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  1. Frost’s QB Room

    He only watched film on working the margarita machine unfortunately. Still needs some reps before he's ready
  2. Bold Predictions - Preseason Edition

    FIFY He"s gonna punt them over North stadium from the south endzone....so yes.
  3. Bold Predictions - Preseason Edition

    I was just thinking the same thing lol now we know why hes been hanging around
  4. Racism - It's a real thing.

    https://www.facebook.com/100009555793976/posts/2098240753837764/ Not quite sure if this is where this goes, but pretty funny. Wasn't embedding properly
  5. BTN Bus Tour

    Without a doubt. That is why I love this staff. They take the mental part of the game very seriously and attack that part of things with an intense consistency. Consistency is everything when trying to make a change of this nature.
  6. BTN Bus Tour

    The mugger only exists because you think it does. Limitations are mental.
  7. Fall Camp

  8. Racism - It's a real thing.

    You did by accident but I really enjoyed the tweet so I'm not complaining. The more time goes on, the more I embrace Trump as president. He is terrible but I think this time of unique division will hopefully lead to a time of unique unity. I think this turbulant time may be a sign of change, a sign new ideas are emerging and old paradigms are dying.
  9. Fall Camp

    Thats a fair point but he is still an elite athlete and if anybody can coach him up its this staff. Reports say he is near the top of the practice performance chart so that bodes well. We should all pray he comes into his own at CB because if he does our secondary will be tough and that is huge considering how bad we were there last year.
  10. Racism - It's a real thing.

    Awesome but why did you quote me? It didn't post the text of my post.
  11. Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    But what they are arguing is why would the coaches only be evaluating tangibles? Wouldn't they be evaluating everything including the intangibles? Why would they leave that out of the evaluation process? Why would they wait to factor the intangibles in? If they are even now, I would imagine its more like RedDenver is describing. With everything in play they are equal not they are equal but there is a different deciding factor we will judge them on.
  12. Fall Camp

    Lets see how he does this year before we decide he can't play rather than the 1 clip. Seems he has been doing well enough to be near the top of the DB performance chart.
  13. Fall Camp

    Except he was a high 4 star
  14. The Republican Utopia

    Well it seems pretty clear thats decidedly wrong. Its funny because the person trying to defend Lee was the one who oversimplified. The more you get into the details the more clear it is the man was not a hero.
  15. Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    That wasn't 09 was it I thought the second added happened in 2010