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  1. This was Possibly a Great Day for Nebraska Football

    Lol I always love this argument. Go could only win with Callahan’s recruits, Riley can’t win with Bo’s. It’s always an excuse somewhere.
  2. Clemson will be in the playoff again this year.

    I think you're right. QB was a big concern but man he looks good.
  3. Offense

    I agree all about this. I would be all for Les Miles, if he hires a good OC. Also, I think we could keep Parella, Williams, Williams, and Diaco. I honestly just want a coach who is a football genius. Riley doesn't seem like a football genius to me. I mean when I can call what play we are going to run before snap, that's bad. Our bubble screens and PA pass on 4th and long are just dumb and I saw coming honestly.
  4. Offense

    And it's sad because most of us ordinary fans have called out a lot of that stuff Les just did. Honest question, if Les Miles was our coach would you be happy?
  5. Offense

    Last 8 years. Only one I can think of was Iowa State 7 turnover game. I mean Northern Illinois is not that good to destroy our offense.
  6. Offense

    That might be the worst offensive game I have seen in a lonnnnnnng time. I'm trying to think of players on the offense that did good and all I can think of is Wilbon, DPE, and Spielman. Other than that holy cow seemed like not many people gave two rats about what was going on. Stanley played good, but he's dropped a lot of passes. Tanner Lee is honestly lucky that they dropped so many potential INT's. Most of the poor offensive performance is probably on the O-line. Very hard to watch when we constantly had two of their guys in are backfield all game long. The blocked field goal at the end of half was game changing.
  7. Gimme some crow

    I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought this was the biggest WTF. That bubble screen you have to go deep if a corner comes up. You can't throw deep if you're inside the 10, plus it was just high risk for not really much reward honestly.
  8. DE Micah Parsons

    Well CB pledger too.
  9. If we lose a CLOSE game to Northern Illinois

    If we lose to them terminate the program
  10. I guess we are over Tanner Lee

    I'm honestly not too worried. He was very close on a lot of throws. That was the biggest game he's played in as well. We need Tre Bryant to be healthy for Tanner.
  11. I guess we are over Tanner Lee

    Very well could've been a TE. I thought that one was Farniok I do know it game from the right side. But the middle two INT's were definitely his fault just horrible throws.
  12. I guess we are over Tanner Lee

    Disagree. The last one was on Farniok. DE just blew by him and hit Lee's arm. If Morgan catches that first one that's a 7 point difference.
  13. Pierson-El and Lindsey's Potential

    Well time to lock this thread.
  14. Tre Bryant

    Actually, Lambeau is heated with lights that move on wheels. Kind of like our pivots around here, but with light not water.
  15. Bend but don't break

    I mean if you watched the West Virginia vs Virginia Tech game you saw an attacking defense. Both teams got beat by some deep balls, but also had plenty of stops. Most deep balls were players just making plays. Look at Bama for example, they are never content giving up any yards.