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  1. (Unofficial) B1G Media Poll

    Nebraska will end the season in the top 5. mark it
  2. 2017-18 NBA Season

    Lets Go Mavs!
  3. Movie Reviews

    I enjoyed IT
  4. I will join the party! Alabama (-34) vs Tennessee Oklahoma State (-7) at Texas Kentucky (+10) @ Mississippi State
  5. ***Purdue Prediction Contest***

    Nebraska 31 Purdue 35 Passing- 350 Rushing- 100
  6. under interim hc John Parella!
  7. Purdue is a night game....

    Purdue wins this one 49-31, and Tanner Lee looks like Ryker Fyfe in the game, eerily similar to the 2015 game
  8. Keep the Kids at Home

    well when there are 100 players in florida the caliber of 3 players in Nebraska, you HAVE to get those 3 kids
  9. Keep the Kids at Home

    Adam Holtorf - KState starting center (they offered him a scholly, we didnt) Some norris high kid committed to ohio yesterday! Bryson Williams - Wisconsin, didnt even get a husker offer
  10. https://twitter.com/staibryce/status/919738573082869760 Solich strikes again!
  11. Bill Moos named AD

    What if our AD is secretly a Shrute...
  12. Bill Moos named AD

    His last name is pronounced (M-oh-s) RIP