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  1. Shatel: Parrella for Interim DC

    I think a random number generator would field a better defense at this point.
  2. Perhaps they will create a title for the Hip Hip Hooray Chair
  3. I agree. Why keep him at UNL? I think it would be a distraction as some players will be upset he’s no longer coach, so why let him hang around. I feel like that would prevent buy in to the new staff
  4. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Exactly. Have you been to Jack Trice stadium lol? I think Nebraska hold a pretty big advantage with facilities compared to most schools.
  5. Realistic Coaching Hires with the AD

    If we do axe MR and get SF I would be very surprised if none of the 3 QBs want to run the offense that is the top scoring offense in the nation. Seems like a QBs dream to me — obviously some are lacking the dual threat ability but I am sure they could all be serviceable.
  6. What Did We Learn?.....Purdue

    Is this what winning with talent alone looks like?
  7. NU staff trying to find a way to get TE's involved

    Surprisingly they achieved getting the TE involved.
  8. ***Official Purdue Game Discussion Thread***

    Where is RK3 and Westy when you need them
  9. ***Official Purdue Game Discussion Thread***

    Can we block for Pierson El please
  10. ***Official Purdue Game Discussion Thread***

    So Bradley was working. Let’s bring in Ozigbo
  11. ***Official Purdue Game Discussion Thread***

    They didn’t have enough time to practice that in the last two weeks
  12. ***Official Purdue Game Discussion Thread***

    There’s the Nebraska Offense I’ve come to know!
  13. ***Official Purdue Game Discussion Thread***

    13 yards today. 35 yards or something this year
  14. ***Official Purdue Game Discussion Thread***

    Have we done a toss play at all this year? I feel like the could be a novel concept that could improve the effectiveness of our outside run
  15. ***Official Purdue Game Discussion Thread***

    We were just lucky we didn’t get into the RedZone otherwise we would’ve tried to play for the FG to make it 5 for 5.