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  1. Post-Spring Game Pressers

    Yeah, I was impressed with the O-Line during the Spring game. With a summer to get their bodies even stronger, it will help tremendously and we will no longer be pushed around. Hunter Miller just needs to get his timing down for snaps because he had a couple low snaps. Outside of a few whiffs, it seemed like we are deep and have some talent at that position. This is a group I would keep an eye on because if they improve a lot we have the players on the outside to be dangerous. Not holding my hopes up or expecting anything, but just putting it out there that if the O-line makes strides this year we could be better and have more chances to win those tougher games throughout the season.
  2. Who has a big day today?

    If I am not mistaken doesn't Morgan have like a 30 something game catch streak or was that thing snapped? Edit: just saw Washuts tweet, I will change it to McQuitty
  3. Who has a big day today?

    Javeon McQuitty since Morgan is a no go and Will Honas. Ben Stille and Jaylin Bradley. Two red and two white team players.
  4. 2018 G Xavier Johnson

    They also got Tarin Smith as well, looks like UConn won't get him unless they want 3 pgs incoming this year. I know Smith is a transfer but he is still coming in as a newbie so he will only have a year of eligibility remaining.
  5. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    If he does want to transfer can Urbs restrict him from going to another B1G team? Since he is a grad transfer can he just go wherever or could he still be prevented from going to a said school? It's really interesting because he will be able to play two years since he will graduate from OSU in three.
  6. 2018 G Xavier Johnson

    I simply disagree with Xavier struggling right away. Glynn came in and played well in the B1G and somehow now he has regressed a bit. Anyway, a grad transfer would definitely benefit us. Miles would probably have found a way to put a leash on Xavier and not let him loose. In my opinion, freshman should be let loose to make plays rather than pulling them for one defensive error or a simple mistake. That way as a young player they learn to adjust in-game rather than playing scared that if they make a mistake they might get pulled-Roby his freshman year. We are fine with Glynn but man I think Xavier could have been a stud here.
  7. Tarin Smith Leaving the Team

    I believe he did to an extent, but if I am remembering correctly Craig Smith was the lead recruiter for him. And after he signed his LOI I believe Smith left or Tarin still enjoyed Nebraska despite Coach Smith leaving.
  8. Where is rumorville?

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      CONSPIRACY!!! :ahhhhhhhh


      In all honesty, I just hadn't checked for a day or two. It looks like we're experimenting with no Rumorville for the time being. There's been some confusion about whether ALL rumors should go there or just Husker related rumors. Our members will also often post similar topics in both forums out of confusion or how they personally weigh the validity of the 'rumor.' It just happened with some POB stuff, for example.


      Anyways, if something is a rumor, we'll sort of keep an eye out for it and see if it should perhaps have "Rumor" placed in the thread title or if there's enough foundation to it that it can just be discussed like any other topic.


      Open to feedback on this, though.

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  9. 2018 G Xavier Johnson

    If he does decide to leave it will cost him a year of eligibility. The appeal will be denied because it only applies to head coaches getting fired or resigning. Kenya was an assistant so therefore his appeal will most likely not happen. According to the rules, you may leave the NLI but it costs the student a year, we also could potentially not release him from it, but that would be a bad rep on our part. Not sure what to think here, but something is going on.
  10. Kenya Hunter to UConn

    Rashon Bruno with a comeback story? If Miles wants to stay he needs a recruiter who can teach post moves and coach some offense. We desperately need an X's and O's guy. We are still offensively challenged despite having so much offensive firepower. Whoever it is will need to be paid top dollar as a lead assistant because I believe Kenya Hunter was the lead assistant under Miles. Another name could be John Thompson III if he wants an assistant job. He also has that Georgetown connection that Miles so desperately likes and he would be a good recruiter. He definitely could teach guys some post moves as he has worked and developed some really good post players. He can also be that offensive bench coach that I believe Miles needs.
  11. Kenya Hunter to UConn

    This guy might be on the shortlist.
  12. Favorite new assistant coach

    Its gotta be Held because he gives a lot of POINTers out there on the field.
  13. Frost’s QB Room

    When do you think a starter will be announced? Obviously, someone will be the starter for the Spring game, but it could be like last year where it is a coin flip or whatever. My guess would be the second or third week of fall practice. It lets the coaches see if anyone can catch up to their starter and see if said starter still has it.
  14. Head Basketball Coach Search

    That is an interesting scenario, I didn't realize they have no coach still. No matter what, year one will be rough for that program under any coach. They are in a mess and I think Pitino might say thanks but no thanks unless that is the only gig he can get.
  15. Head Basketball Coach Search

    You might have something here. I think Moos was thinking big hire or keep Tim. One thing that cautioned firing him was the 22 wins. Not a lot of coaches want to jump to a program that hasn't won a tourney game when they get fired for winning 20 plus games. I think another NIT appearance next year saves Tim his job IF we make some noise in it. If we go one and done again he will be in trouble. If we make no postseason he will be gone, especially with the conference being down like it is now, we need to capitalize on that.