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  1. Who's Next?

    Listened to and actually truly considered are 2 different things. People actually thought he might choose Iowa. Micah Parsons listened to Nebraska. He was never going to choose us.
  2. Who's Next?

    I disagree. If we have been winning 10-11 games a year with a conference title every few years and a national title once a decade for the last 20 years. Pounding Iowa 9 out of 10 games. He wouldnt be talking to anyone but Nebraska right now.
  3. S Quinton Newsome

    With that top 7 list. How is that kid not in the mid 90s for a rating?
  4. WR Jameson Williams

    If he commits to Nebraska it is him. If he commits somewhere else then the competition was bad.
  5. LB Nick Henrich

    Good to hear. I noticed Henrich did say he is not sure if he is taking any other OV's. I think he was going to take all 5- so thats a good sign if he think he might be done. Would love to lock this guy and Mullen up this month. Now lets have Tyjon get BOOKIE to transfer haha.
  6. LB Nick Henrich

  7. Who's Next?

    I am going to say Matthew Anderson this friday. The guy who said Mullen- anything credible or just a random guess?
  8. RB/WR Kyren Williams

    Are we taking anymore RB? Amazing how the narrative changes between coaching staffs. We could land 1 hardly under Riley and now we are saying should we take 4?
  9. Who's Next?

    Honestly the only reason Iowa had any appeal what so ever lately is because we have sucked. With a top tier- nationally respected coach here now to take over and turn things around. Plus once we start winning games again. Iowa will go back to resuming their old position- Jealous little brother who just cant keep up.
  10. DE David Ojabo

    Great example of recruiting rankings having major flaws. .84 for a guy who has penn state, nebraska, ohio state, michigan, notre dame, texas a&m and clemson in his top 15. Really?
  11. Who's Next?

    I would be real happy about Henrich or Mullen. I think Mullen is probably pretty realistic to be the next. Henrich I think someone else will commit before him. Then again, so far is Frost recruiting kids seem to commit out of the blue and its not the ones people are watching. Ninja Recruiting.
  12. LB Nick Henrich

    Much like a crazy girlfriend. Except a bunch of dudes.
  13. LB Nick Henrich

    When is he supposed to commit again. Didnt he say probably in July? I could see him being here today- coming to FNL this weekend then pulling the trigger in June possibly.
  14. OT Martin Veinberg

    Must be decent- he has offers from Florida, Washington state and Virginia- Rutgers. P5 schools
  15. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    I will go out on a limb and say this is not our last commit of the weekend with FNL going on