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  1. Because essentially crappy coaches are getting paid millions in buyout for failing at their job. That money could be used on facilities or if we have extra money it could go to the education sector etc etc. that money comes from fans buying tickets and supporting the program in other ways. If your normal guy gets fired for doing a bad job you don’t get paid millions so if he was not acting in the best interest of the program then that should or could be a violation
  2. It would be nice if this kind of behavior could cost him some buyout $$$
  3. BTN Bus Tour

    I take it as a great positive. They were not very excited the last years in Lincoln. So these guys don’t sugar coat too much.
  4. Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    Especially since he is a true freshman, magnify that even more because he hasn’t played football for over a year due to injury. That lends me to believe he will increase exponentially
  5. BTN Bus Tour

    I am just talking about preseason national poll rankings. Ohio state and Wisconsin are both top 10 teams. The 2 highest rated big 10 programs. So based off national perception Wisconsin is the 2nd best Big 10 team. Regardless Wisconsin is rated #7 in the country right now. I say that’s pretty impressive if we go from 4-8 to impressing enough that they think we can go toe to toe with #7
  6. BTN Bus Tour

    Which means we can match up with everyone in the east but Ohio state. Basing that off the fact Wisconsin is the 2nd highest rated team in the big 10.
  7. Fall Camp

    Nice. At some point don’t we look past his measurables and recruiting ranking and admit he is over rated. Maybe he should have played safety?
  8. The Running Back Room

    So does anyone still feel Washington doesn’t weigh enough or are we over that now that all the coaches Think so highly of him?
  9. The Running Back Room

    Never insinuate helu is better than LP or AG again
  10. Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    Where is the gebbia is too skinny guy in this conversations?
  11. Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    The comparison is whether or not a guy with that frame can hold up to P5 competition. It can.
  12. Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    Ken Dorsey won a Natty and he was 6'5 and 210. Thats about the same bean pole measurements as Gebbia.
  13. Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    1620 guys were talking about this the other day. Back in the early 90's. Everyone knew Frazier was the future and the most talented guy at QB. He would demonstrate the ability to run many of the plays but not all of them well. Once it clicked and he ran ALL the plays well the whole team knew Frazier would take over and never lose his spot. I think it is a good parallel to what is going on now. Gebbia starts the season and when everything "clicks" for martinez he takes over and never looks back.
  14. Fall Camp

    I dont know if anyone else feels this way. But I have reached a point now where the message board chatter is just not enough anymore. I need some damn game action. I am tired of talking and speculating- I want to see the new regime kick off.
  15. Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    It is an interesting dynamic for sure. I just hope he doesnt let any pressure sway him in making the right choice. Also just because Martinez may have been the top high school quarterback in the country to run this offense. Doesnt mean he is ready as a true freshman. When he made that comment it didnt mean he was going to be the guy as a true freshman