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  1. Offensive line coach

    This. I about died when the Mikes and BC on their podcast mentioned Bryant had the 2nd most yards still. He played 2 games! Just watch Frost’s run offense and you’ll be way happier than this garbage.
  2. Is it just me or do you guys agree that Frost to Nebraska and Chip to Florida is just better for both parties? Don’t get me wrong I think Chip is definitely a better coach right now and proven more, but I don’t think he’d stick with Nebraska long.
  3. TO flew to Florida?

    Poster on 24/7 was saying if anyone knew anymore about it. Was all the talk at the N club Saturday. I’m asking if anyone else as heard about it.
  4. Just the rumor I️ heard was TO went to Florida. Putting in some leg work for Frost. Anyone else know anything about this?
  5. 2017-2018 Season Notes

    Wait a minute, I thought James Palmer was “horrible and would be a waste of roster space and won’t ever see the court.”
  6. 247: Reviewing the Offensive Line

    Yeah I’ve noticed ever since Riley was hired our run game has been horrible. (Doesn’t help we lost Abdullah) The lack of long run plays has been ridiculous. Most were made my Tommy Armstrong or a blown assignment nothing that we have done. It’s sad when a 10 yard run is considered a long run. I’d love to look at our long run from each game and see if we have 3 above 25 yards this year.
  7. What Could Have Been....

    I’m upset with him. He never gave me the opportunity to witness a Nebraska National Championship. Just kidding TO is one of the nicest guys out there and I’m really thankful I got to meet him. Husker football wouldn’t be half of what it is today without him.
  8. Enough with the fan abuse

    I will show my disinterest if the team looks like they flat out aren’t trying or if playcalling is just horrible. Also, the game Saturday students had fall break. I wasn’t going to stay until the end watching a beat down when I could end up getting home before midnight instead of 2 or later. First game I’ve ever left early, and probably the most disappointing game I’ve ever been too and it’s up their with the most disappointing I’ve ever seen. (Home games laying an egg like that feels so bad)
  9. Hello, Mike Riley

    Northern Illinois tho lol
  10. Keep the Kids at Home

    No we have Jurgens this year even Masry might be higher.
  11. Ohio State Post Game Pressers

    Glad I wasn’t the only one holy cow did they not look jacked. Nobody shows any emotion on the team.
  12. Lack of talent

    Or they just are busts? I forgot rankings meant EVERYTHING.
  13. Lack of talent

    Your argument was horrible. And you picked out 2 plays pretty small sample size bud.
  14. Lack of talent

    So his freshman sophomore year compared to when he was an upper class man? Great argument because players are always their best when they are a underclassman.