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  1. ***2018 Recruiting***

    We are up to 4th in the big ten with Cam’s commitment. Out of curiosity does anyone know what our lowest ranking was in the big ten before Frosts staff was hired?
  2. Team Meeting

  3. Offseason Workouts

    Epley and Arthur were pushing for Phillip to include metabolic circuit training and their request was just flat out ignored. Reports now are that players have already started doing this type of training. Or at least that it’s what they will start doing when they get back on campus. We we are going to see a vastly improved, faster, and more physical team next fall.
  4. Offseason Workouts

    That is false. Boyd Epley and Mike Arthur were basically cut off from the football S and C program. They oversaw the other programs but the football coaches basically ignored their advice. All incoming freshmen have to be tested to get a baseline for their athletic abilities. And from freshman year to now some athletes actually regressed instead of improving. Also, Mark Phillip has never been able to pass the tests to get his liscencing to actually be a strength and conditioning coach. He is literally not qualified to be a strength and conditioning coach... So yes a lot of the problem was our strength and conditioning program. But that was obvious just by watching the games. Mike Riley’s regime was a complete mess in every sense of the word. Going back to a comment Bill Moose made in a press conference, players left messed on busses and planes after games which shows a lack of basic discipline. The locker room was a disaster after games as well as before with reports that players would have girls in the locker room even before games.
  5. RB Ta'zhawn Henry [Texas Tech - Signed LOI]

    ezekial Elliott actually tweeted at his first highlight!
  6. It would be so refreshing to see Nebraska players play with as much effort as UCF.
  7. You're right let's just pull out lineman when they are being physically dominant. You have to let your big boys set a tone. I would like more of that earlier in the game. It's a shame we Play with no emotion.
  8. Love the idea of taking out a lineman for being physical and finishing a play... not.
  9. WR Joseph Lewis [USC - Signed LOI]

    Pretty sure the new regime would find a spot or a 5* WR...He's saying the 5* could shy away from them, not vice versa.I'm saying if he really wants to go to the school because of proximity it doesn't matter who the coach is.