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  1. What Will Huskers Do With All the Money?

    Hate Eichorst all you want (I'm neutral) but he is obviously working really hard to improve all athletics at Nebraska and I think that deserves some appreciation.
  2. June 30 FNL?

    From my understanding they are having the fan fest and opening up the field to people but no camp will be going on.
  3. I didn't see anyone doing autographs and I was there for the fan fest from about 5-6:30 going in the stadium about 6. Some players might have come over to the fence to do some signings but nothing official.
  4. Friday night lights camp admission?

    First week with fan fest was awesome and unfortunately/thankfully (as it got cancelled and had some crazy storms) I had my two young girls with me so had to leave early and didn't see much of FNL. Free pizza, chicken sandwiches, sub sandwiches, hot dogs, snow cones, face painting, balloon animals, games, then go watch some high caliber talent light up the practice after.
  5. CollegeFootballNews: Big Ten Pre-Season Power Rankings

    Yes Minnesota may be improving their commitment to football with the revenue but that doesn't mean they are jumping ahead of us in recruiting rankings just because they are closer to some higher talent. We have a few more down years and they keep improving, then yes this could change, but the fact of the argument is, it hasn't.
  6. My wife and I are bringing our 2 year old and baby out tonight and we'll watch some of the FNL stuff after the fan fest. We came to FNL last year and just enjoyed getting out of the house and sitting in the stadium but this seems like it will be a lot of fun. Anyone have a guess on how many people they might get each week? I'm guessing a lot more of the hardcore fans will come next week as the list of attendees has multiple stars compared to a few this week.
  7. Maybe I'm not looking at this from the same perspective as you are but I'm not seeing how we haven't been treated fairly with our initiation and scheduling compared to any of the other schools. Yeah, not getting full funding until now kind of sucked but we knew that coming in and agreed to it as we eased into the Big 10. Our television coverage has been decent, not great, but that's also because other schools have played better than us and you put better teams on better coverage.
  8. How does this team improve in 2018?

    This is a big point that stuck out to me for two reasons: 1) ever since Will Bolt left, we have yet to find a quality replacement and our hitting has suffered since then, and 2) IIRC, Erstad is taking base minimum as a coach, which is why we're able to pay top dollar and keep Silva on. We have the money to go get a quality, proven coach that's going to work with Erstad and improve the cache of this program. It just requires Eichorst actually getting off his sorry *** and helping to do something about it. How does Eichorst go out and find us a good assistant coach? Isn't that supposed to be Erstad's job which should be a bit easier taking the pay cut to offer a bit more than other schools? The investment Nebraska (Eichorst indirectly) has in baseball is much more than many schools who perform well in post season games and don't go 1-2, 0-2 BBQ.
  9. Season Ticket Question

    Nothing against anyone here doing the old switcheroo with season tickets as I would be doing the same thing, but based on what I'm hearing with ticket policies won't there be a lot of season tickets coming available in the next 10-15 years? People will be unfortunately passing away and the ticket office will get wise to John Smith who has been alive with season tickets for 70 years and start charging everyone donations and a lot won't want/be able to pay the high costs. I had thought everyone paid these donation prices as my parents were never big live game people so they never had season tickets but hearing that (a lot?) of people are grandfathered in scares me a bit for the donation levels and if the University can keep up the sales?
  10. I would argue that none have made a ton of "progress" in the B1G compared to where they were the last few years of Big 12. There seems to be an uptick for one reason or another in all sports but I wouldn't say any have made actual progress until they have some continued success outside of a few big games or small stretches.
  11. Tanner Lee became just "one of the guys"

    There are one heck of a lot of very good QBs that aren't well liked by their team. That includes some of our most prized alumni. I would agree with that but I would also say there are different reasons why you might not be liked by your team. Some of those reasons could actually be beneficial to winning and some of them would be a hindrance.
  12. Tanner Lee became just "one of the guys"

    I heard rumblings from players last year that Armstrong wasn't well liked. Can't speak to chemistry and how it played out on the field but I'm sure it didn't help anything.
  13. Final Thoughts on Transfers

    "And it's interesting how quickly the excuses have gone from "Miles has to be given a chance to develop that great sophomore class he recruited" to "it's good they're gone because we're better without them." " For me personally it has never been about a specific class or recruit and I didn't like the transfers but if it's what ends up working then I suppose it's for the best. I've said the past few months that Miles should have one more year to try to put the puzzle together however that is because on paper he has continued to bring in great pieces even if some have left. With the recent transfers and rumblings of more I got nervous about that thought, but we keep trekking forward. Miles is who we have and even if it hasn't worked out how it should have so far, it looks like it could with the right formula, maybe we find that next year and get our first tourney win, maybe not.
  14. Husker Coaches on 'Nebraska Swarm' Friday

    I like this. Whether they are just going in and saying hi to the coaches or actually talking to specific kids they want I think it's great to check in on your local schools periodically (should do this a few times a year). If they have the talent at the time or not, just like a business client, you have to show them you care. Our opponents that are working hard will always be knocking on doors and if we aren't working as hard or harder then when that talent is there they will be paying attention to the ones who have shown them love.
  15. Look for a big announcement tomorrow/multiple announcements in regards to more potential transfers and/or administration changes. Can't say for sure any specifics so I don't want to speculate more but I know it should be happening.