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  1. We do not need to win the whole thing to get in. We will need to beat one of MSU, OSU, and Purdue to make it in. Basically, beat PSU, and then make it to the finals and we should get in. Only beat Michigan and they will have us do a play in game to prove if we belong.
  2. Bracketology

    Win out and one in the tourney and we might get in. Might have a play-in-game as an 11 seed if we make it in. If not, we will be an NIT one seed. Win out and win two in the tourney, getting us to the CCG, and we are in. I am certain we will not have to play a play-in-game. Win out and win the whole thing= in.
  3. JUCO Recruiting

    Yes, it definitely should have been utilized. But stacking a team with Jucos or taking them just to take them because they are super close by is not what needs to be done in my opinion.(not saying you said that). I think we will only need about 2-3 potentially 4 Jucos every cycle. One or two from here would not hurt if Frost and staff believe they can help the team. In fact, we may be taking two from Iowa Western in the 2019 cycle and potentially Sargbah in the future as well. Basically, we took a lot more Jucos this year than we will take in the future because of all the glaring depth issues on the team. They are physically ready players that can potentially contribute right away if they work hard enough.
  4. JUCO Recruiting

    I agree with others that it is an outrage that we did not visit this school more or offer players from here. But honestly, it would not have made that much of a difference for Riley's tenure here. A good relationship with the school would have helped, but I do not think Riley and co would have utilized them correctly here. One or two players from that team would not have made us an eight-win team, so it is frustrating we did not recruit here but is not a huge deal. Definitely should have gone after an OT or secondary Juco player, though Eichorst and his admin forbade it. Now putting that aside, I am so refreshed to see our new staff doing their best to build relationships with nearby schools. We could use a couple D-lineman for depth from here and Frost and co. will definitely go after them if they need to. I think taking around 2-3 jucos a cycle should be good, get the best ones you can and fill the numbers with players that are physically ready to play and add depth.
  5. Bracketology

    The record for wins in a season is 26, in case anyone is interested. I do not know if that would include postseason play because we got bounced in the first round that year.
  6. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Ok. I think I figured it out but it might be wrong. He played for Arizona Western last year, then transferred to Independence CC for whatever reason. So he may have been on last chance you for Arizona Western. If this guy wants to be on the team it would be as a walk-on. He went 6-12 from field goals and 27-33 on extra points. That does not scream scholarship player to me.
  7. ***2018 Recruiting***

    https://247sports.com/player/nino-alibegic-46041615 Not according to 247, it says Independence CC in Kansas.
  8. Your “Super Six” 2018 Class Edition

    1. Cam'ron Jones 2. Tate Wildeman 3. Caleb Tannor 4. CJ Smith 5. Greg Bell 6. Will Honas Sleeper- Jaron Woodyard This guy has speed and I think he could be a mismatch nightmare with attention being made to Stanley and JD and other athletes we have.
  9. Talent Vs. Developement

    I think development and coaching are huge. Look at Wisconsin, they are beating teams they shouldn't because they develop the right way and coach some underrated guys up. Nebraska needs to develop players better and coach them up so they can succeed. Honestly, we have the talent on this roster, best in the west in my opinion and according to the recruiting rankings. So its about time we start holding our weight and winning football games. There are countless guys that I am waiting to see live up to their potential, and I think in year one we will see some big-time offensive and defensive line improvements. Another factor with development and I think this gets overlooked is belief. Nebraska needs to go into big games playing to win and buying into what Scott wants them to do. If the players are properly prepared and coached they will overcome the talent deficiency. See Auburn and them getting pushed around by UCF, Frosts team believed they could win and bought in and guess what they won. To answer that question on Georgia, no we can't beat them right now and yes they have better players that they recruited. Georgia has an unreal class that is better than OSU's which is also insane! It is a transition year and so things may take a little getting used to before we start seeing great results. Will it take 5 years? No, but we can and will get better talent here. With the superb coaching and development, that will make a top 15 class beat a top 3 class.
  10. ***2017 VISITOR LIST***

    @Mavric Just an FYI, Jarret Bell went to ASU, so he was not N. I wanted to point that out because you have probably been busy posting singing day stuff on Huskerboard and just missed it. Also, I wish he was N.
  11. O-line

    I think the old staff did more Olympic style squatting and Frosts staff is doing it the old-fashioned way. Regular squats are different from Olympic style squats, but I am not sure how they are different. I also remember a video of Tanner Farmer doing squats but I can't find it. Anyway, I love this new nasty mentality for the line. No more kumbaya its okay if we lose, get them to go out there and dominate the opposing team. Also, these guys will not only be trained properly but they will be developed properly and the best players will play. If we can dominate the fourth like we did in 2016, that would be an improvement form the quitting mentality the team had last year.
  12. S C.J. Smith [Nebraska- Signed LOI]

    Think you meant to post this. It's all good because you have been killing it getting info for us all day.
  13. New Board

    I saw some tweets and they look fine. It was in the basketball section of the board where it was the worst. If that helps any, the main forum and recruiting have looked fine.
  14. New Board

    @Mavric Not sure if this is the right thread but for some reason, I can only see a portion of a tweet and not the full thing. It just started happening so it may just be a glitch, just wanted to put this out there.
  15. Nothing wrong with two running backs. Gotta keep those guys fresh for the season.