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  1. There are going to be a lot of pissed off people when A). Riley is retained after this year or B) a completely different coach is brought in like a Dino Babers. If it is B. I truly hope Frost comes out publicly turns down the job, so people will stop hanging on his nutsack. Yes he is a decent coach, but I’m still not convinced he wants to come to Nebraska. He has a pretty good gig
  2. Enough with the fan abuse

    And Langsdorf did say that everyone needed to temper their expectations before the season. But the media kept pushing it. I believe it was in a Sipple article.
  3. Lack of talent

    So with that list. You should be able to notice the fact that the top 3 in the Big 10 are leaps and bounds ahead of the next 6. Like way ahead. Ohio St - 955.51 pts Michigan - 874.89 pts Penn St. - 779.49 Then 4-9 are Maryland, Nebraska Michigan St. Wisconsin, NW and Iowa. All 6 of these teams are within 100 pts of each other. 593-693 The rest are 574 pts to 502 pts. There is a bigger jump from the 3rd place team to the 1st place than from the 4th to 14th. That leads me to believe we are right in the middle of mediocrity when it comes to recruiting. We need to be in that 800 pts Plus range in order to compete with the big boys. Alabama - 997.57 USC - 934 Clemson - 853.65 For reference 13 pts is the difference between having one extra 4 star on the roster vs a 3 star.
  4. You guys realize that Frost's offense is almost all shotgun. Even on 4th down. RTDB guy is going to have a stroke if Frost ever comes to Nebraska. (and don't say you won't, because it was happening when Beck was OC, and did very similar things)
  5. What is the BIG RED identity....Land of 10

    "We don't have an identity, let's blow everything up and try something else" Does anyone not see the problem with the typical fan attitude with that statement or some variation of that statement? Anyone?, Anyone?
  6. Walk on program is failing?

    That just doesn't relate to the "walkon" from Nebraska anymore. These kids weren't even alive the last time Nebraska was great. What do they care about how successful Nebraska was 25 years ago?
  7. Lack of talent

    Until Nebraska runs the same offense for more than 4 years, and the same defense for more than 4 years they will never be a great team. Everyone keeps bringing up Wisconsin, but they have run the same system for years now on both sides of the ball, and yes they have switched coaches and assistants. But guess what they still run the same thing because it works. It is a run-heavy pro system on offense and a 3-4 on defense. (not too far off of what Riley is trying to do. yes, we have thrown a lot this year, but that is what happens when you get behind and are trying to play catch up. That's life) all of the "great" teams have one thing in common. Some sort of consistency in the system on both sides of the ball, or if there was a change it was to only one side of the ball, and it wasn't a wholesale change. And until fans have some patience with a coach (any coach) this is never going to happen again at Nebraska.
  8. Walk on program is failing?

    The more Rimington speaks the more concern I have. He seriously believes we need more walkons. No, we don't, we have plenty. We need a system that is in place for more than 4 years. Even when Bo was here he never had an offensive system in place for more than 4 years. I could make the argument his defensive system changed also. The reason all of the great teams are great, is because of consistency. Nobody brings up the elephant in the room when talking about Nebraska of the 80s and 90s. They changed their offensive identity...never, and their defensive identity....once. Over the course of 20 years. That is how you build championship teams. That's when the 50 plus walkons that Rimington wants start to make a big difference because they were running the same offense and defense that Nebraska ran in High school. They could step right in and make a difference.
  9. Not so sure how I feel about that....
  10. Nebraska Home Night Streak

    Nebraska has been very lucky with injured QBs in night games. Michigan (Denard Robinson left in the 1st qtr), Ohio St. (Tyrell Pryor? left in the 1st qtr, Joe B stepped into clinch defeat from the jaws of victory) and I believe Michigan St's QB was dinged up also. The Ohio St. game was at the time the largest comeback by Nebraska ever. (still may be).
  11. Nebraska Home Night Streak

    Joe Bauserman says Hi. Probably the game that ultimately led to Luke Fickel being relieved of his head coaching duties, and bringing in Urban Meyer. So, we got that going for us....which is nice.
  12. From the same place this entire thread is about.
  13. Soooo UCF vs Nebraska.... who wins?

    UCF strength of schedule is 82nd in the nation Nebraska's is 23rd. (and everybody says our schedule has been easy) Let's be careful about anointing the next savior based on incomplete data.
  14. For those that care. UCF SoS is 82nd. Puts a few things in perspective.