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  1. Vaha Vainuku

    Not to be missed is the progress the Cornhuskers are now making in forging a connection with Polynesian athletes. I’m not clear on which side of the ball he will play for the Cornhuskers. Perhaps he can be our Merlin Olsen.
  2. Keyan Williams

    I tip my cap to you, sir.
  3. So, who is going to leave?

    Palmer is coming back. http://www.omaha.com/huskers/mens-basketball/guard-james-palmer-withdraws-from-nba-draft-will-return-to/article_8e1f27a4-a87d-5e19-a5cb-057938621330.html No word yet on Copeland, but reportedly he had one workout to Palmer’s three. Both are smart enough to realize that Senior seasons at NU are good chances to increase their bankability to NBA teams. They will both have more team’s eyes on them this year.
  4. *** Official 2018 Spring Game Thread ***

    Watching the game over again, a couple of thoughts... Impressed with the three QBs new to the Frost system after so few practices. Vedrel’s INT should have been called a sack, but was still a bad decision. Impressed with Ozigbo’ hands catching & running after the catch today. Was glad to see Freedom making 3 tackles on three consecutive plays. He was wasted in Diaco’s scheme. Bunch should be given a scholarship. If I was the opposing DC, Martinez would be the QB giving me nightmares the week of the game against NU. Concerned with depth at O-Line & our defensive backfield has me stocking up on Rolaids. Frost said this was “vanilla” today, but what I saw looked a lot more like “Rocky Road” for Cornhusker opponents! #GBR
  5. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    Curious: Do you then consider yourself a communist or a socialist?
  6. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    Certainly: I'll answer that by giving you the old story of the wealthy man who asked a socialite if she would sleep with him for $1,000,000.00 When she answered in the affirmative, he asked if she would sleep with him for $25.00. The indignant woman replied "What do you think I AM?". To which he replied, "We have already established THAT, my dear, now we are just haggling on price." The price a product or service brings is whatever the market will bear. If someone is idiotic enough to pay a seller $600 (or more) for a ticket to the Spring Game, that is their business. And yes, it is a Prime Example of capitalism. If you want a more concrete example of how capitalism can greatly FAIL society, look no further than this story, which has NOTHING to do with sports: http://www.newleftproject.org/index.php/site/article_comments/antibiotics_capitalism_and_the_failure_of_the_market
  7. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    No, thank YOU for the tremendous additions you have made to this thread with your comments! We all owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude. From this comment... ...it did not appear that you were familiar with the concept of capitalism.
  8. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    It IS true that everyone wants to defend Capitalism (the system we mostly operate under) until they are negatively affected by it, or become jealous of others who they feel profit (too much) from it.
  9. WR Garrett Wilson [Ohio State Commit]

    That's a heck of a highlight reel on Hudl. 3 minutes in and I'm already exhausted just watching him.
  10. Spring Game Ticket Sales

    a) If she hadn't been shrill about it, we probably wouldn't be talking about it (and it wouldn't have been retweeted so many times) b) Since the game has never Sold Out before, the 20 tickets per Season Ticket Holder has never been a problem before However... c) If you didn't THINK that THIS Spring Game was going to be Sold Out (under the circumstances) then you really aren't paying attention d) There is a chance that THIS person has already been offered tickets for her family, at face value, by some kindly Season Ticket Owner who bought more than they need. e) I'm not a Season Ticket Owner. I set an alarm for 9:57 AM and was waiting when the links to buy tickets came available. It was clear to me that the ticket server was getting HAMMERED. Every click was an arduous wait and my first attempt at checking out failed. Fortunately, the 2nd attempt went through (very slowly) and I got the 4 tickets I needed purchased by 10:15. I realized that I could probably buy more and sell them, making my 4 essentially free, but I just didn't want to play that game. f) Given that the game has Sold Out (for the first time) the university will have a decision to make for next year. Will a Sell Out be a regular thing now? Maybe. Nothing makes people want something as much as being told they can't get it. However, WOULD it have been a Sell Out if the maximum number of tickets Season Ticket Holders could buy was 10? Maybe, but it would certainly have taken longer. Another option would be to simply make 40,000 tickets available to Season Ticket Holders (set the limit on the number of tickets to whatever). That would leave 40-45K available to the General Public on Day 2. The Season Ticket Owners would still get preference and the best seats. g) The fact that it Sold Out (and as fast as it did) is a Big Win for the publicity of the program (nationwide). That it happened on National Signing Day, when a lot of fans and recruits are glued to College Football News, means that the Cornhusker football program got a LOT of mileage out of it, irregardless of how much a few people may be throwing temper tantrums about not getting theirs. Random Thought: The Spring Game will be the first time Scott Frost's STAFF will be experiencing a Sold Out Memorial Stadium (except for those who were former players). I guarantee it is going to be a goosepimple/hair-on-the-back-of-the-neck-raising experience for most of them. I want to be there, if ONLY to see the Tunnel Walk and the new video that (I'm sure) will feature Scott Frost as player AND Head Coach. Somebody should put a decibel meter out there and video THAT, when it happens, for recruiting purposes.
  11. RB Maurice Washington [Nebraska-Signed LOI]

    Clearly you are not a graduate assistant in English.
  12. UCF equivalents at NU

    So I'm hearing bits and pieces about how the coaches intend to use some of these new recruits, using the language of their success at UCF. Examples: Miles Jones will be used like Otis Anderson at UCF. Today I heard that Caleb Tannor is expected to be our Shaquem Griffin. Obviously Adrian Martinez is expected to become our McKenzie Milton. Does anyone have any other UCF equivalents they see on the Husker roster, after NSD?
  13. Who's Next?

    So we are at 24? Is that all she wrote? Or is Jalen Robinson going to make it 25 on Monday? Or who ELSE is next? What is the story there?