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  1. WR Jamie Nance [Nebraska Commit]

    Told y'all, it's all in the finger point
  2. Alabama Nutrition Facility

    "I am not in the boat that players should be paid, but they should be able to make all the money they want off their name by signing autographs, selling shirts with their face on them etc" I had to give a speech on this topic in my speech class at UNO and I pretty much said this exact sentence word for word in the speech.
  3. WR Jameson Williams

    "I had a previous relationship with the defensive staff like coach uh wilheight and the db's coach" (think he meant coach williams lol ouch)
  4. WR Jamie Nance [Nebraska Commit]

    Every time I've seen Held with the finger point, they have always committed, not once have I seen it fail, it's a wrap boys we got em
  5. Get with The Program

    Pelini did mostly everything right aside from his on the field antics and his bad coaching in big games.
  6. Cameron Jefferies

    all I know is his highlights look 1000000x better then anything lamar jackson or eric lee have done on the field for us so far. I'll take him.
  7. Tyjon Lindsey, Mike Williams - Crazy Hops

    Meanwhile Khalil Mack replying to the tweet
  8. QB Jayden Daniels

    My top wanted prospect of 2019 so far
  9. QB Peyton Powell

    This is an old school Husker style QB, extreme speed, run first QB who played in a run heavy offense and has since transferred to a triple option offense school.
  10. Bryan Brokop...

    I like the idea of just continually over signing every class and whoever is having the toughest time fitting into the top 3-5 depth chart per position just moves on. It sucks but it's what Nebraska has to do to be great. More chances at finding the next stud this way
  11. Love this article. It puts into words everything Husker fans alike have been thinking for ages 100% accurately. Now anytime someone is arguing about our optimism or just that we are gonna fire him in 2 years etc the usual talking points or that nebraska can't ever be good again because recruiting I can just refer them to this article instead of wasting my time arguing
  12. LB Nick Henrich

    I have several friends that go to Burke and know Hickman and Henrich. One of my friends said Henrich is basically a HUGE Iowa fan and it's obvious, said he would be shocked if he goes anywhere other than Iowa. He says about Hickman that there isn't a clear favorite for him and he could likely end up at Nebraska. He also said all the teachers in school try to convince them to pick Nebraska lol
  13. WR Johnny Wilson

    Xavier Watts will be a highly ranked recruit out of burke in 2020 also. I have friends who go to Burke, right now no word on where he's interested in going but when he gets an offer from Nebraska, we will most likely be favorites to land him.
  14. WR Johnny Wilson

    Talked to a friend of mine who is on the calabasas football team and talks to all of the guys. he told me at first that Wilson is a west coast guy but said after talking to him that he is still very interested in Nebraska.
  15. CB Max Williams

    I'm really hoping this dude doesn't think that's a "Donte Williams thing" lol