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  1. OT Andrew Gentry

    Debuts as a near 5-star on Rivals, coming in at #31 on their updated top250.
  2. DT Aidan Keanaaina

    Made the Rivals250 list at #249 today and is now a 4-star on Rivals.
  3. Spring Practice Notes

    Sorry if this was already posted. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/football/chinander-fisher-touch-on-new-defensive-culture-we-re-trying/article_c0fef3de-4f10-5d51-bdbf-8a4734d666eb.html
  4. LB Daniel Heimuli

    Basically the ideal 3-4 ILB. Very nice to get him on a visit. UV now and then OV to a big game during the season and seal the deal.
  5. ATH Cameron Williams

    Definitely appears to be a DB at the next level, all of his bigger offers are for that side of the ball. Sounds like he is going to USC if they want him. Doesn’t hurt to try to continue recruiting him though.
  6. Florida offer

    I agree with you for the most part but it sounds like we were the only Power-5 team willing to let Frost name his price in every way, shape, and form. Which to be clear, I’m not saying is a bad thing yet. I think it’s very likely that we have a rockstar head coach and that his staff is exactly what he needs. But it’s also possible that a few of them will need to be replaced and that would be on Moos as well in my opinion. The best barometer is to ask which assistants would have been hired at other successful schools in our conference. Walters had a couple of OC options, it feels like teams are hesitant to hire him when they think Frost is mostly responsible for UCF’s offense. But he still had options. Chinander seems like the perfect hire for our defense, I think he probably could have been promoted. But most of the other guys were considering staying at UCF until they saw the money - which Frost reportedly had to ask for more of. And our 10th assistant has no previous coaching experience, which I don’t mean as a knock on Ruud but he likely wouldn’t have been hired as a Power-5 guy right away. Eichorst had to go but I also think there was tremendous external pressure to fire Banker and the Diaco hire was seen as one of the best hires of the off-season. That whole situation felt like boosters forcing his hand. That might have worked better from the start rather than year 3 when Riley desperately needed wins.
  7. Florida offer

    All that matters is that Frost is here. I do think it’s an important distinction to note with Moos though, as I don’t think he deserves immunity from criticism for life or anything - at least not yet. He got Frost here and kept the hiring process from becoming a circus. Those are big positives. But everything else points to Moos having little to no bargaining power. Frost got to bring his entire staff here, and they all received major raises, all the while being able to coach their previous team through the bowl game. None of that matters if they’re all capable Power-5 coaches and we are able to hit the ground running with realistic achievements in the near future. But if there’s a bit of a hiccup, where we need to make coaching upgrades in a few spots, then Moos has to take a lot of the blame in my opinion. I have no trouble believing that Florida and Tennessee said no to Frost rather than the other way around.
  8. Tre Bryant back?

    Very good news. I think we have names on a list at this point, I wouldn’t call our RB group deep yet. Bryant being full-go would help to change that.
  9. ** 2018 Opponent Previews: Colorado (Game 2) **

    Looks like he is an inside backer for them.
  10. Our Finish in Big10 West

    I might need to re-watch the game, which doesn’t sound too fun, but I don’t think we played Wisconsin all that tough last year. The score may have been close for longer than it should have been, but Wisconsin seemed to be in control all game long and outside of the long Morgan TD, our offense did absolutely nothing. Wisconsin got to play their style of football because we never put any real pressure on them and they just completely wore us down, which is how they want to win anyway. Their final scoring output was in the 31-40 range in 8 different games last year and they scored 38 on the dot in 3 of them (including ours). It was a very methodical beating.
  11. ***2019 Recruiting***

    Yeah, that would be less than ideal. There are some players that wouldn’t hurt to lose but I would think there’d be one or two examples of bad attrition if the number is that high. I love DB, he keeps it real a lot of the time and he’s one of my favorites to listen to talk Huskers. But he’s also a bit of an extremist when it comes to guessing attrition haha. He mentioned that we were going to lose several more players last year after some deadweight left and nothing really came of it.
  12. JUCO DB Will Jackson III [Nebraska- Signed LOI]

    I would be pleasantly surprised if he contributed much on the field this year. Hard to come in this late as a JUCO and adjust, even with previous FBS experiences. It sounds like he has 3 years to play, so this move should really help our ‘19 and ‘20 CB room more than anything.