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  1. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    He actually asked before the game even took place.
  2. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles

    They were talking as if Florida fires their coach they will be going after Frost. Might be a race to see who gets fired first.
  3. Riley Says Defensive Plan was Fine, Execution Wasn't

    I'm not sure what the game plan was but I'm not sure they relayed it to the players. I think it was the first maybe second td when OSU ran to their left. Watch Lamar Jackson. He looks like a kid who has never seen game action, but so did a lot of other players on other plays. It just looked like no common football knowledge was showing up on the field
  4. Bill Moos named AD

    Tom Crean is available
  5. Bill Moos named AD

    Is he bringing his cattle to Nebraska?
  6. Bill Moos named AD

    The real question is, is his son any good and will he transfer to Nebraska?
  7. Bill Moos named AD

    Does a Pac 12 guy mean Riley gets another year?
  8. Bill Moos named AD

    Moos knuckles = Moos supporters
  9. Raw talent.. meaning he was big and could move a little. He also probably played against lesser talent since he is from Canada. Would he have gotten better coaching at Alabama, yes. Would he be going against better competition in practice, yes. He would also have to beat out more talent on the depth chart. I really don't think he lacks the physical tools it's his mentality. He's had past teammates call him soft.
  10. Yes and I think it's a fair assumption. He probably wouldn't have seen the field at Alabama. He didn't go there so we will never know. I know he is an average linemen at best
  11. Well it was a joke but I could rephrase it by saying Davis Knevel hasn't panned out
  12. Only thing I think of when I see that list is "man Alabama dodged a bullet when Knevel signed here". As far as recruiting comparisons for Mike and Bo the one thing I haven't really said during Mike's tenure is "why the hell are we offering this kid?". Seemed to happen for at least 3 kids a year for Bo
  13. bo's last season

    How come everyone keeps talking about Bo? TO is the real problem behind where the program is at right now. If he didn't retire we wouldn't even know who Bo Pelini is. TO should have just coached until he died on the sideline and his body was taken to heaven by a beam of light by the football gods. Be mad at TO.
  14. Reed?

    Ah ok. Thought it was strange because Kalu didn't tackle particularly well especially at the end of the game where Reed would have been a help with his physicality. I liked what I saw from Dismuke tho. He wasn't afraid to get his nose dirty and mix it up at the line of scrimmage. He looks like he needs to add 10 pounds or so.
  15. Reed?

    Did he get injured this week? Kalu started and at the end of the game Dismuke was playing. Kinda weird that all week they said they wanted to keep him involved and I don't recall seeing him play at all