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  1. JimmyBuckets

    Support Frost

    I mean we have the best S&C coach and the best sports nutrition coach, I think they need more then a couple months to get the ship righted. Although, I was convinced we would’ve had a pulse against Michigan...
  2. JimmyBuckets

    Were we better last year?

    It’s far too early in the season to know if we were better last year. I’ll let you know in December
  3. JimmyBuckets

    *** Official Troy Game Thread ***

    Ok Bunch is no bueno
  4. JimmyBuckets

    What did we learn? - Game 1 - Colorado

    Random thought from thinking back about the game. Did anyone else think Tyjon Lindsey looked slow on his punt returns?
  5. JimmyBuckets

    Colorado Game in under 40 minutes

    I want to see more of Deontai Williams. The hit @37:45 on the 2pt conversion was niiiiiice
  6. JimmyBuckets

    What did we learn? - Game 1 - Colorado

    Doesn't mean he's not the best option
  7. JimmyBuckets

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    I feel a lot more confident with Bunch then I did a couple of years ago when Fyfe had to start when Armstrong was injured. Mostly because that offense we so inept and Armstrong covered up a lot of things by extending plays.
  8. JimmyBuckets

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    Frost and coaches will gameplan accordingly to tailor the offense to fit Bunch’s strengths and abilities. Luckily we have a good WR group that can make his life a little bit easier. We definitely lose some of explosiveness in our run game, but all we need it someone to protect the ball and be efficient.
  9. JimmyBuckets

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    Offensive Line and RBs better be ready to carry the load.
  10. JimmyBuckets

    What did we learn? - Game 1 - Colorado

    I don’t know if that’s true, Purdue and Northwestern don’t look that great this year. Michigan State is winnable as well.
  11. JimmyBuckets

    What did we learn? - Game 1 - Colorado

    Curious why miles jones didn’t get a shot today
  12. JimmyBuckets

    What did we learn? - Game 1 - Colorado

    I saw at least 2 DBs turnaround to track the ball and break up a pass. That’s all I needed to see to know there is improvement
  13. JimmyBuckets

    What did we learn? - Game 1 - Colorado

    1. We can actually get QB pressure. 2. We have a run game. 3. Ozigbo is the best option to get us a solid 5 yards or convert a 4th down. 4. Martinez will be a very good long term QB for us (assuming he stays healthy...)
  14. JimmyBuckets

    *** Official Colorado Game Thread ***

    Ozigbo would’ve gotten that.....
  15. JimmyBuckets

    *** Official Colorado Game Thread ***

    Right, but Conrad is back at center and Farmer is out