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  1. the.sock.puppet

    Lindsey and Owen Hospitalized

    Hope them boys is ok.
  2. the.sock.puppet

    DE Micah Parsons [Penn State- Signed LOI]

    What would be really cool is if we all pooled some money together and bought him a car on his visit. I bet that would leave a lasting impressionPerfect maybe a gold pontiac trans am and tell Ohio state his grandma bought it for him. Call it "the Parsons express". Eric Dickerson says hello. If you think bookie & josh Moore haven't already been paid handsomely by our boosters then you are mistaken. Intro bookies brand new rubicon lolThat don't seem no good!
  3. the.sock.puppet

    The Sock Puppet Rides!

    The Sock ain't herd nuthin' bout nuthin'.
  4. the.sock.puppet

    Go Big Red!

    The Sock just stoppin' by to say "howdy" to Husker Brothers n Sisters and hopes we all have a good season cheerin' for the Husker boys as they start playin' games. The Ginger Assassin ain't got The Sock quite and ain't been hat whipped by The BOgre neither so The Sock startin' to think that smoother times is ahead. The last that The Sock heard from The Source, folks around the team is real happy with Coach Riley. The Sock is glad to see Coach Riley doin' so good and gettin' along with Husker Brothers n Sisters so well. The Sock is rootin' for Coach Riley and the other coaches and sure does appreciate how they's treatin' Husker Brothers n Sisters so far. Sure is nice to be treated like family again. The Sock thanks all the folks at Huskerboard. The Sock don't have too much to say as he ain't to smart on football but The Sock sure learns lots from the Husker Brothers n Sisters that take time to share things they know and he's thankful for that. Well, that's all The Sock gots to say. Go Big Red!
  5. the.sock.puppet

    Georgia tech trip option

  6. the.sock.puppet

    Are Native American sports mascots racist or demeaning?

    I was a Fighting Sioux. I have an All American honor as a Fighting Sioux. That will never change in my mind. Of the 6-8 mascots I have represented over my athletic career, the Fighting Sioux logo was the only one I truly cared to wear and represent with genuine pride. For me, personally, it is disappointing. I am not an Indian though so I refrain from anger.
  7. the.sock.puppet

    ***USC Game Discussion Thread***

    The Sock concerned when the son of our temporary coach havin' BO on the back of his helmet instead of 68.
  8. the.sock.puppet

    The Sock Puppet Rides!

    The Source speaks and The Sock delivers! The Source done sayin' Memorial Stadium was a quiet place till the Bo-crap hit the fan. The Source say he weren't surprised as that was the Bo he knew. The Source say Coach Riley is 1000% genuine fella' and that he gets the whole hearted support from all the worker bees in Husker football. They'd breathin' easier now that The Problem is gone. Ain't heard nuthin' bout more new coaches. If The Sock hears sumthin', Husker Brothers & Sisters will hear it too.
  9. the.sock.puppet

    Johnny Stanton

    The Sock will do what he can. (Which is absolutely nothing fyi).
  10. the.sock.puppet

    Johnny Stanton

    see next...
  11. the.sock.puppet

    Johnny Stanton

    The Sock abides.
  12. the.sock.puppet

    Johnny Stanton

    When you want to be the teacher's pet you supposed to bring an apple. What do you bring to a football coach?
  13. the.sock.puppet

    The Sock Puppet Rides!

    The Sock done asked the Mods to be allowed to stay on Huskerboard. The old account will be abandoned. It weren't used often and was completely insignificant even when it was.