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  1. How Do You Spell Expectations in Nebraska?

    What do you call progress? If we don't give up 50 points to a terribly terrible Minnesota offense again, or call me crazy, don't give up 50 at all next season I might call that progress
  2. Trump and the Military

    Should be easy to pay for with the new tax laws. First a wall, now a deathstar? Trump is really making America great again.
  3. Who Is The Better Player? Curry or Westbrook

    They were great before KD and I agree Klay is a great 3 and D player but its all about Curry. No Curry no Warriors dynasty. Can't say the same about KD and Klay just is not the alpha player.
  4. Who Is The Better Player? Curry or Westbrook

    Warriors aren't the Warriors without Curry. He drove them to the first title and that next season he was even better. Its not just his shooting. He creates such a strain on defenses. He is the key to the Warriors success.
  5. Who Is The Better Player? Curry or Westbrook

    If I am starting an NBA team I'm picking Curry all day long
  6. The Big Ten’s real Quarterback Whisperer

    I don't think it is. If he isn't the QB whisperer, his offense is. It doesn't matter where this system is at it produces really solid numbers from the QB. We are about to see QB play like we never have before in Lincoln. As for Harbaugh, you are really discrediting what he did at Stanford in that second paragraph. They were awful before he got there. 16-40 in 5 years and a 1-11 season in 06. Harbaughs first season in 07 he won 4 games including a win over #1 USC at USC. Went 5-7 the next season then 8-5 with a RS frosh QB named Andrew Luck. You act like 12-1 in year 4 isn't an incredible accomplishment. Shaw has had a great run as well but Harbaugh got closer to the big chips in less time from a much worse starting point.
  7. Really sounds like Gregory has worked very hard to get another shot. Hope it works out for the guy and that this process has helped him personally as well.
  8. Who are your Top 10 Basketball players of all-time?

    My top 10 1-MJ 2-Lebron 3-Duncan 4-Magic 5-KAJ 6-Bird 7-Shaq 8-Kobe 9-Oscar Robertson 10-Wilt
  9. Who are your Top 10 Basketball players of all-time?

    I think so too with his play the last 2 seasons especially. I'd say he is top 3 already when it comes to gifted scorers. His ability from everywhere on the court offensively is unprecedented.
  10. Who are your Top 10 Basketball players of all-time?

    Agree with that take. Its all subjective but I'd taje Shaqtus over Mamba personally. Whats interesting to me is no KD. Not to say he should be on the list, but Lebron was on this list at KD's age and for some reason people don't put Durant in these conversations.
  11. Who are your Top 10 Basketball players of all-time?

  12. The Big Ten’s real Quarterback Whisperer

    I think the team may have some of this attitude as well which may propel us to stealing a win perhaps. Theres a bit of loose cannon feel in the air since Frost stepped in. He's ready to shake things up now.
  13. 2018 NBA Finals - Warriors vs. Cavs

    He didn't. All reports say he wanted to keep Kyrie. The idea he orchestrated the trade is fan speculation at best. And thats kinda my point. Lebron is one person. I missed 3 and 4 so I didn't see how he played, but it really doesn't matter how great he plays if he doesn't get some help as proven in game 1. This series Lebron was 49-93 (52.5%) from the field. His teammates? 102-275 (37%) I go back to Jordan dropping 63 in TD Garden. Was Jordan not great then because his team couldn't win?
  14. 2018 NBA Finals - Warriors vs. Cavs

    They would if their team was way worse than the other team. Swap Clyde Drexler and MJ and I bet the Bulls still beat Portland. MJ is the Goat still but this argument is just dumb. The Cavaliers, not Lebron, were swept by a significantly superior Warriors team and that is the long and short of it. I could just as easily say a GOAT wouldn't get knocked out in the first round of the playoffs over and over again to discredit Jordan but it would be ridiculous. Jordan dropped 63 in the Garden but his team lost the game and that series. Was Bird better than Jordan, or did he just have a better squad? Individual greatness and team success aren't that corralative
  15. Would we really be better off under President Clinton?

    I mean if you don't think Trump is the worst president in our lifetime and literally anyone would be better thats your perogative. But most would agree with that statement and the only other viable option was.........wait............you guessed it, Hillary Clinton. But I honestly don't blame anyone who didn't vote for Hillary. I blame gerrymandering and Vladimir Putin.