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  1. The Mrs and I were in tears at the 'pirate donut' and the Trump cake and flaming hot cheetos for lips. Is season 2 available?
  2. 2018 NBA Draft

    First "big" trade. Dwight Howard to Brooklyn for Mozgov and future second rounders.
  3. Last Chance U

    Such a frustratingly great series to watch. Looking forward to this next season.
  4. 2017-18 NBA Season

    As a diehard Laker fan, if they can get Kwahi for that package, with Paul George all but locked up, it'll make it that much easier to convince Bron to come. As much as I would hate it, you do that in a heartbeat.
  5. 2018 World Cup

    Too bad Messi played so poorly. Iceland was much better defensively than I expected and did a good job of shutting down Argentina.
  6. 2018 World Cup

    Love him or hate him, Ronaldo is amazing. What an amazing match that was to watch. Maybe the goal of the cup from Spain, and Ronaldo with an incredible set piece goal.
  7. 2018 World Cup

    Two late game goals. Having played this game at a decent level, I can't even imagine the pain of losing a game in the 95th minute on an own goal. Brutal doesn't even begin to describe it.
  8. Immigration Ban

    There is a growing fear that a lot of the kids have and will end up in the hands of traffickers.
  9. Immigration Ban

    This is exactly what this is, a fear tactic! Article from Dec 2017. And I think Kelly floated the idea to Trump before that. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/21/us/trump-immigrant-families-separate.html
  10. Who Is The Better Player? Curry or Westbrook

    3 great players to pick from, I'd take Vince and Nash. At his prime, Nash was like Curry. A great player, but would you take prime Nash over prime Oscar Robinson? I'd take Robinson, he could do more. Anthony in the NBA has been a steaming pile of dung. And I'm not sure he's ever been steaming. He might just be a cold pile of dung. For me, I'd take prime Westbrook on a team of 5 versus a prime Curry, RW can just do more. Not saying Curry isn't great, he's just a notch below. Or better question, would you take Nash, great shooter and distributor at point or Magic. Not nearly the shooter, more flashy passer, but just as efficient, but could also rebound and post up?
  11. 2018 World Cup

    yawner game today. Portugal Spain tomorrow. that's a popcorn game. Looking forward to that match.
  12. Where will Lebron James play next season

    especially since Embiid likes to talk. That'll just add fuel to those flames. Add in some trash talk to an already intense series, cumbustion.
  13. Who Is The Better Player? Curry or Westbrook

    He does put a strain...so does Klay, so does KD. Don't tell me if you take Klay and KD off he wouldn't be the next Reggie Miller or Ray Allen, both great players, but not all time greats. Ray and Reggie were great shooters and put a lot of strain on defenses as well, no one would argue they are top 10-15 of all time. The difference between Reggie and Ray to Steph, Steph has another GREAT shooter and the most unguardable player in the game. A guy like West who averages a triple double for the season, not once but twice, doing something that all time greats couldn't even fathom, that's just another level. Just because he doesn't have the team around him to win championships, doesn't diminish that overall he's a much better player.
  14. Who Is The Better Player? Curry or Westbrook

    Great, doesn't mean Steph is a better player overall. In fact, i agree, Russ isn't a great teammate, but he still gets 10+ assists a night, involving his teammates.