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  1. Pokey frog maybe no, middle sunshine maybe yes.
  2. The source sayin' sunshine gonna return to grow corn and crystals. Tryin' to confirm with other Source.
  3. We may have our new AD...

    Sounds like the Big Wigs is doin' the dollar talkin' with the Pokey Frog fella and the ink ain't dry but the odds is good he bein' the new Husker Sports Boss.
  4. We may have our new AD...

    The Source agreein' with this Pokey Frog fella for Husker Sports Boss.
  5. The Source sayin' that the inmates done runnin' the asylum when it comes to Husker football. They be doin' what they want and Coach Riley too much a softy on em'. Things like not doin' schoolin' was left alone instead of bein' held to Husker standards. That what makin' all these problems for the program. The Sock done heard these things all round' here but sounds like they true according to The Source. Just passin' long what The Sock is told.
  6. The Sock was too late checkin' HB so he done missed out on that one.
  7. The Sock ain't heard nuthin.
  8. DE Micah Parsons

    What would be really cool is if we all pooled some money together and bought him a car on his visit. I bet that would leave a lasting impressionPerfect maybe a gold pontiac trans am and tell Ohio state his grandma bought it for him. Call it "the Parsons express". Eric Dickerson says hello. If you think bookie & josh Moore haven't already been paid handsomely by our boosters then you are mistaken. Intro bookies brand new rubicon lolThat don't seem no good!
  9. Sock 2

    Lindsey, Rafdal, Daniels, Walker
  10. Sock 2

    The Source sayin' Husker coaches expectin' 4 new Huskers commiting "soon".
  11. Sock 2

    The Source thinkin' maybe Huskers bein used to get a bigger Pig check. The Source gut now leanin' Tosh, but not nuthin' solid on that.
  12. Sock 2

    The Source saying things is pointin' towards this Bob Diaco fella.
  13. Sock 2

    The Source sayin' one dem young guns on the staff gonna' be moving on from the Huskers too. The Sock wishin' him the best if that turns out true.
  14. Sock 2

    The Sock don't know nuthin' bout who it is tho.
  15. Sock 2

    The Source sayin' we gots our new coach an they gunna tell Husker Brothers n Sisters bout it in the next couple days.