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  1. WR Tommy Bush

    I feel like boom or bust would implicate that coaching isn't a factor. He's either got it or he doesn't. Development is largely on the coaches. If they believe the potential and work ethic are there that limits the bust portion or that statement. Trust KW to do his job and develop so it's not all or nothing.
  2. WR Isaah Crocker

    Is the black flag still relevant
  3. WR Joshua Moore [Nebraska Commit]

    Not all highlights of him, but there are some good ones in there. I feel like there is no doubt our talent level is being upgraded. He could be a special one along Tyjon, McQuitty and who ever we bring in with him in this next class.
  4. WR Manuel Allen [Louisville Commit]

    Any concerns with KW's closing? Or is this just recruiting by it's nature
  5. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    Disappointing as it's our biggest name recruit in some time.
  6. S Dallas Craddieth

    What Todd McShane should be tweeting:
  7. DB Houston Griffith

    Probably need to beat Wisconsin at this point. I'm sure some of these kids want to see us take the next step and that seems to be surpassing Wisconsin and Iowa.
  8. Pick your team

    Could be posted already but if not, pick your team: Gill Helu Jr. Fryar 1997 Osborne
  9. Jaevon McQuitty out for the year, other WR injuries

    This paired with KJJ and Kade already being down.. I know those two weren't going to impact the team but still it's getting very thin now.
  10. RB Garrison Johnson

    http://m.chron.com/sports/highschool/article/Garrison-Johnson-state-top-running-back-Manvel-11740468.php Already committed eh? Does he or the staff know that
  11. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Committed players to other schools are not included. Otherwise there'd be a few more players on there all around.