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  1. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Working our way back up though. If things fall correctly we could be close to that this year too.
  2. ***2018 Recruiting***

    That's 2017 not this year's
  3. Guess it was the right time to bring in a coach who will get after it in state then
  4. JUCO RB Greg Bell

    Not the worst place in the world to build a juco pipeline
  5. RB Jeremy Banks

    Would that potentially leave an odd man out between Fleeks, Banks, and Bell? The versatility of the players in this system seems like it makes your traditional format of positional needs difficult to project.
  6. RB Jeremy Banks

    If Bell goes in are we going to take another RB? I know Bell is juco so it'd be a different class technically.
  7. WR Justin McGriff [Nebraska Commit]

    Didn't he have a visit scheduled there over the weekend? Is he still giving the new staff that visit?
  8. QB Max Duggan

    A little extra stick 'em on the gloves there. That was great!
  9. S Cam'ron Jones

    Those are two pretty big names.. With all of our decommitments due to staff changes, these pickups would be much better than I would have predicted in such a short time. Has he taken visits his other CB spots like Ole Miss? Hope they can close!
  10. S Cam'ron Jones

    Good minute of plays. Outside of the near drops on the tosses he looks pretty good. Doesn't seem like a skill set he'd need to utilize here luckily. Is that school they are playing the one where that '19 RB who was blowing up twitter with Nebraska stuff last year went to?
  11. QB Max Duggan

    Hard to see not giving a good run at this kid seeing how close he is and the skill set that he possesses. He'd be a good fit. Someone else mentioned it in another spot (don't remember where) but having a good stock pile of mobile quarterbacks isn't the worst idea since they are going to be taking more hits. You'd think he'd be one we push for I guess that's not necessarily true though since our pocket passer took a few hits too.....
  12. S Cam'ron Jones

    That'd be a pretty good set of safety commits looking to the future if we could get him to sign too. Love the physicality of both of them
  13. DE Zach Petersen

    The height is what kind of seems like keeps him up front. I also can't speak to his athleticism but you figure with that starting frame he eventually would outgrow an OLB spot. Who knows though. He's in the 500 mile radius and could be an impact player come a RS sophomore or junior year.
  14. DE Zach Petersen

    I guess we don't really know much about what our defense looks like yet but what position would he fit into? Seems like a candidate for a redshirt if he were to come here