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      Fall 2017 Fundraiser   09/22/2017

      One of the things that was lost in the board upgrade is the way we used to give users the "Donor" tag that showed up below their user info doesn't work the same way anymore.  I have a new tag set up that will go to anyone who donates going forward.   I should get a notification when you donate but it is only tied to your email, not your username.  So if I don't get your tag on right away either PM me or send an email to Admin@HuskerBoard.com.

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  1. CB Christian Tutt

    Michael Ezeike, Nick Heinrich, and Garrett Nelson is all I know. I bet there will be some later additions as well.
  2. 2018 PF Nate Roberts

    Final three is Syracuse, Nebraska, and Washington!
  3. 2018 PF Nate Roberts

    Listing final 3 at 8.00 PM Central Time today.
  4. 2018 SF Aaron Henry [Michigan State Commit]

    Committed to Michigan State.
  5. 2018 PG Tyrese Haliburton [Iowa State Commit]

    Committed to Iowa State.
  6. (2018) PG Keyshawn Embery [Arkansas Commit]

    Committed to Arkansas.
  7. WR Bryson Jackson [TCU Commit]

    You are correct MattyIce he just committed to TCU.
  8. WR Bryson Jackson [TCU Commit]

    Announcing today at 9:30AM.
  9. Who's Next?

    David Alston, we need an outside linebacker in this class.
  10. LB David Alston

    I think he is going to commit this weekend!
  11. 2018 G Xavier Johnson

    Got a crystal ball today for us.
  12. New Offers, Profile Updates, Poll Choice Requests

    West Virginia Please? I tried to send a link but my phone must have messed that up, sorry.
  13. WR Cameron Brown [Nebraska Commit]

    Who is in that tweet with Cameron Brown?
  14. (2018) PF Jimmy Nichols Jr. [Providence Commit]

    Committed to Providence.
  15. 2018 PF Nate Roberts

    Announcing on October 17th.