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  1. ***2018 Recruiting***

    This can't hurt
  2. Yesterday is why...

    I've repeatedly stated this on this board and been ridiculed for it. Its ridiculously stupid to schedule games against teams like Northern Illinois. Its a lose/lose situation. If you blow them out, you are "supposed" to blow them out. And if you barely win or lose the game then its a huge deal and an embarrassment. If you are going to schedule G5's (which we should be doing), then you schedule teams like Charlotte, Georgia State, Texas State, New Mexico State, Old Dominion, etc that have absolutely 0 shot of being competitive with you. It lets you work out the kinks and even if you throw 2 pick 6's you should be able to dominate them physically and win. Teams like NIU/Cincinnati/Fresno State/UCF/USF etc should never be on our schedule. They've established themselves as competitive teams. If you want a competitive game, schedule a P5. If you want a guaranteed win, schedule a low end G5.
  3. Tanner Lee

    Whats really hilarious is he actually played against a Bob Diaco defense while at Tulane and Bob was at UConn. Threw a pick 6 (LOL!) and his team lost 7-3.
  4. If your're gonna fire Riley.....

    If the University of Houston interviewed and passed on Les Miles then I would hope Nebraska would too.
  5. Riley/Lee = Callahan/Keller

    NU needs to hire a coach that has a winning pedigree. You are an Oregon fan so this should be fairly easy to understand since you just went through firing a coach that sucked ass. He turned around WKU and then turned around USF. He ran a similar system to what was already established at the program and his values and ideas fit the team. Nebraska can and should aim to hire an elite level coach. I'd like to think that you'd agree with me that when Oregon hired Taggart, most people thought it was an ideal fit. Nebraska can do that too. The program doesn't need re-marketed or re-branded. The program needs an identity. And then the program needs to recruit to that identity. Until Nebraska figures out what they want to be they will be what they currently are. Bland on offense, bland on defense, and uninspired overall.
  6. Chip Kelly

    Lol sure man. You are going to seriously try to argue whether or not Chip Kelly has been a successful coach in his entire career without using any facts by saying he isn't currently in the coaching industry? The guy has been jobless for less than a year after being fired by the Niners in ridiculous fashion. "What has he done lately?" I laid it out for you. Not to mention he laid the ground for a team that was coached by MARK HELFRICH to make it to the national title game. You have yet to provide 1 fact to back up why Chip at NU would be a bad thing. I've provided multiple examples of him coming into an organization and changing the results in a positive manner. Who do you think has a more credible argument here?
  7. Shawn Eichorst speaks to the Media

    exactly. the lack of leadership shown by the Athletic Director is quite frankly pathetic. I never in a million years thought I would find myself siding with Bo Pelini, but here we are. Sean Eichorst is a JV Athletic Director. I'd say it to his face if I ever got the chance. The guy is a complete and total loser. Has no idea what it takes to lead and successfully run a high level college football program. His hire was questionable when it happened and it remains questionable to this day (sound familiar?) But at least we have a head coach now that will answer questions nicely and make Sam McKewon laugh at press conferences.
  8. Chip Kelly

    oh so were gonna count only NFL which is a completely different sport? Or are we going to ignore where he set up a national title caliber program at OREGON out of thin air? And by the way, he's the second coach in NFL history to win a division title in his first ever season as a NFL head coach. He also took over a team that went 4-12 the year before and turned them into a 10-6 team. He also went 10-6 in year 2 despite losing his starting QB. The Niners gig was a joke from the beginning. The guy is a proven winner. But lets stick with the ridiculous group we have now. Any program in America would hire Chip Kelly sans Alabama, Ohio State, and Michigan. If you want to be the martyr on HuskerBoard that claims were somehow above hiring him than go for it. I'll choose to live in reality.
  9. how many total wins this regular season

    sure. if our starting running back plays today, maybe we win because we somehow don't throw a pick 6 where our #1 WR whiffs completely on a block on a WR bubble screen. Or we win because the left side of our OL doesn't get abused by guys who had more offers from FCS programs than FBS teams, which leads to another pick 6. And the same side of the line loses worse than Antonio Cromartie in a child custody battle on 4th and 14 with the game on the line. Oh wait. That has nothing to do with it. And NIU had their backup QB playing. Glad we figured that out.
  10. Chip Kelly

    lmfao at you people that don't want Chip Kelly at Nebraska. Newsflash- this program has become a LAUGHINGSTOCK of media and fanbases nationwide. There were multiple highly regarded CFB analysts tweeting feeling sorry for us during the game today. If a guy can win, you pay him and get him to Nebraska. Chip Kelly has proven he can win. If he wants to be here- get him here. And if he doesn't, offer him more money until he says yes.
  11. Tanner Lee

    I would put the quarterback in the game that gives us the best chance to win. I don't give a flying F*** what year that kid is or if he's "earned it" through time in the program. The entire coaching staff is about to earn themselves pink slips. If they dont play the guys who are able to give them the best chance at winning at this point then they deserve whats coming. The sad part is, Tanner Lee may just be the one that gives us the best chance to win games. If thats the case then I hope you guys have your black suits and black ties ready. Cause it'll be a funeral for Mike Riley as Nebraska's head coach sooner rather than later.
  12. If your're gonna fire Riley.....

    lmfao yeah sure. Chip Kelly caught lightning in a bottle and is a fluke. Do people on this board even care to deal with facts? Im talking specifically to you @Nebhawk Guy comes in his first year as Oregon OC and leads the PAC10 in scoring and total offense. He also assembled a team that created the MOST YARDS IN A SEASON IN THE HISTORY OF OREGON FOOTBALL. And guess what? He did the same the following year too! Some of you idiots wouldn't know success if it hit you in the face. If this team somehow lured a proven winner like Chip Kelly to coach us, it would be an absolute home run. It would take at least $10m+ to get him in Lincoln. Are people not aware of how ridiculous the Nebraska job is now? The good news is with a perennial loser like Eichorst at the helm we never have to worry about being competitive. The fact of the matter is this AD has turned us into a complete and total joke. Its led by a complete and total bozo who outsmarted himself with FHC Bo Pelini and put himself in a bind. Nobody in his administration can possibly believe he is the right man to lead this AD moving forward based off of the results of the AD since he's been here. The guy is a JV AD who hired a JV football coach that has provided us with JV results. Bottom line: it doesn't matter what Chip Kelly asks for. You pay it. Nebraska can afford it. If Nebraska doesn't want to pay it, then we will sit here and watch a team like NIU come into our home stadium and kick the piss out of us for four quarters on a regular basis. This team not only lost today but it didn't even show fight. That isn't on anyone but HCMR and ADSE. These two morons better figure it out or else they can enjoy their unemployment together on Lake McConaughy at the end of the year.
  13. Tanner Lee

    anyone who thinks Lee is perfect is a complete and total clown. The guy is clearly in over his head. This isn't the freaking American Conference against UConn anymore. Its the big ten. And the guy is getting his ass kicked left and right. Everything we heard regarding check downs and going through progressions was clearly a joke. The guy locks into Stanley or DPE depending on who the #1 is on a given play and forces it in there. It doesn't help that the line has more holes than a Mia Khalifa groupie scene. This team is so pathetic its honestly hilarious. We can't even take a sack properly. Instead our QB lofts the ball up like he's playing 500 with the defensive backs and he just threw a "jackpot". The line and the QB both blow. And even when the QB is able to get the ball to targets we throw to a former QB at some sh#t ass school in Nebraska that is now playing TE and a group of walk on WR's behind our starting group that is all under 6'0. Watching this team is like watching a circus. At least we will clean house soon and hopefully find someone willing to open the checkbook and give the stupid wads of cash we earn to a real group of coaches. At least thats the thought.