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  1. Ticket prices falling?

    I bought 6 tickets for nearly $200 a pop in the late summer also, but for the Wisconsin game. Waste of money and never doing that again. This week, the people I work with are giving away their tickets to anyone who will take them.
  2. Cook in AVCA Hall of Fame

  3. The Iron N is calling for a BLACK0UT against Wisconsin

    No one knows what's going on...
  4. MR surviving the season

    With the schedule next year, a new AD, and the fact we are still paying Bo I think HCMR is here next year. Expectations will be play in Indy in a competitive game or its over.
  5. LB Jalen Redmond [Oklahoma Commit]

    Thats a VIP article. Care to share the summary?
  6. Call me crazy but we could give HCMR another year or two to see how things play out - especially if they can consistently win and pull off some upsets this year. He has been bringing in better and better classes and this class could be one of the best in a long time.
  7. RIP Brian Towle

  8. Who should we hire

    Why do we care how much a coach is paid? Its not our money. I say go balls deep and spend our way to a championship.
  9. ***Official Northern Illinois Game Discussion Thread***

    Defense isn't the problem its the offense.
  10. ***Official Northern Illinois Game Discussion Thread***

    We needed that so bad!
  11. ***Official Northern Illinois Game Discussion Thread***

    OL is bad in pass protection
  12. ***Official Northern Illinois Game Discussion Thread***

    Glad that timeout worked out so well.