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  1. Post Practice Presser - August 8

    Couldn't agree more, Thanks Mav!
  2. ***2017 Recruiting***

    Well, at least we will have two more scholarships for 2018.
  3. Let the kool aid flow

    We should have more depth at QB and OL this year with a QB that is a much better fit in Riley's scheme. Because of this I think the offense will be much better as long as we stay somewhat healthy. Concerned about depth at WR and depth at LT. I like the D coordinator and our starting lineup other than the one outside OLB position where Davis is struggling. I am worried about depth on the Dline and how well we will play in year 1 in a new scheme. However if we stay healthy and the D progresses quickly I could see us surprising a lot of people this year.
  4. CornNation: Nebraska & The Theory of the Counter Trap

    I could see this happening too. Sounds like this will be a good battle to watch in the fall.
  5. DE Micah Parsons

    Those CBs are all studs, man this guy a freak athlete.
  6. S Jordan Moore [Texas A&M Commit]

    I'm betting Nebraska as well.
  7. WR Cameron Brown [Nebraska Commit]

    Interesting to see how many athletes we are picking up that can play wr or a DB position.
  8. 2017 Walk-On Class

    Good pickup, he is a tough wr.
  9. Tidbit about Tanner Lee coming to Nebraska

    Tanner Lee, as well as POB and Gebbia for that matter, is the type of QB that Langsdorf SHOULD be able to develop. That is one reason I'm cautiously optimistic for the future.
  10. My guess is 9&3. I think our offense should improve, but with this being year 1 in a 3-4 defense our D may struggle. We should beat Minnesota and Oregon as they transition to new coaches. OSU will be tough to beat, so there is 1 loss. Wisconsin, Penn State, and Iowa should be close games.I see us winning 1 or2 of these, however could also see us losing a game we should win. On the optimistic side 10&2, pessimistic side 8&4, so average is 9&3. Wild cards will be how good is Tanner Lee, can we stay healthy, and how well do we transition to the 3-4 defense?
  11. Super Six-2017

    Lindsey Blades Roberts Jaimes Mcquitty Gebbia Sleeper: Bradley
  12. Riley and the Direction of the Program

    I agree with this.
  13. Offensive Line 2017

    OT: Gates, Gaylord OG: Foster, Conrad C: Raridon, Decker OG: Farmer, Wilson OT: Knevel, Farniok