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  1. Should we be surprised?

    I have an acquaintance who builds AK47s. Has about 25 of them he's built. You can go on-line and order all the replacement parts you need and assemble it yourself. If you learn how to take apart and assemble a weapon, you can find every piece you need on-line and order it. And scary enough, if you order these, you can probably order and assemble without having to have a gun license to buy one. Anyone with a credit card, a mailing address and access to the internet could build one from scratch.
  2. Will there be a bidding war for Helfrich? I've heard speculation that Frost may be want him here as the OC.
  3. Administration Concerns

    Been a lot of innuendos that the hiring of Bob and the firing of Banker was also above Riley's pay grade. Hearing the things I'm hearing, sounds more and more like Riley was too much of a good guy and got pushed around both from those above him and to an extent those who he coached. Talks of him being too nice and timid and was walked all over by almost everyone.
  4. I actually see development and improvement of most DL group from day 1 of JP's arrival to now. Add in that I think he's a good recruiter and he would be a great fit on the next staff. Nebraska guy through and through, epitome of hard work, appears to be a good teacher and recruiter, I don't see why you wouldn't want JP. As for Williams, given what Keith has to work with, I think he's doing a good/great job. And would be an asset if retained. As for Donte, there's a lot of speculation that him and Bobby D don't see eye to eye, but he has a solid reputation for recruiting and coaching. I'd like to see what he can do in a new system. For now, his recruiting keeps him around and if he can live up to his rep about coaching, under the new DC, he would also be a great asset to have.
  5. Out of all the position coaches, JP and the Williams are the 3 I could make an argument for staying. The others wouldn't be a huge loss IMO. Heck, at this point, I'd welcome Cotton back over Cav.
  6. I hope not, but I may be biased for how he ruined my Eagles.
  7. The Walking Dead

    I'd be interested in the free way.
  8. Crazy Stuff Trump Supporters Say

    I hear 1 and 4 a lot from a family member that voted Trump. I think a lot of that opinion ties into the sexism topic for the other thread.
  9. The Walking Dead

    I've enjoyed it as well. Was wondering, since 24 Legacy is cancelled, will the Heath disappearance (kidnapping??) be brought up this season?
  10. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    First by a Muslim, not the first during his term in office. What I wish someone in the press corp would ask (and maybe I missed it) is why after the NYC attack, the message from the White House was "we need to act immediately" regarding immigration. After the LV attack, the message from the White House was "now is not the time to act" regarding gun control. Two glaring reasons for that are the NRA and one of the assailants was white. I wish the press would ask why it was OK to want to act immediately after one, but not the other, just to see the spin.
  11. Snoop Dogg mocks Trump assassination

    Anything specific or just a general comment? I mean, if we are going to just randomly start threads about jack asses. I vote we start with Kevin Spacey.
  12. Incident in Manhatten

    Update on the CNN link
  13. Incident in Manhatten

    I was thinking it was very similar to the incidents in Spain, driving a truck through a pedestrian area. My first thought was a terrorist incident.
  14. Very sad, story just breaking, more details will come out I'm sure. http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/31/us/new-york-shots-fired/index.html
  15. Matt Campbell

    IF there's an opening, Campbell is my #1 choice for the spot. If there's any chance of this being legit, I'd be one of the few who would be excited from day one and wouldn't be pissy we didn't get Frost.