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  1. FearAmeer

    Dirty Hit on Adrian Martinez?

    #44 definitely twisted his leg leading to the injury. I never had reason to hate colorado since I started watching in 09, I definitely have reason now, puts them above Iowa in hatred for me.
  2. FearAmeer

    Husker Coaches' Show & N'Side on tonight

    Not gonna lie, that was a pretty lame interview. Only cool part of it was the sights and sounds which was over 80% of the twitter video lol
  3. FearAmeer

    Breakout: Ron Brown and religion

    Honestly putting myself in that position and all biases aside, sexuality does not come into the picture when playing football. It is not of my concern what everyone around me thinks of gays and really shouldn't matter. If he isn't bringing it up to them or saying things about them behind their backs, it really should not be this big of a deal. No I would not take a school off of my list because of one dude who expressed his opinion that will see me once a month for mentoring.
  4. FearAmeer

    LB Nick Henrich [Nebraska Commit]

    You know, as a kid watching Nebraska in 2009 up until now, (still young now but wiser) I never understood the obsession of landing in state kids. Now that Frost is here, I have really started to see why it's just so awesome to land the instate kids. I really hope we can land Hickman too now lol.
  5. FearAmeer

    Breakout: Ron Brown and religion

    Dang just got off work when I typed that (thats my excuse anyway). But anyway besides that point I see where you are coming from however I do think the man deserves another shot and he should have every right to voice his opinion on the matter so long as he isn't putting memorial stadium as his address again etc. I understand he "represents the university" but that doesn't mean he should be silenced of his opinions because of it. If it isn't effecting his work and his players/colleagues aren't notifying other administration of discomfort towards him being there then there shouldn't be a problem with it.
  6. FearAmeer

    Breakout: Ron Brown and religion

    I'm sure the hundreds of former athletes that he coached at nebraska that voiced their appreciation about the higher agree with you on this sentiment /s
  7. My opinions: Florida State will be the quickest to rebound but won't be national contenders under taggart, ucla will have the best improvements of the programs listed (us and ucla imo), and oregon will never be the team they were before, they are gonna go back into irrelevancy because the 2 people who made oregon what it was are gone.
  8. FearAmeer

    S Bryan Addison [Oregon Commit]

    He wants to play as a true freshman, he probably wouldn't see the field as a WR much, but he could possibly at CB/Safety, said he doesn't care what position he plays. Oregon is probably the favorites to land him because he is only taking a visit there since he has visited everywhere else, he must make up his mind by thurs-saturday of this or next week I think.
  9. FearAmeer

    WR Jamie Nance [Nebraska Commit]

    Told y'all, it's all in the finger point
  10. FearAmeer

    Alabama Nutrition Facility

    "I am not in the boat that players should be paid, but they should be able to make all the money they want off their name by signing autographs, selling shirts with their face on them etc" I had to give a speech on this topic in my speech class at UNO and I pretty much said this exact sentence word for word in the speech.
  11. FearAmeer

    WR Jameson Williams

    "I had a previous relationship with the defensive staff like coach uh wilheight and the db's coach" (think he meant coach williams lol ouch)
  12. FearAmeer

    WR Jamie Nance [Nebraska Commit]

    Every time I've seen Held with the finger point, they have always committed, not once have I seen it fail, it's a wrap boys we got em
  13. FearAmeer

    Get with The Program

    Pelini did mostly everything right aside from his on the field antics and his bad coaching in big games.
  14. FearAmeer

    Cameron Jefferies

    all I know is his highlights look 1000000x better then anything lamar jackson or eric lee have done on the field for us so far. I'll take him.
  15. FearAmeer

    Tyjon Lindsey, Mike Williams - Crazy Hops

    Meanwhile Khalil Mack replying to the tweet