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  1. 2018 Husker Camp Countdown

    You may as well be asking an ostrich to fly
  2. Primeknit A1 uniforms

    What about the dumb flywire templates they had that would give every nike team thin stitched wings, or their template that every main nike team had for a while (even in the NFL) that made the players look like they had sweaty bellies, or the ones that gave the Jersey a plastic look
  3. Frost’s QB Room

    If that's trolling then 90% of this board should be banned.
  4. Frost’s QB Room

  5. Well this isn’t going to end well...

    We're really gonna get offended by a phrase from Urban dictionary?
  6. RB Maurice Washington [Nebraska-Signed LOI]

    This thread became kind of creepy
  7. Which is crazy to me since we learn this in intro to management
  8. Florida offer

    Don't know, don't care
  9. 2018 NBA Finals - Warriors vs. Cavs

    I like both leagues but the NHL>>>>NBA
  10. WR David Bell

    Makes sense since he's from indy
  11. When did we ever run the Georgia Tech style option?
  12. Its red field turf, it just hasn't been changed since 2004 and didn't ever had the black pellets iirc so it's just so matted down and old that it looks like carpet. Really discolored too
  13. Frost Interview 5/16

    I like that. Sounds like Urban when talking about player development