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  1. Mike Brown vs. Mike Minter

    I'll take Mike Brown. I'm also a Bears fan and he was a beast while he was playing in Chicago (when he could stay healthy)
  2. POB...still in the QB room?

    He's gonna end up at Wisconsin
  3. Stan vs Bell

    I feel like for every great grab Bell made and he had a head scratching drop.
  4. K/P Austin McNamara

    Didn't know Daniel Tosh played football
  5. Husker Power Turns 50

    My dad pre-dated husker power. They used to have the stuff they used behind glass somewhere near the weightroom. Pretty much just a bench and some dumbbells. I thought that was crazy.
  6. Zac Taylor vs Tommy Armstrong

    Ditka.... unless the hurricane is named hurricane Ditka
  7. Frost’s QB Room

    Two words : Fyfe doppelganger
  8. Post-Practice Presser - April 3

    If I dont see McGriff, Rafdal, and Allen all on the field at once in the red zone I will be disappointed
  9. Area Codes on Helmets?

    He was the 104th man on the roster
  10. Great linemen= great success

    I think these guys are all 6'7 across the board
  11. Spring Practice Notes

    I know I've made it known my feelings on a certain player who's name rhymes with ruby but I think a lot of people miss the fact that play calling changed when each back was is. It's harder to have a higher ypc if most of the times you get the ball everyone knows you are getting the ball. I also noticed that it seemed any time ozigbo got on a roll they seemed to yank him like "oh, if he's doing well one of these other guys will do better." I guess my real problem is with the coaches and play calling and not the backs. I don't think the coaches did them any favors
  12. Which Husker Mascot Are You?

    Bug eater..... Jk I didn't take the test
  13. Under the Radar Things You're Still Salty About

    2001 Nortre Dame game. My dad missed my first collegiate start to attend that game. I was playing about 1hr and 30 min away from South Bend and the announcer kept giving updates. Also a at Mich St a few years back when we were trying to come from behind and DPE gave the international sign for stay away on a punt and then the ball bounced right to him and he almost took it to the house but the Refs said he made a fair catch
  14. Duval's conditioning starts Monday. UCF players share.

    Julius Peppers says 6'8 is too tall for a defensive lineman so he stopped growing at 6'7
  15. CB Max Williams

    I really hope this kid has seen Spinal Tap