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  1. Thor

    In my opinion, Thor should have redshirted. Barely played and did not really contribute much. A year working his tail off to get stronger and practice to get used to the game would have been great. But here we are and he won't get many minutes this year again as there is too much talent ahead of him. Hopefully, he makes a leap either his junior or senior year.
  2. OT Michael Lynn

    This is where I am at with him. If he wants in now we take him. We need OTs on this roster and this cycle we will need 3 HS and one JuCo imo.
  3. ***2019 Recruiting***

    Our top two OT JuCo targets are from Garden City CC. Also, Canty is going there, so one of them will have to be on the inside as that is a very talented group of lineman for a JuCo to have. Kadeem Telfort and Olaseni are the ones I am talking about.
  4. 2019 Basketball Recruiting Notes

    We need to, we potentially have 5 scholarship spots to fill this year. I would say we get one or two transfers- one grad and another sit one to play and then three or four high school recruits. Huge cycle for this program in my opinion.
  5. 2018 World Cup

  6. 2018 World Cup

  7. ** 2018 Opponent Previews: Purdue (Game 5) **

    Big game for us if you look at the schedule in my opinion. Think about it, this is our last game and fifth game in September and we have an opportunity to be 4-1 by beating Purdue or 3-2 by losing. So, if we beat them 6 or 7 wins will come, but if we don't, 6 would definitely be the number of wins I would put for the season. Also, Purdue is going to be improved this year so it might be a close game!
  8. Huskerboard Fantasy Football 2018

    I would be down. We need more active people in my opinion as I think a few people didn't check every week. I had a horrific season but tried to be active and had two teams to deal with haha. It was really fun and I believe Mav won but I can't remember. I used to manage like 6 teams at once but that is way too much now.
  9. ***2019 Recruiting***

    Yea we could do that, but it feels like the staff isn't pressing the need for a Nose so that is why I said we are most likely only going after Fair. It would make sense to take two but we could take two in 2020 and still be fine. If we do go after another guy for 2019 he will replace one of the freshmen in the depth chart as a soph or RSfresh. Four is the ideal number to have with one guy as a potential Nose but truly a DT in the 3-4 sort of like Khalil Davis. Fall of 2020 NT position Fair- senior Daniels-Junior Freshman Freshman
  10. Which QB Should Be The Starter

    I wasn't going by the Spring game, I was just asking him if he was. I should have clarified that second point as I don't know if AM can hit the deep ball as I do not watch practice. My bet is AM is the starter because he just has that natural fit in this offense. Gebbia has tons of respect from his teammates and so does AM, so whoever starts we KNOW it is the best player on the team to start at QB. None of this naming the starter after the spring game, make them uncomfortable and earn it every week. By week 6 we may have a different starter for whatever reason and that is just the name of the game because the best players play.
  11. ***2019 Recruiting***

    Thanks again for these Mav! I believe we will only take one NT this year and that will be Tony Fair. Why do I say this? Well, for 2019 we will have the transfer from Utah, Fair, and Daniels as an RSoph. We could also move Khalil to the Nose or one of those DT to Nose as some played it last year. Here is my breakdown of how many we land at each position QB-1 - Officially done at this position. RB 3- The only reason we recruit this position is in case someone is looking around still. WR- 3- Potentially four if we get our targets and Pittman wants in you do not turn that talent away. TE- 1- Going all in on Hickman and will probably not target anyone else until the staff feels that he is wavering. OT- 3- Need to get a few at this position, Austin really likes Ike from the KC area and we need one more if we get him. OL-2- Already got Bland and now we need another inside lineman for this cycle. Offense- 13 NT-1- Fair is our main guy and we are sitting well with him. Although, it has been relatively quiet on him lately. DE- 2- Ty Robinson is the top target and if we don't get him we will get Newsome. LB-5- Need to get Henrich and then Jermaine Johnson would be our next top target. If we get those two we are done at the position for 2019 with 5. CB-2- Javin Wright is high on us and now we need to land a big fish here. S-2- One will most likely be a true Safety and the other may slide to corner if need be. If Domann is done with football two true Safties will be necessary here. Defense-12 Total- 25
  12. WR Demariyon Houston [Texas Commit]

    Yes, this is excellent news! Outside of Held, does Walters have some connections to this state from his days at Colorado? I ask this because we seem to have some great connections in Oklahoma lately.
  13. OT Turner Corcoran

    There is some highly talented lineman in the 500-mile radius for this cycle. Hopefully, we can lock a few of them down and keep the big boys out. The 2019 season record should help us out in terms of playing for a winning team.
  14. Which QB Should Be The Starter

    Are you basing this off of two spring games or the one this year? One could say Martinez can't hit the deep ball then as we never saw one completed during the game from him. All I know is Martinez is more suited for this offense but Gebbia can run it just a smoothly. The gameplan would be a little different but right now it is neck and neck from what I am hearing. If all things are equal they will go with Martinez, due to him having the more natural fit for this offense.
  15. 2019 Basketball Recruiting Notes

    BTW, that Lyle from UTSA is no longer on the board. He is playing in the Lavar JBA league now and is no longer eligible.