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  1. Resale Value of Season Tickets?

    Your season ticket privileges can be revoked for selling higher than face value. But before I had season tickets, the last game I paid out the nose for was Michigan State in 2015. I think i paid $150/each plus fees through Stub Hub. EDIT: Section 36C, Row 72
  2. North End Zone here as well. Section 38 Row 11. Depending where you're at, the End Zones have some great seats. From our aisle seats, we have about twenty steps to field level, and access to restrooms and concessions at Gate 15. Plus its always cool to watch the team exit the locker room.
  3. Small-Town/Farm Kid Nebraska Huskers Tribute Thread

    I love to wax nostalgic as much as the next guy, but what about current walk ons that reflect the spirit of the program? I'm biased, but this kid bleeds Husker Red, and is what the walk on program is about. Born, Bred, and Go Big Red. http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/football/hometown-husker-conor-young/article_fa1f971e-0598-5612-84bf-3d8236816537.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  4. Honest Expectations (Frost and Co)

    The first year I don't expect miracles, but realistic change. -Not getting taken to the woodshed by teams we should beat. -No enormous blowouts. The second year, I expect to be seeing talk of serious contenders for the West, and handily beating lesser opponents. Third year, I want Huskers at Badgers to be THE B1G game to watch. With this game being who goes to the B1G Championship, and advancing in Top 15 rankings.
  5. Your plans for the first game?

    Sitting in my new seats in Section 38 Row 11. The wife's first night game. GO BIG RED!
  6. Season Ticket Question

    Thanks Mavric. Ive already paid for 2017. I should have clarified, and stated for the 2018 season. I paid them donation beginning of the year, and paid for the balance in March. Unless I get those lottery tOSU tickets, then pay another check.
  7. Season Ticket Question

    Thanks. Either I need to plead to the Secretary of Domestic Tranquility for a Husker Season Ticket Budget Increase, or move out.
  8. Season Ticket Question

    I've been doing just that for a few years. The Mr really doesnt want to deal with it any longer. He's held on to themwith hopes his son or grandkids wanted them long term, and would give them POA eventually. It turns out, none of the kids/grandkids can afford them.That's why I've been getting this honey of a deal for the last few years. Looks likethe 2017 season will be my last bargain season.
  9. Season Ticket Question

    For the last several years, I've gotten tickets that belong to an elderly couple that are too old to physically attend games. After 35 years, they've decided to not renew their tickets, and have asked if I want those seats. With an emphatic yes, they want to help me keep a hold of these seats. Now, I know there's no way im keeping these seats for the $150/seat donation level they're at, but can't quite swallow the $750/seat the ticket office wants for these seats. What are my chances, from some expert opinions, of getting these tickets for $500/seat? Thanks in advance.
  10. Actually, I'm from Cozad, if you call that Western Nebraska. A close friend is an Iowegian, and a Hawkeye. I'm fairly certain he drinks his own pee.
  11. Maryland Gameday Forecast

    Awesome. I love cooler weather games. However, the wife does not. I'll be bringing extra cash for the apparel vendors. What does this weather bring in the way the teams play the games? First really cool game for Big Red.
  12. Favorite quote about Nebraska

    "Tell you what, if the Huskers beat my Spartans, I'll kiss my own arse and put the video on YouTube."~My buddy Steve, from Michigan, November 6, 2015. He has yet to deliver.
  13. BTN Ohio State Preview

    We're going to need a 4 point turnover differential, and then utilize those turnovers. Four and out after a turnover won't win this game.
  14. 2 Tix Minnesota Game