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  1. Healthcare Reform

    To the bolded: this is where you and I fundamentally disagree. It's "not as easy as 'we should just'" because people make excuses to attempt to justify their greed. Why can't we just tell insurance companies you can no longer make a profit on health insurance coverage? Why can't we just tell big pharma your days of ripping off and price gouging consumers are over. Why can't we just scrap tbe entire system and start over? Why? Because every g**d*** step of the way crooked, greedy, corrupt people, who are just out to make as much money as they can, stymie the process. They give "reasons" why it supposedly cannot be done. It's all bull****! None of the players in this industry want their gravy train to end. So all we get are patbetic excuses as to why it cannot be done.
  2. Barbara Bush Passes Away

    I don't even know who Roger Stone is...never heard of him before.
  3. Racism - It's a real thing.

    Oh come on... There are countless examples where white people physically attack and shoot at cops and yet somehow they are not shot and killed. There are also countless examples where black people are no threat, have their hands in the air, are complying with police orders, and they STILL get shot and killed. Are all police racist? Of course not. But police DO on average treat whites and blacks differently. Whites get far more leeway to be rude, talk back, and provoke police--black people...not so much. If you deny that, despite all evidence, then.... and
  4. Frost

    Chewing tobacco? Ewwww. I'd rather he smoked tbh.
  5. *** Official 2018 Spring Game Thread ***

    I get what you're saying...I still think it's over-stated.
  6. *** Official 2018 Spring Game Thread ***

    Honestly, I have never understood the correlation between how much a QB weighs and his "ability to take a big hit(s)". A "big hit" can knock out, and even end, anyone's day--or career for that matter. Weight does not equal toughness.
  7. @whateveritis1224, I don't think the humor in TLJ is out of place at all. Remember in ANH when Luke is in the gun turret of the Falcon shooting TIE fighters, finally gets one, and says with joy, "I got him, I got him" and Han replies, "Great kid, don't get cocky!" Or when on the Death Star Han starts yelling and chasing a couple Stormtroopers, rounds a corner, and finds a bunch more? His eyes get wide and he's realized that wasn't a great idea? What about the exchange between Han and Leia in the corridors of the Rebel base on Hoth? Leia: I'd just as soon kiss a Wookie, Han: I can arrange that. Or what about how Yoda trolled Luke at their first meeting? When R2 used a little mechanical grabber to try and get Luke's little flashlight back? Yoda grabs his little cane and starts banging on R2 shrieking, "Mine, mine!" My points are: There has always been humor and laughs in Star Wars. I have never understood the notion that Star Wars movies had to be these serious, solemn, events where laughing is forbidden. So yeah, I think the humor in TLJ is not only appropriate, but fits wonderfully within the film. Regarding Luke Skywalker's tossing his lightsaber, watch this short video, and click the link in the description box to read the Twitter thread referenced. Both make a fantastic case for why Luke tossing his laser sword is funny and why it fits within the movie. And I dunno...I think TLJ (and RO before it) did great at giving us human characters who are actually human. To me, they're more nuanced and relatable. I like that these new films gives us characters that aren't maybe always good or always bad. I was 7 years old when I saw ANH in theaters for the first time. I have said this previously but it is worth repeating: When I go see a new Star Wars film, I view the film not through the jaded, cynical eyes of who I am, but through the eyes of the wide-eyed 7 year old kid I used to be. I realize that Star Wars is a fictional space fantasy and it is not meant to be taken so seriously. I think many of the detractors (not you specifically or necessarily, just in general) would enjoy these SW films a lot more if they could just put themselves back into that little kid mentality and just enjoy the escapist entertainment it is meant to be. And, that includes the misogynistic and racist idiotic morons.
  8. Which QB Should Be The Starter

    I don't think "should" is the best word to use. As I watched the game, it just reinforced my opinion that the #1 QB spot is A. Martinez's to lose. Gebbia played well, but is clearly (in my opinion) the #2. Bunch and Vedral are serviceable but will fight it out for 3rd and 4th on the depth chart. I saw nothing today from the other QBs that gave me the inclination they're going to win the job from Martinez. I know Frost has said, "Nothing is decided yet (regarding who the #1 is going to be)..." But look at what we know: 1) Adrian Martinez was Frost's #1 QB prospect and 2) AMart played really well today. Edit: And if the starter ends up being Gebbia or Bunch (assumimg Vedral's appeal to play this year is denied by the NCAA) then so be it. I just want the truly best player to play.
  9. @whateveritis1224, Well I can tell you that top military commanders do not go around telling everyone what the "plan" is, so in that regard, Holdo's reaction of, "Stick to your post and do your job..." is pretty consistent with how a real military operates. And I understand your attitude of "Take it or leave it..." The Last Jedi is not a perfect film by any stretch. But I think the excellent and very good far out-weighs the bad. I'm not overly concerned with a "bad" Star Wars script because most of them are bad--or at the least not great. Remember the prequels? Uugh. The Empire Strikes Back is probably the only SW film I would say actually had a great script. The rest are mostly on par with the others. As far as why can't Poe be an "unapologetic good guy" I don't really have too strong of an opinion on that. He's a fighter pilot, he's been in battles, and he's killed people. Hard to be an unpologetic good guy if you've killed people--compartmentalizing it as being necessary when in war notwithstanding. But since we are talking about Poe, I was much more pleased by his growth and emerging as a good leader in TLJ's 3rd act. It was awesome to see. To me, that's more important than being that good guy because emerging as a leader affects the story more and for the better. I will say this: I concur that if TFA and TLJ had been a different trilogy and not connected to the Skywalkers it might have not received as much backlash as it did. Then again, a lot of the backlash was based almost exclusively on idiotic misogyny and racism. Rose Rey Finn
  10. *** Official 2018 Spring Game Thread ***

    Ha!!!! No, more like a basketball jump shot.
  11. Healthcare Reform

    Thank you. And also, the concept of exploiting people who are poor and/or the most vunerable is pretty sleazy.
  12. I pretty much agree that Rey should have been shown to take the "traditional" Jedi training route. And I agree not because I think that's the only way learning how to use The Force should be done; but because if Rey had undergone traditional Jedi training the backlash against her character overall probably would have been less. All through Star Wars and associated canon materials, Jedi (and Sith) have always been shown to train for years so that was what most SW fans were conditioned to. Along comes Rey and all training requirements suddenly just gets tossed out the proverbial window. But, the real question is: Do you know Kung-Fu? I 100% concur that I like Rey also. Daisey Ridley is doing a damn fine job. Side Note: The Last Jedi novel is an interesting read. In places it goes into more depth and explains certain things--gives more context.
  13. *** Official 2018 Spring Game Thread ***

    Oh I get the schematic reasoning behind it...I just don't think it should be used so extensively. Especially when Nebraska had how many sideline throws that were picked off and/or returned for defensive touchdowns last season? But I get it...this is the offense we're running now so...
  14. Healthcare Reform

    Capitalism isn't the issue here. Price gouging by greedy pharma corporations are the problem. So Pfizer spent 9 billion on R&D and 19 billion on marketing? Seems to me that your implied argument of obtaining patents is expensive is pretty flimsy, given Pfizer's net profit of 10 billion. And if we as an American society truly want to bring down the cost of healthcare, we have to address the elephant in the room: GREED. And point of clarification: I'm talking about greed on the part of all parties involved
  15. Recruiting: State by State Breakdown

    @84HuskerLaw, I get what you're saying and on a purely theoretical level I agree. On a practical level, I disagree. I want (and am quite sure) Coach Frost and this staff will go after the players that fit their system the beat.