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  1. It's better to speak out of your mouth than your ass
  2. QB matchups announced for Spring Game

    It's funny to watch speculation unfold
  3. I'll be you're guy's long snapper
  4. Gotta say that the credit for #2 actually goes to the audio staff
  5. Post-Practice Presser - April 14

    It was a little breezy too
  6. Stanton vs POB

    Knowing POB... probably
  7. Stanton vs POB

    POB has proven he can at least hit the broadside of a barn while wearing an N on the side of his helmet
  8. Versus Threads vs No versus threads

    If your wife is white I'll be so disappointed
  9. I used to think that, but Nike has gotten progressively worse and worse, while UA as a business is now a dumpster fire. All the while Adidas has only been getting better for us. My Oreo Ultraboosts are siiiiick
  10. Frost’s QB Room

    Who cares if he ran spread in high school. He's not quick, which is a big part of being a QB in this offense
  11. Cody Green vs AJ Bush

    Cody Green has won as a starter for us. AJ Bush never even played a down for us
  12. SMH at Herm

    This will be a fantastic failure
  13. Sam Keller vs Tanner Lee

    The two games they made for college baseball were the shizz