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  1. Tre Bryant

    Is it possible we are saving Ozigbo for the conference games due to his bigger body? Perhaps the coach does not want to wear him out prior to these games.
  2. Let's cut to the chase

    I'm pretty sure the Irish helped with the building of the railroads. My ancestors did. They also never won a Big 10 title!
  3. Let's cut to the chase

    Yes, it looks like a tantrum !
  4. Let Us Pray

    If we should lose.
  5. Diacomania

    He describes it very well!!
  6. DE Stephon Wynn [Alabama Commit]

    Good! Maybe Parsons will drop Alabama from consideration.
  7. Ahman Green Arrested

    There are lots of ways parents give up power to their kids. Failure to physically strike them usually isn't the problem. And striking them isn't often the neat, clean piece of discipline you're trying to portray here. Key word I guess is discipline. Which means control. "Whipping the tar out of a kid" typically means losing control, not gaining it. You'd need to come back in a few years to determine if your little anecdote here was indeed a success. For the last 8 years I have worked as a social worker and have seen now both the law enforcement side and the social side. There is no doubt abuse takes place but refusing to control a child with the means of physically striking a kid is part of the problem in many households. Those who refuse to do it seem to have more arrogant or disobedient kids. Those that use it as an occasional means do well. Those that over use it end up with bigger problems than what they started with. My comment about whipping the tar out of the kid was also prefaced to that family and many others that there is a line between abuse and discipline. Which I mentioned above. I wanted to reassure the parents they they possessed control of the child and not a bureaucratic or legal society of know it alls. The kid needed to understand the chain of command when it comes to discipline.
  8. Ahman Green Arrested

    In law enforcement I got sick and tired of parents giving away their authority to discipline a child. They would call me and say deal with my child and I would tell the parent depending on the situation to spank the kid because I couldn't and didn't want to live with them to raise their children. I had more than one mom say she didn't want to get in trouble because the kid always threatened to "turn her in if she touched her". Well I told her and the teenager that I would be the one responding to the call and I had no problem with mom whipping the tar out of the child for disobedience. In the end we stopped having trouble with that child. Mom had the power again.
  9. Ahman Green Arrested

    Did you hit them in the face? Only if they used their mouth to be disobedient. I slapped them on the lips. I would never punch a child. A teenager...maybe in a rare instance depending on how "they" escalate situation.
  10. Ahman Green Arrested

    I find it odd that people think hitting a kid as a means of discipline is a bad thing. I have not had to do it to my kids since they were young. I used it as a tool when they were young so I would not have to work so hard at disciplining them as they grew up. To me abuse is a systematic terrorizing of a person by using physical harm or intense mental stress. On the otherhand discipline is a setting of boundaries with punishment and reward for good behavior. With the Intention of loving guidance to bring about social obedience within the family and community.
  11. Ahman Green Arrested

    I would drop the charges and pat him on the back for being a good dad. I was in law enforcement for many years and far too often kids don't get what is coming to them for their behavior. Society ends up suffering because of it.
  12. I've gained a ton of respect for dad!
  13. Oklahoma Huskers

    I'm just over the border in Caney, KS
  14. The cigar thread

    Alec Bradley has good cigars. So does CAO, hard to find a bad one IMO. Drew Estate is hard to beat too.