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  1. Well I officially applied for a job in Colorado. Here goes nothing........lol


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    2. RedDenver


      Castle Rock is a decently long drive to Aurora. I'd take a look at all the different places from Castle Rock north to the Tech Center and along the southeast to Parker and east side of Aurora. Prices drop as you move farther east onto the plains.

    3. NUance


      @GSG,   Oh, I'd still be cranky.  That new uber powerful weed gives me a headache. 


      Question:  Those Capistrano salmon women don't actually smell like salmon, do they?  



      @teachercd hard to tell, this is my wife's idea more than mine, but as I go through the application process we'll go out there and see what we think about things and decide from there. I don't have to take the job obviously if we don't dig it. I like where we live now, but we've always talked about heading towards Colorado. 

  2. If you could pick anywhere to live in the U.S. where would that be and why? Wife and I are kinda thinking of moving, right now we're looking at Colorado, but aren't really set on anything. 


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    2. NUance


      As for Colorado, meh.  It's okay I guess.  If it was me I'd head a few miles north and live in Wyoming.  Well, unless I wanted to sit around and smoke dope every day.  Again.  lulz 



      My wife can move her job anywhere in the country, so that's nice to have, I'm not so lucky so I'd either have to get another law enforcement job or get out of it all together and do something new. 

    4. NUance


      I moved from LA to DC when my wife and I both decided we wanted to live there.  We committed between ourselves to move on a certain date about two months out.  We began looking for jobs, and she found one fairly quickly.  As the date grew near we put money down on an apartment, hired some movers and gave notice to our employers.  It took longer for me to find a job.  But I ended up landing a job with just a few days to spare before we moved.  (Phew!!)  Instead of shipping our VW Jetta we drove across America to see the sights.  That was a good time.   

  3. How Did You Meet Your Wife?

    Met my wife at a high school football game. I was a Senior and she was a Sophomore. It was cold as hell and I didn't bring any gloves, like a typical teenager, and she let me borrow hers for a little bit. I thought she was pretty cute, she thought the same thing about me and one thing led to another and we went out on a few dates and that was that. 20 years later and we're still together and she's still pretty cute. We're in a rough patch right now and hopefully we ride it out and come out on the other side stronger for it so this thread is a good reminder for me of our past and comes at a pretty good time.
  4. I'm keeping my expectations at bay and trying to correct those Husker fans around me that seem to think we're going to win the NC next year or the year after. The schedule this year is BRUTAL, if we win 6 games with this schedule during a rebuild I'm going to make sure I'm happy about that.
  5. Great hire, obviously a very knowledgeable man and the infrastructure Frost and Co. are putting into place is fantastic. They're rebuilding the road to something great folks!
  6. Anthony Bourdain passes away.

    Pretty sad situation, I watched his shows from time-to-time and he was one of the guys that I watched that got me into cooking in my 20's and kinda turning into a foodie. You never know the battles that someone is going through. I've had the unfortunate experience of seeing several suicides up close and personal. From folks that were suffering from depression, to folks who just got diagnosed with a terminal illness and would rather die by their own hand then waste away to nothing. It's always very sobering for me to walk into those scenes to find folks that were at their absolute lowest and decided enough was enough. Those folks have given me something though, they remind me that life is precious, live it the best way you know how, and don't take one single second for granted.
  7. Bike Expertise Needed

    I think you should visit your local bike shop and see what they have that is used for that price point. You could also check out the Facebook market place for your area as their are often pretty decent bikes on there from what I've seen in my area. If you decide to go to a better bike in the future check out cyclocross bikes. Road bike feel with the ability to go off road, i.e. rock roads, dirt trails, etc. but they're super light. I've been thinking of getting one for awhile due to my adventure racing so I can do training rides mainly on pavement with some dirt work without having to lug my mountain bike around for 20 miles on pavement.
  8. Please chime in on this............do you follow your heart or your mind on something when you need to make a decision on something pretty important. 

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      Thanks for the input everyone. I'm a pretty logical person, I usually err on the safe side of things and to caution. I think that's why I'm having a real tough time with this decision. I'm still weighing things so we'll see where it goes. :)

    3. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      Just do what your wife tells ya. :D

    4. famoustitles
  9. Jesus......I got goosebumps reading that article, not afraid to admit reading it gave me a small bit of mistiness to my eyes as well. Everything feels right with this situation, that doesn't mean we'll win a N.C. in two years or five years, but it means this terrible 20 year decline might be coming to an end. Scott gets it, he's lived it, knows the pressure cooker and culture that is Lincoln and has this coolness and calmness about him we haven't seen in a looooong time. I can't wait to see where this all goes, we've done our time in hell, time to climb out of that hole.
  10. Tyjon Lindsey

    Yep, that's my thoughts exactly. You have a receiver like Stanley Morgan Jr. that's a down the field threat and then Lindsey and J.D. that are homerun hitters if they get a seam based on their speed. I like where our wide receivers are at right now. With Gebbia or Martinez at the helm.............this offense could be insane if we get our RB situation figured out and our O-line just does the basics and blocks like they should.
  11. New Tunnel Walk Ideas 2018

    I like Sirius, but I'm not completely opposed to changing up the music some. I like Nelly's "Boom" maybe something from Avenged Sevenfold. Not really sure........
  12. Racism - It's a real thing.

    You and I have talked about this over and over and over again until I'm blue in the face. You have also proven that you aren't willing to see things from my side of the fence so I've simply decided it's not worth the discussion anymore nor the aggravation. We'll just have to agree to disagree because you've seemed to have forgetten some of the things I've said during our discussions as is obvious based on what you've just said above.
  13. *** Official 2018 Spring Game Thread ***

    Tyjon just about screwed his knee up there!
  14. *** Official 2018 Spring Game Thread ***

    Martinez looking good again.......
  15. *** Official 2018 Spring Game Thread ***

    That was a good pass by Gebbia, threw it in the perfect spot.