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  1. Andrew Ward Leaving the Huskers

    I read somewhere that Snyder was out the door, but like Brokop there has been no player conformation.
  2. Should we be surprised?

    100% sure it has already happened. I would guess theories are already floating around on r/the_donald
  3. Should we be surprised?

    This from 3 years ago pretty much says it all:
  4. This poll is speaking the truth
  5. Omaha Zoo Recommendations

    I’m a big fan of Embassy Suites when traveling with the fam for the extra room (and the free cocktails and omlettes). There is one on downtown that I’ve got pretty good deals on before, and it’s right by all the old market stuff.
  6. Any poll that doesn't have Wisconsin 1st in beer consumption is invalid. Every person that I have ever met that either a) is has lived the majority of their adult life in Wisconsin or b) went to college somewhere in Wisconsin can drink like a fish.
  7. Vote on the New Floor Design

    In the new vote, option #1 in a landslide. I hate the two-tone wood look in basketball, and it’s the same here. The black border does nothing for me.
  8. Vote on the New Floor Design

    :nods head:
  9. Morgan #30 on NFL.com Draft Watch List

    Noah Fant at #40...
  10. Who's Next?

    Javin Wright. Being a legacy will seal the deal quickly.
  11. Looking at some comments in the Miles thread, sounds like there might be some news with Jojo?
  12. Vote on the New Floor Design

    Option #2 with the red 'N' is the no doubt choice.
  13. RB Maurice Washington [Nebraska-Signed LOI]

    Does that mean summer school? Or he goes to a school that doesn't get out until sometime in June?
  14. Ben Miles....

    Can't blame the kid for leaving. He was a man w/o a position. But at least the Ben Miles era brought us Les calling the Northern Illinois game and making it somewhat entertaining to watch, with his blatant cheering for Nebraska (and his audible groans).
  15. Dixon

    Michigan is gonna see at least 1 QB transfer since QBs nowadays don't like to sit around and wait to start. Shea Patterson Jr .9982 5* Brandon Peters RSo .9864 4* Dylan McCaffery RFr .9435 4*