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  1. All Frost Does is Win Games

    He also knows how to climb the ladder. He has picked his spots well and decided when to move on well. But he made this move for more sentimental reasons ( although he & his staff are being well compensated ). Nebraska is fortunate, in retrospect the way all of this played out, in order to get him/them. Nothing says Great Leader like getting his entire staff to follow him to rebuild Nebraska.
  2. Fall Camp

    I’ve been in the prognosticating AM for a while now. My biggest concern with him is the wobble in his throw (that doesn’t appear to be clearing up yet). Getting it there quick & catchable can be the difference between a positive offensive play and an interception.
  3. Man, I hope not. I liked “White Trash Story” a lot more than this one.
  4. https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Article/Three-Nebraska-Cornhuskers-returners-who-could-impress-in-2019-120740037/
  5. ** 2018 Opponent Previews: Wisconsin (Game 6) **

    As a point of (perhaps irrelevant) reference, it may be worth remembering that Tom Osborne did not defeat nemesis Oklahoma until Year 6. In my book, Wisconsin is our 2018 Oklahoma. They will probably always stand between the Cornhuskers and any hope of the Big 10 Championship game. But, hopefully, soon we can flip the table on them and it can be said that defeating the Cornhuskers will always stand between Wisky and the Big 10 Championship Game.
  6. So do I. Heck I remember Jack Parr preceding Johnny Carson.
  7. Jacksonville cornerback interview in GQ is making some waves. Related to that: This was a rather humorous read - https://slate.com/culture/2018/08/jalen-ramsey-josh-allen-fact-checking-the-jaguars-cornerbacks-quarterback-evaluations.html starting with the fact that SLATE calls him Jacksonville's "quarterback".
  8. Biggest Concerns?

  9. Since this thread started with our Head Coach's post on Twitter, I thought it was funny to check Akron's coach's Twitter Page (Terry Bowden) and see that HE last tweeted in March of 2016. Link: https://twitter.com/terrybowden?lang=en
  10. Hey, I'd never heard of them either, and I feel that listening to country music is God's way of telling you that you need Prozac®, but I listened to "White Trash Story" and thought it was funny and a pretty dang good piece of songwriting.
  11. You have to be a certain age to even GET that one.