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  1. New Tunnel Walk Ideas 2018

    Yep. Everybody used it. It was cliche and cringe-worthy when the HuskerVision crew decided to use it for their tunnel walk montage in 94 when they installed the Diamond Vision screens in Memorial. A few years later when K State finally got their Jumbotron screen they also used Sirius for their "tunnel walk". But to say that it is somehow unique or traditional at NU misses the mark, IMO. If we hadn't won the National title that year I would imagine we'd have a different tunnel walk song now. And as far as I am concerned they could just have nothing playing when they show the players walk through the tunnel and the fans would still get just as fired up. To me it wouldn't matter one bit. Maybe do the Husker Power chant while the boys are walking to the field.
  2. He's rested and ready. Put him back on the sideline!
  3. Head Basketball Coach Search

    Pitt hired Jeff Capel like a week ago: http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/22931731/pittsburgh-panthers-hiring-duke-assistant-jeff-capel
  4. Head Basketball Coach Search

    He was making $275k per year at USD, and there isn't any news of what he's going to get paid at USU, but his predecessor there was making around $375k, so a pretty nice bump in pay for sure. But it is most definitely a step up in prestige - in the Mountain West he'll be going up against the likes of UNLV, New Mexico, Nevada, Boise, Colorado State - and potentially Gonzaga in league play next year. That's a significant increase in schedule strength over what he was facing week in and week out in the Summit League. Plus, USU will be on national TV much more frequently than USD was. ...and the fan environment when it's rolling in Logan is among the best in the country:
  5. James Palmer Jr: B1G POY

    Don't forget Issac Haas or Dakota Mathias. JPJ is good but for now at least he's not POY material.
  6. Climate effects

    Looks like a bunch of fun to me! People have ALWAYS talked about weather being a disadvantage for Nebraska but somehow we've always managed to overcome. Funny how things seem to actually work as opposed to the way message board weirdos like to think things work.
  7. No way a Big Ten team is ever getting a seed that low, it's just not possible. Those seeds are reserved exclusively for the MEAC and American East conference champion type teams. The lowest seed you'll ever see an at large team from a power conference get in general is about 11 or 12.
  8. Climate effects

    They were probably talking about 6 degrees Celsius (about 45 F). In which case they are just about spot on. (also, they probably did that on purpose to make it sound colder than it is)
  9. Frost Asks For Family Privacy

    Unfortunately, threatening the media has never worked out well for anyone. That's a little bit like yelling at the clouds not to rain on you.
  10. The Philadelphia Meeting

    But what I really want to know is what did Moos think about the condo? Are they gonna buy it???
  11. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    TAKE IT TO THE DILLY DILLY MEGATHREAD!!! (but, honestly, I would be interested in trying out some of that spiced honey mead sometime)
  12. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    They sound like great people!
  13. 2017-2018 Season Notes

    and Pardon This is the big year for Northwestern, expect a sweet 16 type run from them this year. Iowa is fixing to make a big jump up the standings this year too. They're gonna be GOOD. They're kind of where Northwestern was last year or maybe two years ago. Get ready to get real sick of hearing the name Bohannon in the next few years.