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  1. Well if it isn't a splash hire that everyone is looking for then what's the point because if you lose the top recruits we have they need to be replaced with other top recruits or you are looking at another year at least we won't be very good
  2. I was going to say I don't think Riley is really the problem unless you look at the fact he brought in the assistants that suck. I think he's done a good job on the defensive side but he hasn't made the right moves on offense. It's not like he is the hands on coach teaching these kids techniques. It's not his fault we can't block.. it's his fault he hired someone who can't teach kids to block.
  3. I think they need to put some feelers out and see if they people they want would be interested at all. If you don't think you are gonna get a guy all these recruits are gonna love then keep Riley.
  4. Could Riley Survive this season? (Poll)

    If the defense can show considerable improvement(which I think it can) and the offense flutters all season I think he has to cut multiple people loose. After 3 years if Cav and Davis can't coach kids to block and pick up blitzes they aren't very good.
  5. Could Riley Survive this season? (Poll)

    If he goes 8-4 you have to keep him or you are more than likely losing half the commits you have right now. Keep Riley and get rid of the offensive coaches. At least Cav and Davis and demote Langs or take play calling away from him or something
  6. This was Possibly a Great Day for Nebraska Football

    Well maybe if these players like Mike Riley they will realize his days are numbered and they are now actually playing for his job and the lights will go on and they will start playing well
  7. Who should we hire

    Have you been to Purdue? 1) Lafayette sucks 2) Stadium sucks 3) Facilities suck 4) Football team has sucked for pretty much it's entire existence You would have to pay 3m to get someone decent there

    Maybe I just read the article wrong. He was talking mostly about leadership among players and players holding each other accountable on the field.. also with the coaches like OL having false starts, are you going to make them run till they puke. Maybe I'll have to read it again. Again a coach can choose to handle off field issues as he sees fit for what's best for that kid. But I agree with on field stuff. If you act like it's no big deal for your left tackle to false start 3 times a game your LT will continue to false start 3 times a game
  9. Wisconsin 2012 is still the worst to me.. at least against OSU they have 4 or 5* players across the board and our starting QB was literally knocked out. Wisconsin flat out embarrassed us. Our defense looked like a HS freshman team that doesn't know what the words outside contain mean. As a former player and coach that game made me sick to my stomach. Worst display of football I've seen from a team I root for in a long time and I'm A Bears fan so that's saying something

    Maybe he was there recruiting girls to help in his recruiting a la Louisville basketball
  11. ***2018 Recruiting***

    I think the spread offense is making the snowplow offense lineman disappear. Zone blocking does not lend itself to making road grading linemen
  12. What did we learn-Game 3 NIU

    Giving yet another tell
  13. Circling the Wagons

    And steroids... lots of steroids
  14. Who should we hire

    I think way too many people assume it's his dream job.. Steve Alford Indiana HS basketball legend, IU basketball legend.. dream job seams to be UCLA maybe trying to follow in the footsteps of another legend who was also from IN. Maybe Scott Frost's dream job is Wisconsin
  15. Langs Offense

    His offense reminds me a lot of what the bears ran a majority of the time Cutler was the qb. They run certain formations and then run all these fancy shifts but only run two play out of each formation. Reminds me of a team I played against in HS and we didn't allow them a first down because we knew exactly what play they were running as soon as they lined up in each formation.