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  1. WR Joshua Moore [Nebraska Commit]

    That was a major part of KW’s pitch to him haha. "In terms of the scheme at Ohio State, I would have been more of a situational player. I would play some in the backfield, some in the slot, some at receiver and basically move around to take advantage of mismatches but I don't think I would have developed as well as a receiver being used that way. "A perfect example is what happened with DeAnthony Thomas. That's a guy I'm close to and we play a lot alike. At Oregon, he was that situational guy, moved around a lot and had success but when he got to the NFL, he didn't really have a position. He's now playing receiver and has to basically start from scratch in how to play and how to run routes. But guess who's training him, who he picked to teach him how to run routes in the off-season and learn the position, Coach Williams."
  2. ***2018 Recruiting***

    So, it never made sense not to go after a RB this class but it’s even more questionable with how this season has progressed. I’m not sure that Bryant will ever be able to play a full season again. Maybe taking several months off from football and lifting will help get his knee right, but our staff needs to prepare as if that’s not the case. After ‘18, we lose Ozigbo, Wilbon, and possibly Bryant and that would leave a junior Bradley and, I assume, a true freshman as the only scholarship backs heading into the ‘19 season. That would be beyond terrible roster balance and management.
  3. Bill Moos named AD

    Will wait and see. Kind of out of nowhere, but I’m optimistic and I like his résumé. I don’t want Leach though. He has gotten more out of less, but his teams always drop games they shouldn’t and his offenses usually take several games to get in rhythm. He’s funny, and I think small town media gives him a break because of it. He would be eaten alive by our media. I don’t know if the AD hire means we are bringing him too, but I hope not.
  4. Think back to when Riley was hired...

    1) Definitely confused and worried that he was the best we could do. 2) Cautiously hopeful that we found a diamond in the rough who could ramp up our recruiting and take the next step with our resources. I’m anxious and nervous for the next hire. I keep thinking about that anonymous coach who told Athlon how bad this job is and I’m hoping we can still attract a big time coach.
  5. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    What about Oregon DC Jim Leavitt? He wants another chance at a head coaching job and specializes in the 3-4. We would definitely need to nail the OC hire. I prefer Frost, just speculating.
  6. + I’ll give Tanner Lee credit. I’m impressed that he’s hanging in there. He’s one tough sucker with some of the hits he’s taken this season and with how nasty OSU’s front is. + I have genuinely laughed at many of the responses in here. A lot of funny posters helping me get through this. + We have a bye after this. I think we’d lose to Ohio State two weeks in a row at this rate, no matter who our opponent would be. At least this way, we can recuperate. + Spielman. Everything else sucked.
  7. I think Lamar Jackson is hurt and trying to play through it. Not excusing his poor tackling, but some of the angles and the way he’s shielding his body makes me feel he’s not 100%.
  8. Dre’Mont Jones will play. Hopefully there is a plan to get the ball out quickly against this DLine.
  9. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Knowing how set our staff was on not needing a QB for the class, I wonder if the sudden interest is due to some potential attrition at the position?
  10. I watched this presser finally and it sounded like Diaco was firing some shots at the offense. Not that I blame him really, hard to believe that we don’t score another point after tying the game with 11min to go in the 3rd quarter. But it is worrying how many coaches are throwing other coaches under the bus. I think the offense’s problems are obvious to everyone at this point. I’d prefer if Diaco just accepted the blame and continued to try to fix some issues that the defense has.
  11. Tre Bryant

    I wonder if he might need to medically retire unfortunately. Hoping for the best, but it sounds like something that has been effecting him for a while and that won’t go away.
  12. LB Maureese Wren

    Seems like a great edge rusher. I’m curious if those other offers see him more on offense or defense because that’s a pretty good offer list.
  13. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Interesting, I initially took it the opposite way, Matty. Thinking it was Bounds’ way of showing recruits that no matter what, Nebraska will still have familiar faces for the recruits. But I can see your point and that it might be a sign that Riley will still be here. At the very least, Riley proved to a lot of national writers that Nebraska could still be a top destination for recruits. I know his last two classes finished similar to Bo’s, but this class started off with a bang and I think it would have only gotten better if the product wasn’t so poor. Riley and some of his assistants used the advantages here perfectly. No more lazy recruiting excuses from our future coaches.
  14. Still want to keep Diaco?

    It was frustrating watching Wisconsin run for 8 yards a carry and score 3 TDs to end the game but I put almost the entire blame on the offense for the game and this season. There are times when the offense is clicking beautifully and it’s actually really fun to watch. You can just picture some of these big time recruits putting up video game numbers in this system. But it doesn’t happen enough. We put up 17 on NIU and 7 of those points came off the bobbled punt return that only required us moving the ball two yards to score. We put up 17 on Wisconsin, but 7 were from a pick-6 and another 7 were from an 80 yard strike that almost looks and feels fluky in retrospect. That’s just not good enough no matter how good Wisconsin’s defense is. I came into the season ready to be disappointed, but more and more optimistic as the season progressed, with the defense. I expected better OLine play, better QB play, and an explosive and dominating offense and we don’t have anything resembling that.