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  1. Off the Disney boat and checking in from sunny (and windy) Cozumel.  The number of adults (including males) who wear Micky/Minnie/Disney shirts at all times is staggering. And the adults who go to character/princess meet and greets w/o children have a screw loose.

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    2. Atbone95


      Says guys who whine about the decisions/athletic capabilities of 18 year olds...  he he he I kid

    3. funhusker
    4. RedDenver


      @funhusker, +1 for the PCU reference, plus it's one of the best lines in that movie.

  2. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Yes, that’s that Rich Fisher
  3. Assistants Announced

    Hopefully it works out better than it did for our previous HCs who have hired all of their "buddies"...
  4. Assistants Announced

    Dude coached an Arena League team for a year.
  5. Leaving tomorrow for a Disney Cruise.  Wish me luck that our ship doesn't lose power in the middle of the Gulf and has to be towed back to port!



      Your wishing for the wrong thing... Wish for Norovirus NOT to hit your ship... Its really crappy.


    2. HuskerInLostWages


      ^^^ what he said, norovirus is terrible, you just puke and puke and puke and crap and crap and crap, plus you feel awful during the whole thing.

  6. S Cam'ron Jones

    This dude should be @Landlord's favorite recruit. He isn't "blessed", just "excited".
  7. WR/CB B.J. Hanspard [Baylor Commit]

    Yes. BJ = Byron Junior
  8. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Bit off the current topic, but
  9. QB Adrian Martinez [Nebraska Commit]

    It will be interesting to see who Pruitt brings in as his OC and they type of offense they will run. The 2 names out there are Dan Enos (former Ark OC under Beleima) and Tyson Helton (current QB coach and passing game coordinator at USC). Neither or those teams run an offense anything like Frosts.
  10. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Surprised there has been no chatter about the IWCC QB Locksley. He would seem to be a perfect fit for what we want to do on O.
  11. TE Cameron Jurgens [Nebraska Commit]

    Sean gonna get blackballed for bringing Frost's mama into this...
  12. OT Hamilton Hall

  13. ***2018 Recruiting***

    That was my jam back in my jr high and high school days. I am salivating over a Goodrich hot fudge malt right now...
  14. Offensive Line

    Barnett is going to have to reshape his body. He hasn't done it yet, so hopefully the new staff can get through to him. If not, he could be someone that could easily be gone before next fall.
  15. If Lee Stays...

    If Lee stays I see him starting at CB next year. Hopefully he takes to the new coaching and scheme.