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  1. Buy In

    Try Twitter dude....pics and videos galore. Little less talk and a lot more action is what these boys are into. First game in a month and a half...you’ll have plenty of fodder then.
  2. Friday Night Lights 2018

    Cool video. Frost not putting no bs out y’all. He is consistent.
  3. Huskers After Graduate Transfer Cornerback

    Thx Toe
  4. Huskers After Graduate Transfer Cornerback

    VIP update on 247....good or bad news? Did he visit Lincoln or no?
  5. LB Owen Pappoe [Auburn Commit]

    Frost owns
  6. Head Basketball Coach Search

    Well now shoot. That was a month ago! I hate being wrong but hey it happens. Point to you sir you are a basketball savant.
  7. DE Ethan Piper [Nebraska Commit]

    This! Watched him run down Aquinas backs time after time last year. Kid hustles and he ain’t slow
  8. OT Enokk Vimahi

    Holy moly bout that hudl....Yes please!
  9. DT Masry Mapieu [Louisiana Lafayette - Signed LOI]

    Cool cool Billy badass! Not beating either drum just some people that watched him play weren’t impressed. They are not coaches either. D1 athletes usually impress in Class B Nebraska football. Is what it is as they say.
  10. DT Masry Mapieu [Louisiana Lafayette - Signed LOI]

    How many times did you watch him play? Are the stats from Max Preps even close to accurate?
  11. DT Masry Mapieu [Louisiana Lafayette - Signed LOI]

    I certainly did not want to misrepresent numbers personally, I only watched the title game he played in. Not slamming the kid because I think he really wants to be good and I wish him the best. Maybe it just won’t be at NU
  12. DT Masry Mapieu [Louisiana Lafayette - Signed LOI]

    Maybe he’s just not good at football. We can’t just take kids from Nebraska just because they “look” like big mean football players. 2 sacks and 3 TFL in a career per maxpreps is not exactly a dominant player imo.
  13. What actually happens?

    “Unique twist” was cited in VIP article after this last weekend’s round of visits. Can anyone shed light on that? I forget which recruit said it.
  14. Zero soft tissue injuries!!? Sweet music to our ears!!!!
  15. Who's Next?

    Now two more!!