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  1. 'Devastating day' for FBI's Clinton email investigation?

    You really think he was making light of people dying? Are you actually that stupid? I know what he was doing, are you actually that stupid to not know what I was doing with my statements?
  2. Hillary Clinton lies...

    Hillary vs Hillary Is this considered lying or pandering? Oh wait, it is both!
  3. Hillary Clinton lies...

    Me too, Oh wait you only meant that when it is a liberal site and not a conservative site. It is also "trite" that this is always brought up when liberal sites are denounced, but not when conservative sites are.. In another thread I posted a video from Fox and the response from knap and something else, can't remember now.. "you posted something from Fox, really?"
  4. 'Devastating day' for FBI's Clinton email investigation?

    lol at the posters.. The whole reason Benghazi was a big deal was because of the deaths, to act like that should not be included is flat out stupid. Would we still be talking about this without those deaths? Hell no!
  5. Hillary Clinton lies...

    How many times do we have to talk about the liberal bias at politifact. http://www.politifactbias.com/ http://townhall.com/columnists/brentbozell/2016/06/29/the-liberal-tilt-at-politifact-n2185076 http://humanevents.com/2012/08/30/politifact-bias-does-the-gop-tell-nine-times-more-lies-than-left-really/ http://www.newsmax.com/Reagan/PolitiFact-Fact-Checkers-Bias/2015/03/20/id/631565/ We've talked about it plenty, but I'm guessing you're going to continue to bring it up. You bet, as long as some continue to think they are unbiased, I will continue as well. That "chart" is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.
  6. The General Election

    I'm thoroughly confused. Was it okay for Clinton to make careless remark? Or is Trump an even bigger douche than Hillary because he took any context clues out of the assassination hint? You posted the video. Was it to prove the remarks are okay? Or was it to show Hillary is careless and Trump can be even worse? It was to show you jumping down Trumps throat for something Hillary also did.. but no condemnation from you towards Hillary only Trump. Some of you act like bnilhome is doing is some crazy thing. All you Hillary backers do the very same thing. She is your candidate, so you ignore, or explain away, the bad things she does while jumping on Trump for doing it. They are both idiots, and I won't be voting for either. I bag on Hillary more because it seems Trumps gets it the most on this site. Those that claim to hate both really only bag on Trump. Yep, Trump lies like a dog, he will say whatever he needs to, just like Hillary does. To try and say one does it more, or one has the worst lies is just flat out ignorant. All that said, I think Trump is less likely to do the most damage ( still not enough to get my vote mind you) because Hillary would sell the soul of her first born to advance her career. She is under the control of the worlds elite, Soros already proved that to be true.
  7. Frank was in a no win situation, hell any coach following Tom with Tom's aging assistants would have been as well. Frank coached the freshman team to numerous #1 teams.. Remember, we had a Freshman team back then.. This wasn't Franks first time as a head coach.
  8. 'Devastating day' for FBI's Clinton email investigation?

    Wow, truly sad you are so callous about people losing their lives.. not surprising, though.
  9. The General Election

    Really? Do you have evidence to back this claim you are making? I mean I assume you have more than one person in mind, right, considering what you said.
  10. The General Election

    How does one person being a liar change the other person's (Hillary) propensity to lie?
  11. The General Election

    Don't we currently have food regulations? but we see issues all the time, what gives? This is really your reply? You thought it all through and this is what you came up with? Don't we currently make efforts to stop terrorism? But terrorist attacks happen in the U.S. anyway. What gives? Do you really want to go there? Does Trump want to go there? Let's not do any monitoring of anyone and let anyone who wants come into the country. Because terrorist attacks happen anyway. It's okay if another 9/11 happens. It'll happen anyway. You seriously think because there have been disease outbreaks that none of these policies stop the others? You think because one person got a vaccine and got sick we should stop getting vaccinated? You think because we've had a couple terrorist attacks that zero have been thwarted? Really? This is really your reply? You go from food regulations talk in previous posts to terror attacks to bolster your point? Those are totally different situations. LMAO, from talking food regs to encompassing terror attacks.. unreal Your first mistake is to think that with less restrictive regs that somehow mayhem will break out, when you have no foundation for that belief. It must suck being someone who thinks man is so evil, that it takes a government to control humanity.
  12. The General Election

    Don't we currently have food regulations? but we see issues all the time, what gives?
  13. The General Election

    Food-borne illnesses on cruise ships Chipotle Didn't current food regulations stop those from breaking out in the first place? Oh wait, they didn't!
  14. 'Devastating day' for FBI's Clinton email investigation?

    lol, go ahead, I don't back him! Yet you routinely refer to people who have said, multiple times, that they don't support or endorse or like Hillary, as Hillary supporters. and that has to do with what? I might have said that to one maybe two, but not even remotely "routinely".. again, not sure what that has to do with what I said.
  15. 'Devastating day' for FBI's Clinton email investigation?

    lol, go ahead, I don't back him!