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  1. Ezekiel Elliott Suspended

    NFL might end up looking bad on this one...
  2. Ezekiel Elliott Suspended

    Wasn't there other issues besides this one? Also not sure why Franklin is crossed out and Lorain county is filled in?
  3. BTN Bus tour to visit Nebraska on 8/15!

    Drove right by Hurts Doughnuts, should have stopped!
  4. Dems Rebuild

    She is rallying the base and you have to run left for the party nomination. They run to the middle in general elections.
  5. Any Track and Field fans? IAAF WC

    BTW, Huskers' own Rick Allen was awesome in announcing!
  6. Any Track and Field fans? IAAF WC

    Well it was the most medals the US has ever won. I am a thrower and a throwing coach so I guess was disappointed that we have not made any progress in hammer and javelin. We slipped a little in shot and made a little progress in men's discus. I coach the hammer and have seen some really good HS hammer throwers in Ohio. I hope that this will help the US in a few years. We still have too few kids throwing hammer and jav. The women's 3000m Steeplechase was awesome. That was like 1980 USA vs USSR hockey game stuff. WOW!! Bolt? Not really sure what to say...a shadow of his former self. Russian athletes? Feel bad for the non-cheaters.
  7. Any Track and Field fans? IAAF WC

    Sounds like it is going to be discussed again. Some of the athletes are pissed about it, but in our PC society they can't talk about it publically.
  8. What Will Huskers Do With All the Money?

    It would be nice to invest the money to find a way to get back on the AAU list.
  9. What Will Huskers Do With All the Money?

    We have the money now, yank the benches and put seats in!
  10. College football playoff selection.

    I am on the other end. 4 is a good number. Let whines whine and winners win. NCAA Baseball and Basketball let tons of teams in and people still bitch. Don't like it? Win your games. I don't like how playoffs can water down the regular season. 4 is good. As soon as we have 8 people will bitch and want 16. Next thing you know people will not play anyone cause 9 wins from a good conference will get you in, or we will let all of these non-Power 5 schools in. Kick the big 12 to the curb and go 4-16 team conferences. Screw the rest.
  11. Introduce Yourself

    If only.....if only. Not to rub it in, but bought some today.
  12. Any Track and Field fans? IAAF WC

    I know the girl from South America is who else?
  13. We should spend more time on what unites us and not what divides us. More talk about family and friends and Husker football. A lot less talk of politics.
  14. Eichorst -- Dear Lincoln high schools, we are sorry that the Big Ten scheduled a Nebraska game on Friday night this season. We understand that your student-athletes, parents, and fans will be conflicted with having a game on that Friday night. Please feel free to reschedule your Friday night games on Thursday, Friday afternoon, or Saturday at Memorial Stadium. We vow not to play any more Friday night games in the future, especially in Lincoln. Thank you. Classy move by UNL. With the money truck that keeps pulling up to the Athletic Department, this will not be a big deal to them financially.
  15. Fox Sports 1 ad features a heavy dose of Nebraska

    I actually thought the same thing when I saw it.