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  1. Husker related dog names

    Named my beagle Rex after Rex Burkhead
  2. Pretty entertaining video on kickoffs
  3. No More BTN on Comcast?

    I have YouTube TV and love it. You can select your favorite teams and it automatically records all of their games. Comes with BTN and a bunch of other sports channels.
  4. Frost’s QB Room

    Tristan Geb-bay-a, there’s a first. Thanks BTN
  5. Duval's conditioning starts Monday. UCF players share.

    Frost probably told Heupel what to do
  6. Wilbon Among 'Most Elusive" Returning B1G Backs

    No he will be a senior. Curious what happens to him and Ben Miles since FB and large backs didn’t have much a role at UCF
  7. The board’s broke

    Time since last post appears broken, showing %d min, %d hr etc on mobile from iPhone. Appears fine within the individual topic threads though
  8. Pretty sure Tommy had a way stronger arm than Kellogg. Tommy’s 3 INTs had more to do with Kellogg being in the game vs arm strength IIRC
  9. Peach Bowl Discussion Thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-F6zvVcx-4 interesting recruiting comment at the end of the conference.
  10. Way Too Early 2018 Depth Chart

    Good list, I would think Gifford starts at LB and I really think JoJo Domann finds his way on the field as well
  11. WR Justin McGriff [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Happy with commit and hate to say it, but I miss Todd McShane :/ dudes social game was on point. Oh well results is what matters at the end of the day
  12. Assistants Announced

  13. DE Tate Wildeman [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Maybe Dad will like that an Iowa alumni is still running the ship on defense?
  14. Tre Bryant

    Brandon Roy of Nebraska Football