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  1. Racism - It's a real thing.

    https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/multiple-women-were-rejected-from-jobs-because-of-their-ghetto-names_us_5b757be4e4b0df9b093cdd40 The company claims they were hacked, at the bottom of the article that is being denied as well.
  2. Should black business owners be allowed to refuse service to KKK members? Can a Jewish run business refuse service to a Nazi group that promotes race segregation? Should a LGBTQ+ business be forced to do business with Westboro Baptist Church, if the church demanded they do business with them? As long as they are not violating any of your 4 bullet points, should these types of business be forced to do business with groups that want to eliminate them? What happens if doing business with a small subset of the population makes you so unpopular that majority of your business no longer wants you? Should a business be forced to lose current customers to accommodate a subset that will harm the business reputation? Personally, I say no. Business has the right to refuse service to anyone they deem. If it's too large of a subset of the population, they won't have a thriving business to worry about.
  3. While we are at it, the Pope has usually been fairly quick to comment on sociopolitical issues lately. I do not like that he has been so quiet about this. I would have liked to have seen him condemn the actions and the cover-ups right away and have the Church be more pro-active going forward to prevent this type of behavior. He's got a strong voice, he needs to be using it now during this crisis.
  4. And not only do they continue to investigate, I hope every single pedo gets sent to max security prison and is in gen pop. I also hope that every one that helped conceal and cover this up gets sent to the prison as well.
  5. Trump's America

    I think they have the right to do so, yes. Whether or not they feel that is worth it, is there choice. They have clearly drawn a line in the sand on sexuality, and that is there choice and belief, and they have the right to do so. And for the record, through the 13 years of Christian schooling, I can remember exactly zero incidents where a teacher took the Lord's name in vain.
  6. Trump's America

    Swearing as a whole doesn't break a commandment. Taking the Lord's name in vain does, but there are plenty of swear words that are "fine". And out of the 10 commandments, all would be fireable offenses for the Christian school, in my opinion, some would be a fireable offenses period. Others are harder to 'prove' coveting things/people, unless you are a stalker. Taking the Lord's name in vain has been diminished, but I can remember getting detentions for saying 'God' or 'JC' etc in school. As for firing sinners, Christians understand no one is perfect, and the goal is to make amends for mistakes, in the Christian viewpoint, living an openly gay lifestyle is not taking amends for 'choices' they view as sins.
  7. Trump's America

    Here's the question for you @Nebfanatic last year, in 6th grade, my daughter was coming home and telling me about her teacher, Mrs X. She was telling me all about Mrs X, her wife and the her son. Her wife and kids attended the class concert and other class functions. The kids had all met her wife and her son. My daughter goes to public school, so it's not a problem. That said, if she went to any church based school where her teacher's orientation is viewed as a sin, a 'choice' against God, should that teacher be allowed to continue to teach there? For my daughter's class, there was no talk about sexuality, but it was common to talk about her life outside of school. What her and family did over the weekend or upcoming events that her family was attending etc. Her wife and child visited on occasion. I can tell you, as open as she was, she would have been terminated from the schools I attended, and they have the right to do so. What @Ric Flairis saying isright. Not only with the gay baker, or the Skutt school teacher, but should Jewish owned business be forced to do business with a nazi group? Should any minority be forced to do business with a group that promotes race separation/discrimination? If no, they shouldn't be forced to, then the school should be able to terminate a member of the LGBTQ+ community as well, regardless of how well they teach. Heck, there was a case in MN a few years back I can't remember all the details, but there was a health food/gym company that changed their policy to require all employees to be tobacco free. They gave them a year to do so, and after a year, if they were not tobacco free, they were let go. And they had random testing for verification. If I remember right, that case held up in the state supreme court that allowed the company to fire employees for using tobacco, even if it was never during company time.
  8. It's all but been confirmed there will not be a second season. There's brief dialog that Pete tells Tom that he uses loose boards in the fence to sneak in to his lover's house undetected. Though we never meet his man, I think that scene shows him standing there waiting for the right opportunity to sneak through to his house.
  9. Immigration Ban

    Maybe he was just trying to get rid of his in-laws (God knows I've wanted mine on a different continent before) before it was too late? Appears it's too late now.
  10. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    There is an argument floating around on OSU forums that say: "Urb 'did' report it, but the paperwork must not have been handled correctly or entered. The title IX department was not good, that's why we had to replace the entire staff just a month ago, they weren't doing there job" It's complete bunk by blind OSU fans, but it's something they are throwing out to defend Urban. Using the horrific story of the doctor and the coverup with him and the previous Title IX department as a way to defend Urb is disgusting.
  11. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    Starting to see a way for OSU to retain Meyer. I'm no lawyer, so not sure how true this is, but the scenario is this: * Title IX protects students and employees of the school * Title IX covers discrimination and sexual assault/abuse The wife is not a student nor an employee, does she qualify to be covered under Title IX. This is domestic abuse, not sexual abuse or assault, does domestic abuse fall under what Title IX protects? If the answer is no to those questions, then Meyer didn't have to report anything, and all he did was lie to the press, something coaches do all the time. While it still makes him scum, and I still feel he should be fired, if you answer no, he didn't violate his contract and therefore shouldn't be fired.
  12. Legalized Gambling on College Sports

    Are there any talks of the casinos in Iowa getting a book? I go to Vegas one weekend a year during football season to bet games, it would be much easier on my budget to go to CB instead of Vegas, and I can do it more often.
  13. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    The one down side to this, it's clear Shelley knew from the text messages. She's also a registered nurse and an instructor in the nursing program at OSU. She is also a mandatory reporter for these types of incidents. She did not, either to protect a wife beater or to protect her husband and his job. My guess is to protect Urb and the football program. Reading the tea leaves Urb knew and is gone. I think he should be fired with cause and get nothing, but I feel you are correct and they are working on a buyout. Either way, Urban should get a show clause on him like Tressel did
  14. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    Ahh, thank you. I should have read the header name closer. Is Lyndsey an assistant coach wife?
  15. OT Turner Corcoran

    Wonder if this changes thanks to the Urb situation.