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  1. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Nebraska Will Play On October 27- Opponent Being Finalized

    Man everybody is up in the tree fort on a day off from school and they didn't tell me? *kicks rocks*
  2. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Can go ahead and lock in the Dec 1 game vs Akron now right?

    Savannah State and Mississippi Valley State are the usual suspects. Remember when Okie State had a running clock aginst Savannah State because OSU had 70 points in the 3rd quarter? I've seen MVSU outside of Itta Bena, MS. They have major funding problems, can see holes in the roof of buildings from the highway. Jerry Rice would probably be a bit sad to see it. I'd venture a guess that a MEAC or SWAC team is in the running most every year due to lack of funding. I voted for TN State to play NU. They have lost two games to weather and have the requisite bye on 10/27. FCS teams usually gets around 500K me thinks. Since it's short notice pay them 850K and see if they bite.
  3. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Do we still miss the Big 12?

    No, not at all. I don't care one iota about the Big XII. The only good thing about the league was the proximity. Everything else is better in the Big Ten. Academics, Stability of the League, Quality of Play, Revenue, Jim Delaney's strong intellect and leadership over the crap in the Big XII, Coaching, Fanbases, School Campuses, and TV/Bowl pairings. (No stupid PPV games in the Big Ten with an annoying "Facebook deleted" commercial that ran 53 times during the game) It reminds me a bit of when UNK traded the RMAC for the MIAA. Something better. You look at Nebraska's University endowment compared to Michigan, Ohio State, Northwestern, and others and you see room to grow and a bigger challenge in a better league. I also see the revenue disparity between the Pac-12, Big XII, and conferences like the SEC and Big Ten continuing to grow. At some point it's not going to be sustainable to a school like Oklahoma IMO and they will look elsewhere. I think Nebraska traded an uncertain future in the Big XII for a stable big boy football environment in the Big Ten. I think Mizzou would trade with Nebraska in a heartbeat. I also believe Nebraska is in a great position in the West to compete for the future. Maybe the results so far have been mixed for 'Husker sports but I'm very optimistic there will be a breakthrough. It's a fantastic league and I see the Big Ten and the SEC being the cream of the crop for the forseeable future in revenue and results on the field as a whole.
  4. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Hurricane Florence could add to list of possible NU Game 12 opponents

    I'd go the FCS route and get something done. Akron was scheduled to ease the team into the season and provide a win. The FCS team can do the same. Although ECU lost to North Carolina A&T so I'd imagine it would serve the same purpose but cost more since it is FBS.
  5. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Hurricane Florence could add to list of possible NU Game 12 opponents

    One FCS game counts towards bowl eligibility. Why make this more difficult than it needs to be? SEC & ACC teams aren't getting penalized for it either.
  6. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Moos Presser - 9/5/18

    I still say FCS on 10/27 is best idea. Serves same purpose as Akron and weather is likely better too.
  7. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Weather for Colorado game

    It's also because it is a vehicle for more profit for Blackstone Group and Bain Capital by drawing extra attention to the situation and therefore TWC. Remember when they fired many long-time meteorologists and thought bringing on Al Roker was a good idea? Remember all the "disaster reality shows" programming taking place when actual bad weather events were happening and TWC was nowhere to be found?
  8. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Fall-out from Cancellation

    I'd like to think you were just scouting Abilene Christian in case they play them on 10/27.
  9. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Options for Game #12

    I agree, why make this more difficult that it needs to be? Don't play someone on the level of Savannah State or Prairie View A&M, which probably eliminates Bethune Cookman. Abilene Christian. or Samford are perfectly fine opponents for 10/27. I'll bet they are both better than Kansas and would likely have a puncher's chance against Illinois.
  10. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Options for Game #12

    I would agree. They don't have to pay them as much either for the win towards bowl eligibility.
  11. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Possible Sunday reschedule

    Yep, and really the Akron game was supposed to be a way to ease the team into the season as a lighter opponent. I think you would be able to pay the FCS team less and get the easier game with more people on the team being able to play like the University planned.
  12. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Possible Sunday reschedule

    North Alabama, an FCS school, has a bye on 10/27, as does North Carolina A&T, Abilene Christian, and Bethune Cookman.
  13. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Possible Sunday reschedule

    I'd certainly try to get an FCS team, Youngstown State excluded, to play at the end of the season. I think that's doable and the Big Ten would allow it because I don't think Akron will have interest.
  14. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Confederate flags

    I just see no reason to fly the flag of a loser, a traitor to the United States. You don't see people flying the flag of the Republic of Texas. I believe it all belongs in a museum to study history on what not to do. I wonder how much longer the state of Mississippi will fly their current state flag? It's always interesting to me that they choose to fly the battle flag and not the CSA flag, the actual "stars and bars".
  15. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    **** Official Akron Score Prediction****

    Nebraska 38, Akron 13 I'm also going to say nobody pukes on the field, unlike the game in '97.