in some way?) that the whisperers could be passed off to Fear with Nick doing the Carl role and jumping to the Commonwealth. It might actually be good (ala GoT) to get beyond the source material so fans won't compare the two and judge the TV show so harshly.
  10. Cryptocurrencies

    It's more so you can be anonymous while doing on-line transactions. While you can pay most everything on-line, cryptocurrency, allows you to remain "off the grid" while doing it.
  11. Trump and the Press

    And to add to this, if the company is not located in a particular state, they are not required to collect and pay sales tax to that state. The onus then falls on to the buyer to calculate the tax they owe and pay it to their home state. Example if a company in solely located in Omaha and ships online purchases to Council Bluffs the company is not required to collect Iowa sales tax. The customer is required to pay Iowa the sales tax.
  12. Deadpool 2

    Hey @Making Chimichangas did you hear about how they had to do some re-shoots and added a 'secret cameo'? I can only hope it's one of the X-Men to kick off Marvel re-boot of the X-Men series.
  13. The Walking Dead

    If it is the commonwealth, that would make me think they are indeed moving the Whisperers to Fear. And just an FYI, April 15th is the season finale and season premier of Fear. They are doing a special crossover for that and showing it at local theaters, along with 30 minutes of bonus material.
  14. Driverless cars.

    Before we blame autonomous cars, which I still believe will be the future of cars, lets get all the facts of this. Did she step out in front of the car, not giving it a chance to react to stop? Or was this a failure of the car not "seeing" her and not braking? And if it was the failure of the car not braking, what was the emergency driver doing?
  15. Too early to start the Ty Lue coming home rumors?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. huKSer


      Maybe we could pay him $100,000 / year and make Cleveland pay him the $6.9 million difference.

    3. ladyhawke


      From the article I read it sounds like he’s just going to take a leave of absence. (His symptoms sound like panic attacks brought on by intense stress.):(

    4. Dilly Dilly

      Dilly Dilly

      Rumor away.  But what makes him a better coach than others?  NU ties?