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  1. I have upset friends and family with comments that I have made about the current Husker team. I find myself extremely disappointed with the current product I see on the field in the last two games. There are glimpses of good things, but many painful memories of Husker disasters of the past have also showed up in the games. With the comments of Tanner Farmer, I guess the transition has not been as smooth as we would have hoped. Bad habits are hard to break. That being said, I am extremely confident in the process. Unlike before where I felt I had to talk myself into believing the process, I no longer feel that way. I trust the hands that this program is in and I feel we will at least get back to at least the shadow of the teams of the 90’s. It may just take some time. I have always been supportive of the football teams in the past. I just think now we are in the right hands. I see the anguish on Coach Frost’s face. I feel he will keep this thing going in the right direction. It just hasn’t happened yet….
  2. Crusader Husker

    Nick Saban was 6-6 his first year at Bama.....

    Won’t go 6-6.
  3. Crusader Husker

    *** Official Troy Game Thread ***

    A whole Bunch of suck going on on O!
  4. Crusader Husker

    *** Official Troy Game Thread ***

    I feel like I am watchiNg last years offense. Just not getting it done.
  5. Crusader Husker

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    Or maybe we just all need a beer!
  6. Crusader Husker

    Osborne at Big Red Breakfast

    I was at the game. They had a WR own them. Bo was losing his mind on the sidelines. At least he didn't chase down the officials this time.
  7. Crusader Husker

    Osborne at Big Red Breakfast

    They are both at schools now with medium expectations and are good fits. Here is the part you missed. On the national stage he has not done much. For a MAC school, yes he has done well. I am sorry you misunderstood. I live in Ohio. I know how people think about Ohio.
  8. Crusader Husker

    Osborne at Big Red Breakfast

    I can't say, I was way too young to know. The major part of my argument is that Coach Osborne evolved over time to get to where he was at in the early 80's and then to the mid 90's. When I see Frank and Bo now, I don't believe they changed much how their programs are run. Coach Osborne made many changes. Coach Frost has come in and done the same. We were the trend setter through much of the Osborne years with S&C, nutrition and facilities. I don't think much happened under any other coach until Coach Frost came. We have already seen changes.
  9. Crusader Husker

    Osborne at Big Red Breakfast

    Bo may be available to coach at a power 5 again. YSU fans not happy. Bo lost to a team that does not give FB scholarships.
  10. Crusader Husker

    Osborne at Big Red Breakfast

    Frank and Bo were not in the same realm as Coach Osborne. Should he have gotten more time, sure, but results for both Bo and Frank away from Nebraska have been average at best. They are both at schools now with medium expectations and are good fits. Coach Osborne evolved. I don't think Frank and Bo are capable of changing.
  11. Crusader Husker

    Noah Vedral Transferring to Nebraska

    Then he could play and be eligible for a redshirt as well. Not ideal. Would like to know now.
  12. Crusader Husker

    Michigan game time

    I have heard 8pm is likely. One of my friends is a season ticket holder. The rumor he hears is 8pm.
  13. Crusader Husker

    Help Wanted: Bought New Dog, Need Husker Themed Names

    With that size of a dog it should be named after a punter. Sam
  14. Crusader Husker

    Do we still miss the Big 12?

    I miss the Big 8 not the Big 12. Texas ruined everything for everyone. Now Texas is all hat and no cattle. They deserve where they are at.
  15. Crusader Husker

    Moos Presser - 9/5/18

    As my dad used o say, "you always have two choices. You can either die mad or get over it. Either way, I don't care!"