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  1. 2017 class wasn't bad either as I thought we snagged some solid guys even if they weren't as highly rated
  2. Tyjon Lindsey

    He is an elite prospect for sure. Would love to see him in this offense at his full potential
  3. QB Position Switches

    Who would be the backup?
  4. CB Tiawan Mullen

    Naw, makes too much sense.
  5. RB Breece Hall

    Radius guy so that may help too but Bobby Petrino knows offense so if he has a Louisville offer he likely has some electricity on the field. Edit: after a little film, this dude is big and fast. I don't know how tough Kansas football is but he runs past everyone.
  6. CB Tiawan Mullen

    He wants to be a Maverick, huh?
  7. Fair enough. Honestly I don't really care, sure he let it slip but still within the range we have been for 15 years. We didn't fall into oblivion talent wise and that is more of what I meant. We are still top dogs in the west in terms of sheer talent.
  8. Recruiting rankings in their conference prior to Frosts arrival: 11th, 8th, 3rd, 3rd. So its not like they are a juggernaught in a weak conference. There are more talented teams.
  9. When i said talent I directly meant his recruiting rankings which is all he had control over. Team talent rankings factor in Bo's last class which was the worst in awhile and it brings down the ranking as they move through the program. The 247 talent ranking is based pretty heavily off recruiting rankings
  10. UCF recruited 11th, 8th, 3rd, and 3rd in its own conference the 4 years leading to Frosts arrival so they were less talented than alot of their conference. We are more talented than our whole division and we have been for some time. The conditioning sucks but that will be fixed by the time the games are played
  11. 6 wins is so realistic it hurts. 7 wins? You might as well believe aliens are taking over tomorrow.
  12. Not sure how you are getting that, but ok. Talent level under Riley was consistent with what it has been for 15 years. His senior class last year was one of the least talent to go through NU in awhile, thats why I think the 247 talent evaluation isn't all on him. He did a bad job developing, I'll give you that, but there is plenty to work with on the roster
  13. How so? I could take a look at UCF recruiting rankings and they will be wayyyyy below us all 4 years leading up to Frost. They also went from a pro scheme to Frosts spread option. What put UCF in a better position to succeed under Frost than us? I'm not seeing it. We are leagues ahead of where UCF was when it comes to talent, facilities, support. So please tell me how UCF was better off 2 years ago than we are now?
  14. So you think 8 wins is just being unrealistic but 6 that is realistic.
  15. "Pieces" could mean anything, and wile we may not be exactly where Frost wants roster wise, we are in better shape than UCF was to start. I think the players will grasp the system enough and I do think we have enough pieces to make the system succesful. It won't be as good as year 2, year 3 ect. But it will be enough other teams will take notice