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  1. Why are reporters not going after one of root problems= Mark Philipp

    I feel pretty confident in saying we’re not very good in all 4 of those areas. In fact, strength is probably the least concerning one based on my personally administered eye tests. But let’s not mince words, they don’t “look” like they’re getting pushed around. They are getting pushed around.
  2. 5-7 Bowl Eligbility

    Am I the only one who does not want this version of the Huskers to play in a bowl game? Normally an extra game has benefits like additional practice time, game experience, etc. I don't see where those things would do the program any good at this point. The quicker this current staff quits influencing these players the better IMO. It's time for a hard reset when the new coach comes in. Until then, I just hope for as little damage as possible.
  3. Facebook Comments - Riley's Soft Culture

    I’ve noticed next to none of that. The key may be staying away from the idiots on Facebook. It works for me.
  4. Penn State Post-Game Pressers

    This will always get a +1 from me. Our coaches should be living in a van down by the river.
  5. Penn State Post-Game Pressers

    The narrative that needs to die is not that these teams haven’t been mentally tough, although I don’t think that has been the primary problem. It is more that they just haven’t been coached up, prepared well and taught how to accomplish the coaches vision. Part of that is the apparent lack of vision and direction. The whole Riley tenure has been nothing but throw sh#t against the wall and see what sticks. The problems during the Pelini years were more more mental and also coach induced. When Bo lost his composure the team lost theirs. Back to the point, the narrative that needs to die is that this team is somehow other worldly snake bit or some such hogwash. That isn’t a thing guys. Our problems can be solved with good coaching and leadership. It’s that simple and we just haven’t had it. A good coach will instill the right mindset in his players. As bad as our fundamentals and execution have been the biggest thing lacking has been teamwork and laying it on the line for the guy next to you. Commitment and desire. A good coach will mold and nurture that while also teaching the X’s and O’s and properly preparing the team for success. It’s not snakebit it’s just that we’ve been 4x losers on coach selection and timing. Plus it’s impossible to get where you’re going if you are constantly changing directions. It’s simple, all we need is some good leadership and coaching. Once we have that we can finally work on building the program back up with consistency and stability. You can’t build on a shaky foundation and that is all we’ve had.
  6. We’re so bad I actually feel sorry for the teams that wasted their time preparing to play us.

  7. Knapp, do you really prefer Campbell to Frost or were you just being contrary or trying to prevent the shut out?
  8. Over/Under- Penn State Edition

    Under. He will be out of the game before 10x. O/U PSU points 56
  9. Over/Under- Penn State Edition

    Over. They're likely to show MR at least 10 times.... O/U 50 yards rushing by Nebraska?
  10. Over/Under- Penn State Edition

    The way these O/U threads work is you answer the previous question and then pose your own. Like this next post.... (I probably didn't help things with the trick question in the op)
  11. Over/Under- Penn State Edition

    Number of game opening kickoffs returned for a touchdown by PSU.....2
  12. Anybody have a Samsung appliance (refrigerator)? Are they any good?

    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. VectorVictor


      Samsung appliances, when they work, are great and some of the best out there. The problem is with their failure rates from assembly--if you go with a Samsung appliance, get the extended warranty and make sure it covers the store picking up and delivering/replacing at your home. 


      And I own a 'Fridge (side by side). Works great, but reviews seemed to be either 4/5* or 1* (because of malfunction).

    3. ColoradoHusk


      Regarding the black stainless look, currently, it's just a thin covering on the regular stainless steel.  The guy at Lowe's told us that it can scratch pretty easily.  I agree that it looks great at first, but not sure how long it would stay like that.



      Interesting on it scratching easily, I hadn't heard that, I think it cleans up way easier. I guess only time will tell how it holds up. We also had to buy the whole set because we needed a new stove and dishwasher so we just said screw it and bought the microwave and fridge. Then the dryer went out so we had to buy a new dryer as well. The joy of homeownership! lol 

  13. *** 2017 Game 11 "Expert" Picks: Nebraska at Penn State ***

    We might have to go to the tape and see if he mumbled "with envy" between look and at.
  14. *** 2017 Game 11 "Expert" Picks: Nebraska at Penn State ***

    Well if nothing else, our expectations are finally realistic and where the product indicates they should be.