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  1. Some Positives

    And what does that tell you? That a five yard gain was bad because it wasn't ten? If you were to execute most offensive plays perfectly, a TD would result. So, therefore, unless you score, it is a bad play? I suppose it would be really difficult to perfectly execute a QB sneak and expect a TD as the QB will likely fall down before he actually ran in the endzone untouched. As far as suggesting that comparing our past opponents with our future ones and suggesting that such a comparision doesn't matter is rather odd to me. . Upsets and flukes and bizarre things can happen now and then such as weather, mass illness, scandal and turmoil, etc. But, realistically, to simply say that we played poorly in three consecutive games against one reasonably good opponent (Oregon) and two that, by most objective measures and viewpoints, are simply not "Big Ten ready" but it means nothing. I just can't accept that premise. One or two games, with unique or special circumstances that make the games an aberration, fine. But three consecutive games is certainly a trend and some kind of indicator of future performance.
  2. Some Positives

    To win the Big Ten, we need only win the west division which does NOT require that we go undefeated in the Big Ten. We simply need to win as many as the next 'best' team in the division and then be sure we beat them in our meeting with them. LOL However, based on the three (3) - not just one or two - games thus far, there is a much greater likelihood we lose all of our conference games than we win the division and or the conference title. While it can be said that we are just a few plays and yards and points away from being unbeaten, we are also about 9 yards and a 2 point conversion from being winless. We have NOT outplayed any of our opponents regardless of the scoreboard. We were nearly blown out by Oregon and if a couple more bad things had happened last Saturday, we could have lost by a fairly big score to NIU. Ugh. Seriously folks: how many of you honestly believe that Ark State, Oregon and or NIU could 'win' the Big Ten west let alone the title? How many feel that Huskies are better than ANY of the Big Ten teams? How many feel Ark State could give Wisconsin and or Ohio State or Penn State or Michigan a good game? These are subjective questions and matters of the eye test and opinion, but as dedicated football fans, we are all more or less 'experts' (at least semi pros) and our opinions are probably as good as most any others.
  3. Do husker fans today have lower expectations?

    Lowered expectations presumbaly simply means most fans that once expected the Huskers to win every week no longer expect us to win many games. Clearly if you expect us to win the national championship this year, your simply dillusional and or have no clue as to football in general and or the currect state of Husker football generally. . I was hopeful, based on the information provided by the Nebraska media mostly that we had a real passing QB with talent. That alone was something we have not had for decades. I also expected our O line to play better since most of the players were returning from atleast one or two yeOur ars 'in the system' and according to the media and the 'experts' who supposedly know about such thngs, our recruits were fairly highly sought after and amongst the better ones in the country. It seems pretty obvious to me that those 'facts' were flat out wrong. Our RBs and WRs are adequate to win 10 gamea. I still feel our secondary and LBs and DL are adequate to the same task although our coaches have not played them in such a way as to play agressively. Why? I d k. Maybe the coaches know they players are simply not good enough and we are doing the only thing we can which is to play back and hope the opponent shoots themselves in the foot before they march the entire field and score. Our punting is much improved as I expected and Brown is still a fine place kicker and kick off man Only God knows what is going on with our punt returns (the lack thereof). We remain afraid or uncertain as when and where we should catch and return a punt. This is inexplicable. Any 'average' high school football coach can atleast plan a reasonable punt return scheme surely. We all WANT more than we expect. Our big picture expectations remain lofty but our present situation expectations are as of today, very low indeed. I don't expect us to win more that one or two more games and we may not win any. That is a very sad thing to say but that is how far down my expectations have fallen in just 15 days. .
  4. Terry Pettit on the current Husker fishbowl

    There are many unseen and publicly unknown factors that are weighed into hiring and firing decisions. To be fair to the Athletic Directors, (Osborne, Byrne, Eichorst, etc.) all had UNL senior admin looking over their shoulders and probably had the final say (up or down) on any and all the H.C. hires and pay and other terms involved. We don't know but I would certainly suspect that things like maximum compensation were a major consideration in who and how and when we could hire and or fire any of them. If the A.D. is limited on the $$$ he can offer, he is clearly limited in the pool of potential candidates that may be even offered, much less hired. We as fans want to hire the very best and the money is less than relevant. In fact, most of us feel we ought to pay whatever it takes as we see the 'big' picture as being winning championships will more the generate the funds needed to meet our pay obligations, etc. But no doubt there are political (internal to the University certainly) issues within the compensation strata. For example, how many of the long tenured and highly paid UNL professors who don't care at all if there is a football team or sports of any kind, who raise hell when they read the millions of dollars being paid to a 'football coach' of all things. And frankly, the prevailing salaries are in the big picture 'nuts'. We are paying an defensive coordinator upwards of a million a year. The football program is near and dear to my heart and has been for over 40 years. But there would be many folks who might say it is not worth the trouble and or worry and could care less if they ever played again. I think the joinder to the Big Ten was as much about academics and prestige and so on as it was about sports. In fact, probably more so.
  5. The $$ cost of losing

    Happy Valley is in the middle of nowhere by a crappy winding 2 land road etc. There is more population in that part of the country within 400 miles but football is not a big sport either. I would say it is harder to recruit to Penn State than to Lincoln. The collapse of Husker football will hurt Lincoln big time and it has to be worth about a hundred million a year to that community. The Ath Dept budget exceeds that probably most ticket spend more on other stuff on game days than the ticket price which is around $70 or something each. A lot of booze, food, hotels, gas, parking, snacks, retail shopping, etc goes along with game week-ends that just the tickets and concessions. And all the jobs and etc that will be lost as well. Other sports attendance will also suffer as football is the fan draw that keeps the red fever going and helps feed some of the baseball, basketball, etc. And donations, etc will also drop big time as well. There is also the 'ripple' or multiplier effects as well which are probably two or three times the ticket numbers as well. Will all fans stop going? No but if a third do, the sell outs stop and ticket prices will plummet to a third of what they are now and donations will dry up. The sports budget will be halved or worse. Lay-offs, supplies, coaching cuts, etc. The legislature will have to approprirate money and will introduce all sorts of politics and restrictions, etc. It will be disasterous.
  6. Shatel: Danger zone

    Nothing new in this story either. It's been going on like this since atleast Callahan days. When Frank was fired, the recruiting had been ignored and Frank tried to take the heat off by firing some of the best assistant coaches in Husker history and blamed them for not recruiting (Tenopir and Darlington, etc.). When S Peterson let Frank got, it was because the recruiting had stopped and the losing had commenced. He took the most talented program in college football history when he was named coach in Nov 1997 and within 5 years, we were being beaten by teams outside the top 40 and it was not an aberration. Recruiting was a shambles - at a time when many of the very best in the country were calling Lincoln to seek a try out and Frank was turning them down or suggesting they play defense, etc. The Husker nation was split and shocked in many ways by Frank's dismissal and of course Callahan was hired. I think the plan A guy backed out or probably tried to hold out for a lot more money and we didn't really have the cash on hand at the time. Despite the success, money was tighter back then (pre Big Ten cash as we have now). The recruiting efforts have been made and remade and efforts renewed and etc. But until we hire a 'splash' big name, big reputation coach, it will continue and if we see this season collapse (I hope not but am very fearful it will), this will be the beginning of the end, sadly.
  7. The financial implications of a failed football program

    KU was a basket case football program at the elite basketball school. That is why you don't hire someone with NO H.C.experience. He had enough resume that he should have been considered. He only gets that consideration because of his long NU connections and inside knowledge and respect. He also can run an offense that Husker fans would like. The 'fun and gun' etc is just not going to popular although it would eventually grow on fans provided there were enough wins in the early years. I thought fans would be more patient with Riley and he'd get about 7 years or so to really turn things up several notches but if this season goes at it now appears (maybe only 1 or 2 wins), then he is done. The next hire needs to be the last one for about 15 years. It took Tom Osborne about 22 years to finally win a title after lots of 9 and 10 win seasons with tough losses in the bowls and to OU. Our present conference slate is as tough an annual schedule as can be imagined and is tougher than any T.O. ever had to manage. To win it all, you are going to need about 80 of the 85 scholarships going to players better than ANY we presently have. That will take incredible recruiting and lots of fan patience while we reload with elite, tough talent.
  8. The financial implications of a failed football program

    Another former Husker that would probably be dam good is Tom Rathman. He has a long successful playing career with trremendous Nebraska ties and loads of NFL experience under great coaches, and coaching experience.
  9. The financial implications of a failed football program

    Les Miles is not one of the choices stated so exclude him - it is Frost vs Gill only. There are other coaches I would also prefer over either of them but that is not the discussion. What, pray tell, does Frost present in your mind that suggests he would be better than Gill? I would really like to know what so many see in Frost. Seriously. Miles would be on my short list and I would likely put him above both Gill and Frost but I would have to really learn alot more about his background and history and personality as well. I think he is a fairly big 'splash' hire that we ought to consider too, And I don't want another 'a hole' for a coach. Been there and done that and it doesn't work out. We don't want a Paterno or Bo or Woody Hayes or other scandal waiting to happen. This one needs to be right in all respects.
  10. The financial implications of a failed football program

    At this point, given a choice between Turner Gill and Scott Frost, I would choose Gill in a heart beat. I loved watching both play but I believe Gill has a much nicer personality. I am confident that Gill can coach and having been a Husker coach for a number of years, in addition to his playing time, he has closer ties to the program in my view. Frost might surprise me but I just would prefer Gill. But, I think if we want to really turn the program around, the hire has to be a big splash hire (almost sunami splash) and I don't see Frost anywhere near that type of hire. Just my opinion. He might be a good position coach I suppose. Turner interviewed before and was rejected so not sure he would be all that interested and I suspect he really likes his current job. Money is not always the primary consideration.
  11. Toughness

    The toughness and being feared comes from the team playing with heart, fire and determination. The attitudes about winning and the need and desire to do so have changed in our society in general. I suppose there are many reasons but you see this in so many ways. We are seeing the rules of football 'softened' in areas such as the spearing and head but rules to the obvious officiating calls for 'unnecessary roughness' and so in many cases where the hit is nothing more than a near perfect football tackle. I would suggest the fact that so many our young people today have literally grown up 'playing' video games involving sports and or violence of all sorts. I am not a game player but I have seen enough of them played by many kids that it is clear that the consequences of 'losing' in these games is nothing more than pressing the reset or restart button or even just using another of one's 'lives' over and over again. In other words, 'losing' has no significance in the course of playing the game and one can play all day and lose repeatedly literally hundreds of time and it effectively means nothing. This mentality pervades our society across so many areas from sports to politics to work to crime and punishment, etc. Young people are given pretrial diversion in criminal courts where the end result is nothing more than listening to a short lecture from the judge and attendance at a couple meetings or doing a few hours of community service which amounts to frankly about nothing. Many young people graduate from high school without ever having had to hold down a job and develop a real work ethic of some kind. Parents coddle their kids and we see medals and trophies and awards 'for participation' and so on. This has the effect of de-emphasizing the win or lose aspects of competition. It is not surprising that a loss bothers the fans more than the players. And for coaching staffs and even administrators, winning may be a nice thing but it is not nearly as important as perhaps it once was to most people. One could make a case that coaches contracts should be on a pay per win basis where the loss really costs them something. We see coaches getting paid on guaranty salaries for years after they have left for poor performance. Instead of paying millions, win or lose, maybe the salary should be rather modest and additonal comp for a job well done. There are important aspects beyond the wins and losses and those ought to be rewarded as well. Teams that produce wins, avoid troubles on or off the field, excel in school, etc. are what is expected. Let's pay for that.
  12. What does MR need to do to earn back your TRUST?

    I think if Riley won the lottery for about 100 million and then donated it to the football program, and then retired, gracefully, he would long be remembered by most fans as a positive part of Husker history. Short of that, it will be hard for Riley to redeem himself. This team has virtually zero chance of having a winning season and may not win another game after the way they have played thus far. Yesterday's loss will be a real downer on the entire mindset of the team. Hard to recover from it at this point.
  13. how many total wins this regular season

    Based on the first three games, I think we win a total of 2. This is hard for me because I was very optimistic for this fall and thought 10 wins was quite possible. I am concerned about Saturday vs Rutgers and if we lose that one, we won't win another all season. The program will completely collapse. That is how tentative and tenuous the program is after this disasterous start. Yesterday's loss combined with the shaky play in games one and two clearly show this team is NOT very good at all. It is shockingly poor frankly. The hardest part of it all is that I don't see a great deal of hope that there are any easy fixes.
  14. Actually, I think the Nebraska football coaching job is one of the best in the country and would be quite attractice to almost any coach. In some ways, it is more attractive now than it was 20 years ago. Taking over after Tom would have been the most challenging and high risk gamble for a top coach - period. There were not many who would have taken that risk. Today, Nebraska is a bottom feeder amongst the blue blood football tradition rich programs. Once the expecations were sky high and now they are not. The fans have 'wants' and they have expectations. Those are not the same. Frank Solich was NOT the man to carry on the Osborne legacy but I am not sure if there were more that 5 potential HCs who could have carried it on at the very highest levels that Tom had achieved in the late 90s. In many way, Solich was 'stuck' with an almost impossible job and he failed as nearly everyone would have. Today, the program needs to be rebooted (not rebuilt) as we have the infrastructure in place with a nice stadium and all the other things. The AD may have thought that somehow the wins would just magically happen as though just about any experienced coach with a friendly face and nice guy personality could win games regularly. The talent level is low but the tank is not empty yet. The resources are there to turn the program around. It will take a decade to get us back to the top ten level (it can't be done in 2 or 3). The program had fallen under Solich and Callahan, Pelini and now Riley were unable to bring it back. Each of those coaches had some of the necessary characteristics we want but NONE had enough of them to get it done. I am very concerned about the Scott Frost discussion as I don't think we know enough about him. I would hesitate to let Riley go to hire Frost as that is how concerned I would be with Frost.
  15. Mike Riley Apologists

    Yes I do believe it very much. Hell, as unlikeable as Bo Pelini was, I think he would resign as well under similar circumstances. Bo was a very disagreeable guy but he surely has some admirable qualities in there as well. One of them is knowing your not welcome anymore and, after some time to really think about, would leave. What coach would seriously stay and stand on the sidelines week after week, losing, while the fans boo him. Either Riley quits or he continues to coach. I don't think we should fire him Now, Bo insisted on being fired cause he wanted the pay check and that is just his personality. Of course, there will be a settlement on the money issues but I think Riley will leave willingly.