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    Football, wrestling and basketball are the sports I really care about. I am from Western Nebraska and I will be a husker fan til death, GBR!
  1. Fall Camp Updates - Running Backs

    So Jaylin Bradley
  2. Fall Camp News & Notes

    Create something as complex as To Pimp a Butterfly and then you can have an opinion on who is and who is not an artist. Kendrick Lamar is a legitimate artist and to say otherwise is disrespectful and ignorant
  3. Fall Camp Updates - Offensive Line

    And you'll find another reason to bitch this year and the next and the next...cause that's the way you roll
  4. Let the kool aid flow

    Nebraska is a dark horse for the playoff
  5. Last to post wins

    Sorry to burst your bubble
  6. BTN Bus tour to visit Nebraska on 8/15!

    This is exactly what we want to be hearing out of fall camp headed into year 3. The big question as always is will it translate to the field? We need to beat Wisconsin this year, preferably by a good margin. Same goes for Iowa. if we found a way to smack those teams around the season will have given us some hope for this staff. I don't really care about the cross over games at this point. We should have the talent to dominate the West, if Riley can't do it with these guys I'm not sure he will ever be able to. Year 3 is typically a telling season as far as direction and I think a good goal for this team would be to go perfect against the west. It won't be easy but I do think this team is capable.
  7. BTN Bus tour to visit Nebraska on 8/15!

    Try telling that to some on our board they will think you are a pea brain
  8. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    we really have no room to boast as we've had some off the field issues of our own this offseason. I could care less about pot but it's the exact same example our players are setting to many out there.
  9. College football playoff selection.

    I think if we expanded the playoff to 8 games you could drop a game off the schedule. Play 11 regular season games 9 being against conference opponents and 1 non con against a power 5 opponent. If money is an issue you can change the bowl structure to keep a 13 game season for bowl teams that don't win their division. You could add intrigue to bowls by making them a 3 (maybe 4 for more definitive results) team round robin with 7 wins being the bowl eligibility mark (remember there will be 1 less regular season game to win) this is a radical idea but I think it would be more intriguing.
  10. Let the kool aid flow

    throw in a win against Oregon and I think that is the realistic ceiling for this team
  11. Fall Camp Updates - Quarterbacks

    I'm happy to hear Bunch can hold his own. I'm really glad we brought him in and I think he will help provide solid depth regardless of what happens with POB as the 3rd string guy
  12. Predict the Huskers statistical leaders

    You thinking Avery replaces him?. Mo Barry
  13. Post Practice Presser - August 5

    Is Riley's expectation of the offense and QB play different this year than the prior 2?
  14. Riley on Jim Rome

    http://jimrome.com/2017/07/27/mike-riley-2/ Interview can be found here
  15. WR Joshua Moore [Nebraska Commit]

    It is not deceptive because he has 53 D1 offers Deceptive in game athleticism that fools opposing players is what I meant.Ahhh...so a Brandon Reilly/Jordan Westerkamp/Lane Hovey type. If he was a RB, would he be Rex Burkhead or more like Wyatt Mazour? if he is like any of those guys it is Brandon Reilly but really none of those other comparisons are very close. I would say he reminds me of Hopkins of the Texans.