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  1. No More BTN on Comcast?

    Just an FYI for anyone who had BTN through Comcast/Xfinity and now cannot get that TV channel with their Comcast service (this applies to me...) I downloaded the BTN2GO app and to view BTN live tv had to sign in with my cable provider to access it. It worked even though I can no longer watch it on cable. So if you’re trying to find a way to watch the spring game and haven’t yet done psvue or diretctvnow or whatever other option, the BTN2GO app was easy, didn’t cost a thing, and may get ya by until you find a more permanent solution.
  2. Thank You Jesus... Tunnel Walk of Shame is back?!?!

    I didn’t think this one was up to par. It could be that it has run it’s course and doesn’t seem near as entertaining now that we’re expecting some real football and less distractions making fun of things or maybe he’s just a little rusty and will get it going on again.
  3. Post-Practice Presser - April 19

    I absolutely love every single thing that I've heard from this staff and team since the day Frost was hired. But it does make a guy wonder what the hell this program was thinking and doing for the last 20 years. Oh well....water under the bridge now. Nebraska football is well on it's way back to being competitive.
  4. Brisket's in the smoker at 3:30AM. Hope it's ready by supper time.

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    2. Comfortably Numb

      Comfortably Numb

      @ZRod I had planned to crutch it but it powered right through the stall. Its at 180 now so it will definitely be done for supper. Going to put it  in the faux cambro when it hits 203. I did inject it with some beef broth. I didn't go low sodium but I did cut back a little on the exterior salt rub. I used Meathead's Big Bad Beef rub recipe and tweaked it a bit. Added some finely ground coffee (Starbucks Sumatra) and a bit more garlic and cayenne and a touch of brown sugar.

    3. ZRod


      Right before I serve it up , I like throw it on the grill on the highest flame setting for a few minutes to crisp the bark back up. And as a hair removal process for my hands and arms!




    4. RedDenver
  5. QB matchups announced for Spring Game

    Ive got a pretty good source that seems to think the current pecking order is #1 Gebbia #2 Martinez #2B Bunch As he put it, Gebbia right now is pretty clearly #1 followed by Martinez and not much separation between Martinez and Bunch. He seems to think the only thing holding Martinez back is his youth and lack of college experience, both of which could show improvement very soon. He was pretty impressed with all of them. He didn’t comment on Vedral, probably because it was assumed he’d be ineligible this year. This guy has seen some practices and is very close to a player on the team. No....I’m not going to say who it is so don’t ask.
  6. Poll- Curved bill cap vs Flat bill cap

    Of course this guy isn't much better. He's got the sun in his face yet has his cap turned backwards. Might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  7. Poll- Curved bill cap vs Flat bill cap

    I guess any slight curve at all makes a difference to me. When I say flat I mean flat. That Cubs player has a good 1/2" curve to it and it's for a purpose other than trying to achieve a certain look. I just think guys who wear them absolutely flat, usually propped atop their head catewompus, generally look like tools. (reference Redux's green hat guy and Bieber) jmo
  8. Poll- Curved bill cap vs Flat bill cap

    Solution- no bill and no windows
  9. Poll- Curved bill cap vs Flat bill cap

    I wouldn't call that a flat bill.....and I wouldn't call MLB players dbags either. I worded the questions extremely (maybe too extreme) to address things like the pics Redux and NUance posted. I also wouldn't consider QMany's pic as a flat bill or dbaggy. In hindsight, it likely has a lot more to do with the overall presentation rather than just wearing a flat bill cap.
  10. I have to award that round to Mertes. "Is that where the World-Herald found you" was the cincher.
  11. Good point. I haven't run across one of those yet but I'll check some more.
  12. Not sure the boys could handle unheated water here. Our tap water is usually colder than refrigerated water bottles.
  13. A true bidet cannot replace a toilet. They aren't designed to poop in or flush. They're basically just a sink you sit on to wash your junk. The bidet seats/attachments are just something that give you bidet functionality on a toilet.
  14. I've been doing a little research on them. I know quite a bit about plumbing and the add-ons that are under $300 look pretty much like junk. Some of the bidet seats in the $350 to $700 range seem to have good user reviews and look to be quality built.