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  1. JJ Husker

    Nick Saban was 6-6 his first year at Bama.....

    Uh no, I shouldn’t take Saban over Frost on any day, nor would I. You’re welcome to prefer him though. And that’s not meant to disparage Nick Saban in any way.
  2. JJ Husker

    Nick Saban was 6-6 his first year at Bama.....

    In hindsight, yes. However, at the time, not knowing that we would be getting Frost, I’d have been really excited. Of course, Larry the Memorial Stadium janitor replacing Mike Riley would’ve been somewhat exciting too . But to be clear, I am currently much happier with Frost than I would be with Saban.
  3. JJ Husker

    Nick Saban was 6-6 his first year at Bama.....

    You’re right, one thing has nothing to do with the other. But I do find it amusing/curious that many of the posters who defend Saban to the death are many of the same ones being most vocal about the mistakes and shortcomings of Frost. Maybe it’s coincidence but it sure seems like there’s more to it than that.
  4. JJ Husker

    Nick Saban was 6-6 his first year at Bama.....

    Hey, if you want to ride the jock of the wildly successful Alabama coach while at the same time disparaging and complaining about the new, 2 actual games new, Nebraska coach, you just keep being you.
  5. JJ Husker

    Nick Saban was 6-6 his first year at Bama.....

    Didn’t say I hate him. I respect the hell out of what he’s accomplished at Bama. But there is a lot more contributing to that success than simply Nick Saban. And I wouldn’t trade Frost for him. I would not expect Saban to be capable of the same level of success at Nebraska as he’s had at Bama. I think Frost is the most likely to emulate the level of success TO had at Nebraska.
  6. JJ Husker

    Nick Saban was 6-6 his first year at Bama.....

    I think “just sayin’” can be used in many different ways and that none of them automatically make the person sound less intelligent or that it is an attempt at leaving an opening to wiggle out of what was said later. Personally I use it as a more colorful alternative to “IMO” or “in my opinion”. i.e. I just said it so of course I’m just sayin’. It really has no effect on what the person just said or how smart they sound. I leave that determination for what they actually said. And to be honest I didn’t appreciate cheekygeek’s first mention of it to Moiraine. Seemed pretty dickish.
  7. JJ Husker

    Nick Saban was 6-6 his first year at Bama.....

    Ya know, I’m about tired of hearing how great Nick Saban is and seeing him placed up on some football gods pedestal. Sure he’s a very good coach and has had crazy success at Alabama but there is so much more to that success than just his acumen as a coach. Those results and that level of success requires a whole lot of stars aligning, perfect circumstances, timing, etc. As the saying goes, success breeds success.
  8. JJ Husker

    Nick Saban was 6-6 his first year at Bama.....

    Hmm, curious. Then how do you manage the same end result without using "just sayin'"? I'm just sayin'....
  9. JJ Husker

    Locks of the Weak; 2018 edition

    1-2 last week, 2-5 on the year Week 4 Locks Georgia -14.5 (Missouri) Nebraska +18.5 (Michigan) Wisconsin -3.5 (Iowa) Should call these IDGAF picks. Took me about 45 seconds to pick these out and I wouldn’t put real money on any of them.
  10. JJ Husker


    You are completely mischaracterizing what Frost has done and said regarding the previous staff. He has only stated the truth and he has been very limited in what he has and could’ve said. He has showed considerable restraint and it has not been unprofessional in the slightest. I’m not sure why this issue has crawled up your ass and made a home there. It is apparent that you.......oh f#ck it, never mind. You’ve already shown you won’t listen to reason.
  11. JJ Husker

    Tempo and Speed (or lack thereof so far)

    Yes, I realize he is actually a redshirt sophomore. But functionally and for brevity I lumped him in the same freshman category as AM. Either way, the reason(s) he isn’t currently capable of operating this offense at Milton-UCF tempo should be more than obvious.
  12. JJ Husker

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    And why would anyone believe what Frost says about injuries and their impact on whether a player might play or not? I’ve gotten the impression that HCSF is going to be pretty secretive with any related public statements. If he says a player looked good in warmups or he’s probable or he’s improbable or whatever he says, I would not count on that being the case at all. He stated once early on that he wouldn’t be commenting on injuries during the season unless that player was out for the year. So, when he does comment, I assume it is either disinformation or the truth.....pretty useless info.
  13. JJ Husker

    Tanner Farmer on Buying In

    I agree, I'm getting tired especially of the OL players talking to the press. I much preferred the days when they refused to talk and simply put their products on display on the field. Farmer may be well spoken etc. but I'd prefer their play was up to snuff and not have the sunshine blown up my back side.
  14. JJ Husker

    Tempo and Speed (or lack thereof so far)

    You mean we have not played as fast as UCF did when we have had two different freshmen starting quarterbacks in our first two games. Shocked! I am shocked.
  15. I can only assume that Frost knew better than us that Bunch was not prepared or able to perform those intermediate passes. He acknowledged in his presser that they were giving us those passes and QB runs yet he didn’t have Bunch doing those things. Based on what I did see from Bunch, I’m guessing that was maybe a wise decision to not attempt them even if that is what the D was giving us. You can’t get blood out of a turnip. The more disappointing thing is that he wanted to lean on our OL and run the ball and they weren’t up to the task against a Troy team that we just have to be able to manhandle in the trenches. Apparently the Pipeline is not back to form yet.