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  1. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Need to do a full court press on receivers. Isaah Crocker I believe was interested, but may be less interested now that KWill is gone. With Fleeks being a tweener also, Copeland may be a big need, but I have a feeling Tennessee has a lead there. Outside of that hopefully, we can get Watt or some other speedster that comes up on our radar later. KJJ may be able to come in and compete for some playing time because right now we need depth on the roster.
  2. I guess Creighton has to get our best player disqualified after he gets an elbow to a face to beat us. Next year I hope we beat them badly. If this game was in Lincoln it would have went just like the Minny game did.
  3. ***2018 Recruiting***

    We still in on Jalen Hall? Also Alston is still committed.
  4. 2017-18 Donkey Bowl Contest

    Regular Games: New Orleans - Troy by 7 Cure - Western Kentucky by 8 New Mexico - Colorado State by 6 Boca Raton - Akron by 2 Frisco - Louisiana Tech by 3 Gasparilla - Temple by 5 Bahamas - Ohio by 10 Idaho Potato - Wyoming by 12 Birmingham - Texas Tech by 3 Armed Forces - Army by 7 Dollar General - Toledo by 5 Hawai'i - Houston by 14 Heart of Dallas - West Vriginia by 8 Cactus - Kansas State by 5 Independence - Florida State by 17 Texas - Missouri by 3 Military - . Navy by 5 Camping World - Virginia Tech by 7 Alamo - Stanford by 3 Belk - Texas A&M by 6 Sun - North Carolina State by 7 Arizona - . Utah State by 1 TaxSlayer - Louisville by 12 Liberty - Iowa State by 7 Citrus - Notre Dame by 10 Double Point Games: Las Vegas - Boise State by 2 Camellia -. Arkansas State by 4 Quick Lane - Duke by 14 Pinstripe - Iowa by 1 Foster Farms - Arizona by 6 Holiday - Michigan State by 3 Music City - Northwestern by 7 Outback - Michigan by 13 Triple Point Games: Cotton - Ohio State by 3 Fiesta - Penn State by 6 Orange - Wisconsin by 7 Peach - Central Florida by 1 Quadruple Point Game: Rose - Oklahoma by 7 Sugar - Clemson by 3 Quintuple Point Game: National Champ - TBD
  5. DE Daniel Carson

    #Nebraska Speed. We do everything fast now, including recruiting. Isn't Held visiting most recruits because everyone else on the staff is getting ready for bowl prep for UCF? I would love to add Carson and Williams to the defensive line in this class.
  6. If Nebraska has any pride they will play their tails off from start to finish. There needs to be a sense of urgency to compete and beat these guys. If we can be in it until the end I would be really happy win or lose. I just do not want another embarrassment from playing Creighton, lets at least make it a respectable series.
  7. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Updated. Thanks! Looks like we might take him as a hybrid rb/wr and still take another running back. The one thing that is jumping out to me is the speed these kids have is amazing.
  8. Does Demornay have a possibility for a medical redshirt? How many games did he play in 2015? I thought last time it was a no but I saw somewhere that he may be able to apply for it.

    1. ZRod


      He played 5 I believe,  so technically he's a no. But I don't think jt would hurt to apply. I thinm they make exceptions sometimes.

    2. ScottyIce


      Maybe him and Tommy can get the same exception that Lee got?


      "They are changing schemes"

    3. HuskermanMike
  9. ***2018 Recruiting***

    I will be doing our commits for the offensive side of the ball- because I have a pretty good grasp of things on that side of the ball. Mav will be coming out with the full and potentially better one later. His will be more up to date I am just trying to get a feel for the offensive side of the ball Current Scholarship/commits for offense(So far)-Commits are bolded QB-0- Adrian Martinez RB-0- Jeremy Banks, Javian Hawkins, Greg Bell WR-2- Josh Moore, Cam Brown, Jacob Copeland, Jaron Woodyard, Tommy Bush, Isaah Crocker, Joshua Fleek OL-1-Will Farniok, Jahmir Johnson, Noah Banks TE- 1-Cam Jurgens, Messiah Swinson For now I will put Jurgens as a TE, but that may change. I saw on 247 Noah Banks is set for an official but it has a question mark by it, so that is kind of confusing. We will leave him up there because Schaefer says he is close to setting up an OV. My thoughts on the offensive side of the ball, take one qb, one rb, Four wrs, Two-three oline, and two te(assuming Jurgens is a te).
  10. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Thanks! Was not sure if I asked too early or not. It will be interesting to see the pieces fall into place come the early signing period. We need some help at cornerback with all three of our targets decommitting.
  11. ***2018 Recruiting***

    @Mavric I am not sure if you can gauge the numbers at certain positions but do you have an idea on how many guys this staff will take in 2018? It is probably too early for who is extremely interested outside of people who have set up officials. Something like one of these.
  12. Assistants Announced

    Sounds like it is between Walters and Lubick. Would guess Walters comes with Frost if he does not get a head coaching gig that he was looking for. What is interesting is we could potentially bring both, Walters OC/Te and Lubcik Co-OC/Wr. This probably won't happen but it would make sense because Walters likely will be looking for a HC gig sooner rather than later. It also sounds like the TE coach at UCF is staying but not sure if that is confirmed or not.
  13. The old diamond formation

    Imagine Tanner Lee in the Triangle Formation and actually trying to run it. If you want to know what kind of offense Frost will run I recommend you watch some UCF highlights from this year.
  14. DE Daniel Carson

    Really love the effort by coach Held to get to see the guys we were in on. Hopefully we can pull in this kid as we need to pull a few from the KC area every cycle.
  15. WR Jacob Copeland

    Really want this guy with Jaron and hopefully Crocker as well. Do not be surprised to see 5 wr commits during this cycle in case KJJ does not come back. Also with the uncertainty with Brown, we may have a back up for him on our radar. I would predict 5 is the number this cycle because Frost needs depth and speed at receiver.