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  1. Won’t be able to watch this one as I’m attending the UConn @ ECU game at the same time. Hoping we can pull out a W here. Road games are always tricky but Illinois is just bad
  2. Tyjon Lindsey

    fwiw Victory Lap is an album that recently came out on Apple Music which is probably what this is in reference to
  3. Bracketology

  4. Bracketology

    Purdue has wins over Louisville, @ Butler, @ Marquette, Nebraska, Arizona, @ Maryland, @ Michigan, vs Michigan, Maryland. 5-3 vs RPI Top 50 and 9-3 vs RPI Top 100.
  5. Glynn Watson Scored 1,000th Career Point

    Wow. This is pretty early on for 1000 points too. Congrats to Glynn hopefully he can figure it out these last few games. We’re going to need him.
  6. were gaining momentum boys
  7. Surprised there isn’t more chatter in here. This game is fun as hell to watch. Need Palmer to keep the aggressiveness up
  8. OMG James Palmer just ended Huerter’s life
  9. Roby is really progressing nicely