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  1. Tetons and Yellowstone - mid Oct

    I'm guessing you could get about anything weather-wise in October in that area. Probably won't be "hot" but it could range from pretty mild to a balls out blizzard. Sorry, I know that doesn't help much but I don't think there are any guarantees that time of year.
  2. June 2018: How do you feel about the 2020 election right now?

    I'll put this here because it is related to the recent discussion. My wife has been on my ass to fill out my mail-in ballot for our upcoming election. The only race of consequence is for governor (Colorado). Most of the other races are local or state positions and not really races at all because they have only one option. I refuse to vote for a person running unopposed unless I really like what they stand for...not the case in any of these. But back to the governor race which should interest me. I reviewed their positions on all the issues and I absolutely hate every candidate from all parties. Can't stomach one name on the ballot. I'm not going to vote. This is pretty much how I feel about the national scene so will be interesting if I feel any compulsion to vote come the presidential election. BTW- The reason I hate all the governor candidates is that they are all about as extreme as you can get within their parties. Not a moderate voice to be found.
  3. June 2018: How do you feel about the 2020 election right now?

    Yeah, I changed mine to Candidate best aligned with me regardless of party. That is basically the same as saying anyone but Trump but it allows for some discernment of the candidates, as poor as they likely will be. I find it a little disappointing that almost everyone didn't pick that choice. I suppose many people feel pretty confident what they will get from "the other" party so I kind of get those choices but I'm more in the camp of we're pretty well screwed no matter which party.
  4. June 2018: How do you feel about the 2020 election right now?

    I suppose I’m in The anyone but Trump camp but my real answer is I’m nowhere near ready for the endless joke of an election cycle. I’m so sick of our system and the piss poor choices top to bottom.
  5. *** HB Misc Topic bullsh#t Thread ***

    I think they’re right... ...if this effect is what chromostereopsis is. Surprised I had never run across this before. Try this- close one eye, look at it for awhile and then close the other eye. Strange...one eye I don’t see any effect and the other eye it seems to slightly reverse which color stands up from when viewing with both eyes. After a little more reading, also of interest, I see the blue as rising above the red but apparently the more common way is for people to see the red rising above the blue. Curious to know how others here see it ?
  6. Finally! Blackshirt Talk

    I agree. He may have been a Quarterback but he's always seemed to have that blackshirt mentality. If he can't get it back nobody will. And if that's the case, it's time we all let go of it. But he'll get r' done.
  7. Finally! Blackshirt Talk

    This has probably already been covered ad nauseum but.... For about the first 30 years of the "Blackshirt" tradition there really was no decipherable difference between the starters or those who had "earned" them or the unit overall living up to the standard. We generally had very good defenses so it was one in the same. Then we come upon these last 20 years where the play hasn't been up to snuff and then all these discussions/arguments over what the "tradition" is rear their ugly head. Basically, both camps are right, the tradition is the black shirts are for the starters/top unit AND the tradition is for stellar, smothering defense. I've been one to say the tradition is to award them to the starters prior to the first game and then hold them accountable and make sure they earn it everyday in practice. But, I also realize that can't be the whole story if the defensive performance on the field doesn't align with good defense. IMO the tradition is nothing but a sham if it doesn't deliver defense we can be proud of. So I've got no problem with how any coach or staff wants to handle it as long as they make sure to deliver the goods on Saturdays. Did I have a problem with how Callahan, Pelini, Riley dealt with the blackshirts tradition? You bet I did because they didn't perform. It's high time for the defense to again start acting like they deserve a special moniker such as the blackshirts. So I don't care how Frost/Chinander handle it as long as we can quit cringing every time the other team has the ball. If they can't accomplish that I have no problem with relegating the blackshirts to the annals of history. It's just been a joke for 20 years. It's time that changes and then we'll quit having these discussions about what the real tradition is.
  8. I mean I'd sure take it and it's not men's football or basketball but it seems like a bargain considering that he's one of the top volleyball coaches in the country and considering all he's done in his time here. Is a million per year completely out of the ball park for a women's college volleyball coach? Heck this is in line with what we're paying our women's basketball coach, so it seems low to me. I must be out of touch with what the pay scale is outside of football....
  9. Official HB Good Beer Thread

    Was in the mood for a Hefeweizen with my dinner tonight so had a bomber of this It was very good with distinct banana esters. Also it didn’t have the trademark cloudiness of a hefe which was a bit unexpected. Really, it tasted almost exactly like New Belgium Abbey so that’s not a bad thing. I was hoping for a more traditional hefe with the lighter wheat beer profile but it was very good if you ever wanna try. Also picked up a six pack of this Hemperor because, I’m curious It says there is no detectable THC or CBD’s but the guy at the liquor store counter said it smells just like weed but tastes like an IPA. And apparently to lend credibility he volunteered that he’s been a pothead for a long time I’ll let you know if it’s any good after I have 1 or 2 this weekend.
  10. All time Husker Walk-on team

    If I recall, Monte Christo actually played a fair amount of minutes. Not sure how meaningful they were though. The Turmanator didn’t play a lot of minutes but I think you could make the argument that they were meaningful. I assume he was a walk on... Not sure if it would translate into a damn good team but would beat the pants off our last few teams.
  11. BBQ Rub & Sauce/Pics

    Those both sound good. The rub has a lot in common with some rubs I make. I want to try that sauce for sure. Sounds like it might have a pretty good kick to it..... jalapenos, 1/4 cup of cayenne pepper sauce, spicy brown mustard and cider vinegar. Ouch, Me likey.
  12. Official HB Good Beer Thread

    Stone IPA.......good stuff.
  13. ***2019 Recruiting***

    Ah okay, thanks. It makes sense now.
  14. ***2019 Recruiting***

    I've got a question for any of you recruitniks. What does CB mean as in, CB by Wiltfong? I've sort of deducted that means Wiltfong predicted him to commit/sign with that team but I can not come up with specifically what CB stands for.