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  1. Stanton vs POB

    Who would you rather see atop the depth chart? POB or Johnny Stanton?
  2. Helu Jr. Vs. Burkhead

    Helu? Goodbye
  3. Kinnie vs Paul

    I just keep thinking of these so I will just roll with it... Brandon Kinnie or Niles Paul at WR?
  4. Stan vs Bell

    Stanley is still in school but, Stanley Morgan vs Kenny Bell?
  5. Purify vs Enunwa

    Some friends and I have discussed this one, it is under the radar but a good question. Maurice Purify or Quincy Enunwa at WR?
  6. Cody Green vs AJ Bush

    Interested to see these
  7. Favorite new assistant coach

    Held and it’s not close (not that the other coaches are bad)
  8. Under the Radar Things You're Still Salty About

    At least Perine broke it the next week but oh my lord that was terrible
  9. Eligible Transfers 2018

    There is a 7 footer from NC State who averaged 16.5 per game and a Freshman Guard from pitt who averaged 9.5 who we are apparently in the mix for
  10. Under the Radar Things You're Still Salty About

    I thought of some more: Aaron Green transferring to TCU, he was behind Ameer for a while but he would have been a huge stud in Lincoln. Bubba Starling [Not Great] Bob Diaco The A&M Game (Bo chewing out t-magic on the sideline on national tv was not great but okay) The Texas Game Every Wisconsin game in the MR era Us not being able to return punts in ‘09 (or sometime around there when Tim Marlowe was returning punts) Having to play Washington 2x in one season USC in (I think) ‘07 The Melvin Gordon Game I hope you all (strongly dis)like this list
  11. Recruiting Staff Nomination Thread

    I want it coach!
  12. Under the Radar Things You're Still Salty About

    Oh i know EA was bad for not paying players, but it doesn’t really matter now as IMV Gaming is making a “generic” customizable college football game
  13. Under the Radar Things You're Still Salty About

    Sam Keller 1) The 2007 Season 2) Ruining EA Sports College Football
  14. Bought the plane tickets for Ann Arbor today! My dad is a Michigan fan, so this should be interesting

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    2. Roll Skers

      Roll Skers

      @ScottyIce We are flying into Milwaukee and picking up my two uncles (1 Michigan fan 1 Husker fan) and then driving there.


    3. Huskerzoo


      @Roll Skers I also lived in Milwaukee, so hit me up if you need any suggestions. 

    4. Roll Skers

      Roll Skers

      @Huskerzoo Yeah man! Always down to try new places there