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  1. NBA Off-season Moves

    I think they could have done better, but I believe Phoenix wasn't giving up Bledsoe, Jackson, another player and a 1st rounder for Kyrie. Cavs will have a top pick and if they can resign Lebron and IT that could be interesting. If the Cavs draft smart Lebron will be back, so one thing I bet is that the cavs pick who Lebron wants to appease him. One thing for certain is if the cavs win it all this year I don't see any reason why Lebron would leave.
  2. WR Tommy Bush

    He is the guy Nebraska can take if we swing and miss for the fences. Conversely, if we get Jalen Hall, Isaah Crocker and one other big namer we won't need him. If we do get him or have a spot open for him, I trust KW could make him into a good player by his third year in the program. Remember coach dub got a lot out of Alonzo Moore, which was catching passes consistently and he turned out to be a solid player for us.
  3. 2017 Season Prediction Thread

    I predicted 10-2 but that is if tanner plays all 12 games of the season healthy. If he goes down for a game or two it could cost us an extra loss. I don't see us doing better than 10-2 and in the CCG, most people on here would be ecstatic for that. Best case is 10-2 and a rematch against osu or psu in the CCG, never want to play a team twice in the year. I also have us losing to psu and osu, but Oregon and Minnesota to me are toss ups. Think this is the year we get over that hump against Iowa and I think we get favorable calls and play really well to beat Wiscy, if we play with the intensity like last year we beat Wisconsin. Anything less than a 9 win regular season will be a disappointment in my eyes. Top 5 teams we play Ohio state, Penn State, Wisonsin, Oregon, Iowa record 3-2 The other 7 teams Minnesota, Northwestern, Illinois, Purdue, Northern Illinois, Rutgers, Arkansas State record 7-0 Ranked those teams from toughest to easiest going from left to right.
  4. Fall Camp Updates - Offensive Line

    I wonder if Conrad struggles during the season if Cav considers moving Boe wilson in at center since it seems that he is the sixth best lineman from what I have heard. This year we have a lot more depth to work with on the o-line than we did from last year. I want to see this line improved from last year and more consistent down the stretch, especially against better competition. Regardless of injuries or what not, this year has no excuses to be bad with the experience and talent that has been built. The only question mark for me is the back up right tackle spot because that is the biggest weakness on the line right now, especially if knevel underperforms this year.
  5. BTN Bus tour to visit Nebraska on 8/15!

    Dang it! Diaco will be in the booth. Maybe we will see him standing up and calling plays when ESPN/Fox/BTN does there zoom in on him.
  6. Board Announcements

    How can I tell who I have voted for in a thread in the recruiting forum. Do I have to revote or is there a way to see who I voted for. They are all the same where previously the player I selected had a star next to their name.
  7. BTN Bus tour to visit Nebraska on 8/15!

    I don't think we need to beat Iowa or Wisconsin by any said margins other than just beating them. In a couple years it would be nice to blow them out once in a while, but for now lets not get ahead of ourselves here and just win those games(Although we could blow out Iowa if I had to pick a blowout b/w those two). I expect us to go unbeaten in the west and if Tanner Lee stays healthy all year that may very well happen. Winning the games we should win and get one win out of OSU/PSU and oregon and going 10-2 is the best case scenario in my mind. This would also put us in the CCG against the best of the East. Basically we have lots of good talent on the field with not a ton of experience at certain spots. If those guys step up and make plays it will be a good year, but if they don't... we shall see but I am cautiously optimistic about this year.
  8. You mean the game where Michigan players, years later, admitted to getting hammered and high the night before, on purpose. http://www.chatsports.com/michigan-wolverines/a/Former-Michigan-player-Nearly-half-the-team-was-stoned-during-Appalachian-State-loss-614 Probably had a bit of an impact on the team for that game. And that's an excuse to lose to App. State?
  9. Fall Camp News & Notes

    Yes, it seems like the Dog OLB spot is in real good hands with Gifford and Newby. The other OLB spot is the one that needs someone to step up and realize their potential on a consistent basis. Alright so I was on the right page at least. Also I just read Miller is an inside linebacker now so that is where he is.
  10. Fall Camp News & Notes

    Why would OLB be a weakness? Marcus Newby and Gifford are really good OLBs. So maybe its the other side with Alex Davis and Sedrick King that need work? Also anyone know what happened to Colin Miller, is he hurt or whats the deal with him.
  11. College football playoff selection.

    I think they should do a six team playoff. One from each major conference and the best team from the group of five. One and two seeds get a bye and the play ins are before Christmas. Although last year Penn State would have taken the Big 12s spot and would face off against Ohio State and western Michigan would have played Washington, with Clemson and Bama getting byes. Only problem with it is playing an extra game, but with rest and ample time before New Years Eve it could work. They could have the play ins slotted on Christmas Eve or before to give the players more rest. It also adds excitement to that dull period in December from after CCG to first great bowl game.
  12. Full Non-Conference Schedule Announced

    9 wins Are you counting St. Johns? I am up in the air on that one. Yes and if we lose to UCF we could possibly get 10 wins. But right now I am counting St Johns as a win because they were bottom of the Big East last year. Also Tim's teams win one they aren't supposed to and lose to someone they should beat. So for me 9 wins is what we will get in the non-con.
  13. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    Agree with you completely. Florida will come after Bookie like we will go after TJ Pledger. But the results will be the same with both TJ and Bookie staying with their original schools.
  14. You were the 8th invite I imagine..... Yep. It's kind of an odd way to do it - to me it seems odd anyway - but I actually had to fill in the email addresses on a specific team number. So I just put them in the order that people posted in this thread saying they would play. Yea that makes sense. It is just something I forgot or I just never realized it before but it is no big deal. Hopefully everyone can make the draft so that it can be even more competitive!